Book Review: The Deviant Underground, Elisabeth Roseland (2014)

Monday, August 11th, 2014

The Smutty X-Men

two out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free electronic copy of this book for review through Library Thing’s Member Giveaways program. Also, trigger warning for discussion of rape.)

Kathryn is a deviant. Along with one half of one percent of the human population, Kathryn shares genetic anomalies with the mentally ill; but instead of causing anxiety or depression, these deviations give her special gifts. Kathryn has the ability to teleport and freeze time, while other deviants can communicate with animals, control water vapor, exercise super-speed, levitate, read minds, even predict the future.

Rather than being hailed as super-heroes, deviants are rounded up, institutionalized and imprisoned, even experimented on and murdered. For this reason, Kathryn lives a life of quiet desperation. In order to keep her secret safe, she has few friends and zero social life. An English professor in St. Louis, Kathryn’s days mainly involve grading student essays and trolling the library stacks. That is, until her one and only friend Susan introduces her to Sam (“Charge”), and the sparks fly – both figuratively and literally.

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