DawnWatch: Entourage race horse rescue — Sunday, 5/6/07

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

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Subject: DawnWatch: Entourage race horse rescue — Sunday, 5/6/07

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I get to tell you about yet another animal friendly episode on a hot show! This past Sunday, May 6 (the day after the Kentucky Derby) the HBO series Entourage provided — in its usual funny and hip style — a glimpse at the dark side of horse racing and the animal-soft side of Vince’s brother Drama.

If you have HBO on demand, stop reading now and go watch! The episode is loads of fun. Then come back to this email so that you can click the link below to send your thanks to the show.

For those who have never watched Entourage: It is produced by Mark Wahlberg and about a hot young movie star named Vince Chase, and his entourage — his actor brother named Drama, his manager Eric, and their buddy Turtle, all of whom have been inseparable for years.

And for those who missed Sunday’s episode and can’t just wait for this one on DVD — because you need to send your thank you note to HBO today, here is a little recap:

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