FARM USA: March 20 is Meatout 2007

Monday, February 19th, 2007


Meatout 2007 still needs coordinators to educate the public about the benefits of a veg diet and the environmental impacts of meat production. Represent your city by hosting an event (small or large) this March.

Register your plans with at if you haven’t already. You can request an Event Pack for free materials.

What’s New? Visit for details on the following:

* FREE food samples are now available for your event — supplies are limited, so don’t wait!

* In honor of this year’s theme, “Stop Global Warming,” each Event Pack contains our brand new global warming poster and related handouts.

* You can request the Healthy You, Healthy Planet VHS, created by the editors of Vegetarian Times magazine.

Please help us promote Meatout – visit to exchange web banners.


Thanks for caring,
Jen Riley
National Coordinator

P.S. Today is Valentine’s Day! Send your loved ones a personalized message, along with an offer for a Free Veg Kit and an invitation to join our weekly e-newsletter, Meatout Mondays. To send your Valentine’s Day e-card, click here: