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Saturday, July 27th, 2013

2013-07-26 - Marigold Thieves - 0004

2013-07-26 - Marigold Thieves - 0012

2013-07-26 - Marigold Thieves - 0034

Rennie graduated from napping in my flowers to snacking on them. j/k, it’s actually the grass she’s after. (Marigolds are non-toxic to dogs, though; I checked and double-checked!) I don’t know what’s so interesting about the potted grass as opposed to the stuff that fills our yard; maybe she thinks that the pot makes it a special treat?

Check out Rennie’s pokey pot belly in that last photo. So cute! I could literally rub my face in it all day.

On another note, I wonder if anyone’s made a poster based on the Poky Little Puppy Golden Book? Because I would pay cash monies for that.

marigolds and miscellany

Friday, July 19th, 2013

I’m not really into the decorative flower thing – if I’m going to throw a bunch of time and water at a plant, I want to be able to eat it, dammit! – but every year I make an exception for marigolds, which I adore. In striking shades of red, yellow, and orange, they bring to mind the cosmos, shrunk down and bundled into little bursts of life. Suns, moons, planets, all in one little flowerpot.

Unfortunately, I’m not having a whole lot of luck with them this year. Part of me – a small yet deliberately fanciful part – imagines that they flowers don’t want to grow; they are creatures of beauty, and my house has largely been devoid of it since May. Of course, the real reason it that I’ve mostly been too tired and depressed to properly care for them.

So I was almost pissed when, earlier this week, I noticed Rennie nesting in the two lone flowerpots that are home to flowering marigolds. (Probably owing to their proximity to the dogs’ water dish; when I switch it out for a fresh bowl each morning, it’s the flowers in these two pots that drink the unused water.) Almost but not quite: the adorable photos I got out of the deal more than made up for a few crushed flowers.

2013-07-16 - O-Ren the Marigold - 0013

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