Friends of Animals: Refuge Ecology Protection and Immediate Response Act

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

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Date: Nov 15, 2007 5:11 PM
Subject: Action Alert

Friends of Animals Action Alert

H.R ich kann bei whatsapp keine bilder mehr herunterladen. 767 (also known as Refuge Ecology Protection and Immediate Response Act) is a bill that is “possibly the most sweeping feral animal extermination mandate ever put before congress,” according to Merritt Clifton, the editor of Animal People (the article is printed below) geogebra 6 for free. This bill allows the federal government to kill whomever it deems a “harmful, non-native species” within our national wildlife refuge system. As Lee Hall notes, “so many plants and animals, such as humans, can be considered invasive, yet people choose to kill certain species and not others.” The bill unanimously passed the House of Representatives on October 23, 2007, and is currently in committee (Committee on Environment and Public Works; if passed through this committee, The bill unanimously passed the House of Representatives on October 23, 2007, and is currently in committee (Committee on Environment and Public Works; if passed through this committee, the bill will then pass to the Senate for a vote) herunterladen. You may read the bill in its entirety here by entering the title HR 767 under “search”).

What You Can Do

Animal activists must oppose this bill klasbord fotos downloaden. Please call, write and/or e-mail your senator now. Let them know you oppose this bill, and request that they oppose it as well funny invitation cards for free. If you choose to call your senator’s office, it’s important to be aware that the person on the phone might attempt to put a different spin on the spirit of the bill herunterladen. Be sure to mention specific concerns—i.e. the fact that feral cats and other animals are, indeed, not protected.

Please act quickly.

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easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 7-27-07

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Action Alerts

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): Federal: The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act Reintroduced in Congress

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): Missouri: “Pet Friendly” License Plates Now Available

DawnWatch: MSN on budget and health benefits of vegetarianism 7/26/07

DawnWatch: Shocking poultry slaughterhouse footage on Fox and on A&E’s “The Two Coreys” reality show 7/25 – 7/29/07

DawnWatch: Adidas lobbies to overturn Supreme Court upheld Kangaroo shoe ban NY Times, LA Times, NPR — 7/24 -7/25/07

DawnWatch: NY Times lead story “Bringing Moos and Oinks Into the Food Debate.” 7/25/07

Earthjustice: URGENT: Stop the Countdown to Wolves’ Slaughter

Friends of Animals (FoA): Help Stop the Bush Administration’s Latest Debacle: Aerial Gunning of Greater Yellowstone Wolves

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Urge Congress to stop oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Faces Felony Dog Fighting Charges / Urge the NFL to suspend Michael Vick from play under strong suspicion of criminal activity

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell Nike to Drop Vick NOW snipping tool windows 7 kostenlosen!

Rainforest Action Network (RAN): Tell Ontario to Stop First Nation Exploitation!

Save the Manatee Club: Ask Governor Crist to Appoint New FWC Commissioners / Ensure Balanced and Science-Based Leadership on Manatee Protection Issues

Society for Animal Protective Legislation (SAPL): Contact Legislators on Behalf of Animals Used for Research NOW

The Wilderness Society: Help protect community forests and restore wildlife habitat

Working Assets / Act for Change: Tell Nike to Cancel Michael Vick’s Endorsement Contract

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc herunterladen.

Bread for the World: Fairness Amendment to Farm Bill Fails in House; Fight For Meaningful Farm Reform Continues

Corporate Accountability International: Pepsi Agrees to Reveal Sources of Aquafina Bottled Water / In Response to Think Outside the Bottle Campiagn, Agrees to Print ”Public Water Source” on Labels

Dogs Deserve Better (DDB): Michael Vick & Dogfighting


Carnival of Hurricane Relief #98 (July 26, 2007 @ One Man Band)


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): News Alert, July 27, 2007

In Defense of Animals (IDA): eNews, July 25, 2007


STOP PUPPY MILLS!! adobe photoshop elements gratis downloaden!


Stop Cruelty Taking Place on the Water

Help save Giraffes

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Friends of Animals: "No" to Cloned Milk and Meat

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

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From: Friends of Animals – mail [at]
Date: Mar 6, 2007 9:06 AM
Subject: “No” to Cloned Milk and Meat

Tell the Bush Administration “No” to Cloned Milk and Meat

The Bush Administration recently pronounced products from animal-cloning experiments safe for the retail market 3d graphics program for free.

“This should be ringing alarm bells throughout the animal-advocacy field,” said Lee Hall, legal director of Friends of Animals.

If the agency’s report is adopted, the United States will be the first country to approve animal cloning in food production, and cloned flesh and dairy products could soon be in grocer’s aisles herunterladen.

Scientists will thereafter attempt to work out the kinks in their sheep and chicken cloning projects, and introduce genetically modified fish into the stream of commerce music from yt.

A voluntary moratorium on the sale of the milk and flesh of clones and their offspring has applied since 2001. The Food and Drug Administration tentatively approved the products in 2003, but retreated after its own advisory panel found insufficient scientific agreement samsung tv apps kostenlosen deutsch. Now the FDA’s ready to go again.

“Implicated in this promotion are multiple questions whose answers can only be found at a deeper level than a regulatory body can reach,” said Lee Hall medion fitness app downloaden.

“The most fundamental question is: Why clone at all?”

Your Comments, Please

The FDA seeks comments from the public until 2 April 2007 kann man itunes kostenlos downloaden. For information, see and scroll for the link to submit your electronic comments.

Note carefully:

The question you must answer is whether you oppose approving products from any cloned animals and their offspring for the retail market fack ju göhte 1 ganzer film herunterladen.

Please be clear in your comments that the animal-advocacy community will not be placated by labels or husbandry regulations. Regulating the relevant procedures does not mitigate the harm that cloning imposes videosen facebook.

To see submitted comments from which you may select points and phrase as you see fit, visit Friends of Animals’ comments tax return solothurn 2017. Feel free to quote and support Friends of Animals’ comments.

For a background article, see “Mad Science: Cloned Milk and Meat of the Fast Track”, presented in Satya magazine, a monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice herunterladen.

Friends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, has been a global leader in animal rights advocacy since 1957.

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Friends of Animals, 777 Post Road Ste 205, Darien, CT 06853



FOA: 50th Anniversary Celebration

Monday, February 26th, 2007
radarwarner herunterladen

Friends of Animals is turning 50!


Getcher tix here iphone se photos.



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Friends of Animals: Stop Net-and-Bolt Deer Control

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Via Friends of Animals:

Stop Net-and-Bolt Deer Control

“Net and bolt” means trapping deer under nets, then attempting to restrain them, pressing a captive-bolt gun against their heads, and firing a retractable steel rod into their brains weihnachten video zum herunterladen. The deer may struggle and kick, fracturing limbs or sustaining other injuries. Deer who move as the bolt is fired can be painfully wounded, not killed, and the struggle continues until additional shots are fired schreibprogramm zum herunterladen.

Stress may be so acute as to cause the death of some of the deer prior to bolting.

The reasons given for considering this? A burgeoning deer population has been cited as a problem in New Jersey wix medien herunterladen. But in the absence of violent or artificial manipulation, deer will adjust to food sources and available shelter to create a natural balance. On the other hand, killing is cyclical zoom downloaden voor pc. […]

Net-and-bolt deer control is unreasonable, ineffective, and grotesque, and we are urging its immediate prohibition.

For more on deer “control” in NJ – as well as contact info for NJ officials – see the Friends of Animals blog universum wallpaper kostenlos.



Friends of Animals: The Saddest Show on Earth (Protest in Bridgeport, CT)

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Via Friends of Animals:

Elephants, tigers and other animals in circuses never have a day off herunterladen. Their spirits are broken; their lives are spent in demeaning performances – robbing them of their freedom and dignity.

Animals don’t do headstands or jump through fire because they enjoy it; they do it because they fear punishment new font. Circuses with animal acts are not decent family entertainment.

Baby elephants are removed from their mothers and forced into a lifetime of performing herunterladen. As the families of these animals are broken, so are their spirits. Elephants have their legs chained and live in cramped quarters 12 months a year.

Let’s stop teaching children that they should applaud animal slavery, abusive confinement, training, and commercial exploitation netflix filme herunterladen legal.

Wild animals belong in their homelands, not under the bright lights of a circus ring.

Please show that you respect animals – Boycott Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus herunterladen!

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Friends of Animals: Boycott POM products

Monday, September 11th, 2006

UPDATE, 1/25/07:

PETA2 reports that POM has finally agreed to stop testing their products on animals. More here windows 10 herunterladen firefox.

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From: Friends of Animals – mail [at]
Date: Sep 10, 2006 6:26 PM
Subject: Boycott POM products

Friends of Animals

Pomegranates are Wonderful; Animal Testing Isn’t

Friends of Animals Boycotts Juice Company

Friends of Animals members and supporters have spoken herunterladen. And they don’t want animal testing in their pomegranate juice.

The group called for a boycott of POM Wonderful brand juices until the company and its profits cease to be implicated in animal research or testing adobe reader kostenlos herunterladen vollversion.

According to an April 2006 report in The New York Times Magazine, POM Wonderful owners Lynda Resnick and Stewart Resnick have funded $15 million in research on the health benefits of pomegranate juice frei downloaden deutsche zeitschriften. Friends of Animals members were stunned to learn that some of this money went to animal testing.

POM Wonderful has supported tests published in June 2005 on the effects of the juice on brain injuries in mice and on erectile dysfunction in rabbits html editor phase kostenlos download.

“POM Wonderful should and can be mindful of the health of all species, not just our own,” said Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral herunterladen.

“Why not simply support and cite studies on human populations?” asked Feral. In 2005, Dr Dean Ornish published a paper in the American Journal of Cardiology, looking at blood flow to the heart in 45 patients with blocked arteries who were given a placebo or pomegranate juice appen voor windows 10.

“Until POM Wonderful makes a public commitment against animal testing, we’ll encourage people to choose a different juice.”

Please contact POM to notify them of your pledge to boycott POM products at:

POM Wonderful
11444 West Olympic Blvd kostenlose player herunterladen.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: (310) 966-5800

Email: customerservice [at]

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Friends of Animals: Action Online, Summer 2006

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

The Summer 2006 issue of Friends of Animals’ Action Online is now available. The TOC is copied below; you can either click on the links to read the features, or view the entire newsletter here frauentag bilder kostenlos downloaden.

Action Online: Summer 2006

In My View

Behind the Bird Trade

The True Story of Agave Nectar

Spotlight on Squirrels

Movement Watch Special Edition: Still Killing Them With Kindness

Cheers and Jeers

Capers in the Churchyard: Animal Rights Advocacy in the Age of Terror

Nellie McKay’s Brilliant Voice for the Animals

Other Voices: Dr musik von unheilig kostenlosen. John McDougall

Veganism: Liz Lovely Cookies

Breeding a Name Brand: The Dog Hybrids

Restaurant Review: Yuan Fu Vegetarian Restaurant

Merchandise Catalog

And feel free to share your thoughts on these (or any other) stories in the comments section driver's license for free!

Friends of Animals: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Poll

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
tomtom spanien karte download kostenlos

Via Friends of Animals:

Please take a moment to respond to a poll by the Wall Street Journal concerning the drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge iphone suche herunterladen. You may also add your comments and join a discussion group on the drilling.

Click here to register your vote pc daten downloaden.

Currently, the tally is 52% in favor of opening the Refuge to drilling, with the “No’s” trailing behind at 48%.

Friends of Animals: Salem Vegan Society Interviews Lee Hall

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

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From: Friends of Animals – mail [at]
Date: Jul 10, 2006 3:41 PM
Subject: Friends of Animals

Friends of Animals: Salem Vegan Society Interviews Lee Hall

This July marks the release of a thought-provoking new work by Lee Hall, legal director of Friends of Animals herunterladen. Capers in the Churchyard: Animal Rights Advocacy in the Age of Terror defines animal rights, discusses dominant definitions of terrorism, and provides on-point analysis of relevant laws and campaigns youcam 5 kostenlos downloaden vollversion.

Hearing that the book takes a look at these timely issues through a decidedly vegan lens, the Salem Vegan Society invited Hall to speak about the book excel 2013 kostenlos downloaden.

Here are a few quotes from the interview.

On free-range farming:

“It’s ethical game-playing auto geräusche herunterladen. Trendy grocers want us to pay a premium to get those ‘less objectionable’ animal products. Even VegNews had a recent article calling eggs from hens in sheds (rather than conventional cages) ‘egg-cellent news’ for hens handy musik downloaden. What nonsense. This is all about humane advocates promoting very egg-spensive products.”

On non-violence:

“A truly vegan animal-rights movement would necessarily be non-violent, and it is no accident that Donald Watson, throughout a rich life that lasted most of a century, never wavered on this point photofiltre studio xen nederlands. Watson was a conscientious objector to war. Notably, Watson never said that war could be made humane.”

Click HERE to read the full interview amazon gekaufte cd herunterladen.

Capers in the Churchyard is the new book from Nectar Bat Press, with Foreword by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson herunterladen. Receive a complimentary Friends of Animals membership when you order directly at the FOA Web site download and install the certificate. International orders are available at android apple herunterladen.

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