Got those red state blues.

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Blue Girl

More like “Green Girl, Red State.” CC image via DieselDemon on Flickr herunterladen.

Perhaps the greatest downside to living in a rural area, and particularly a rural area in an already red state herunterladen? Knowing that you’ve not a snowball’s chance in hell of electing a politician who even approximates your values and beliefs. “Approximates,” not “shares” – I hold enough unpopular opinions to know that I’ll never live to see a politician on the state or federal level with whom I see eye to on most issues, not even if I up and move to San Francisco herunterladen. That said, I don’t expect to be outright insulted for my beliefs when contacting an elected representative, in a polite and respectful manner, about pending legislation musikvideo downloaden.

What follows is an email exchange I had with my state House Representative, Glen Klippenstein (R-MO, 5th District), about Missouri House Bill 1860, our state’s answer to the increasing popularity of “ag gag” bills herunterladen. (Check out Will Potter’s excellent coverage of this and other forms of activist repression at Green is the New Red.) I was responding to an action alert sent out by PETA; usually I edit form letters, both to personalize them and to scrub them of any speciesism (distressingly common in form letters from enviro groups), but at the state level I’m fairly certain that mine is the only copy my representatives will receive herunterladen. (Though in retrospect, I really should have replaced the link to with a different resource. No matter how unfair and undeserved the reputation, referring to a website run by what’s widely regarded as a “radical extremist” group really isn’t the best choice gimp nederlands. That and I’d rather not be associated with them in any way, shape, or form, thankyouverymuch.)

As a conservative Republican and cattle breeder (GlenKirk Farms “has sold cattle, semen, and embryos across America and worldwide” – so much for protecting the unborn!) who has served as chairman of the National Beef Promotion and Research Board, I wasn’t expecting a particularly sympathetic ear from Rep diamond diaries saga kostenlos herunterladen. Klippenstein. That said.


—–Original Message—–
From: Advocate [] On Behalf Of Kelly Garbato
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:25 AM
To: Glen Klippenstein
Subject: Please Oppose H.B facebook messenger videos. 1860

Apr 19, 2012

Representative Glen Klippenstein
State Capitol, Room 410A
201 West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Representative Klippenstein,

I am writing as your constituent to urge you to oppose House Bill
(H.B.) 1860 herunterladen. This bill, which would make it a crime to photograph or record video or sound of a farm without the farm owner’s consent, is a clear attempt to prevent the public from learning about the routine cruelty that takes place on factory farms. If signed into law, it would infringe on citizens’ rights to expose cruelty to animals.

Past investigations of factory farms resulted in criminal convictions of farm managers and workers found beating, sexually abusing, stomping on, kicking, and throwing animals. To watch the video footage and see why it is so important that citizens retain their freedom to document crimes against animals on factory farms and relay the evidence to law-enforcement authorities, please visit

Please don’t let the farming industry hide behind closed doors: Oppose H.B. 1860.

Thank you for your attention and for all that you do for Missourians.


Ms. Kelly Garbato
[Address removed]


———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 9:24 AM
Subject: RE: Please Oppose H.B. 1860

To say that this legislation is a clear attempt to prevent the public from learning about the routine cruelty that takes place on factory farms, shows extraordinary contempt for the vast majority of honorable people that actually know the real story and feed you.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Rep. Glen Klippenstein
5th District

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domestic terraist doggehs selebrate crifsmas wit toefoo nog (like duh!)

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

2010-12-05 - Mean Girls - 0003

domestic terraist bear is one of teh kewl girls musik herunterladen soundcloud.
Left to right: Kaylee, Jayne, O-Ren and the pirate-polar-vegan-terrorist criFSMas bear.

Initially, I’d planned on doing a sort of “domestic terrorist” theme for this year’s holiday (read: criFSMas) cards, using the “domestic terrorist” apron from Green is the New Red as the centerpiece mp3 grabber download for free. (Product description: “‘Domestic.’ Terrorist. Get it? There’s nothing funny about the FBI labeling environmental and animal advocates the ‘number one domestic terrorism threat.’ But with the Feds attempting to infiltrate vegan potlucks, why not accessorize herunterladen? […] Happy ‘terrorizing’! But be careful in the kitchen. Did you know tofu makes you gay?” Vegan chefs are scary, yo herunterladen! Also: my dog-kids consume a fair amount of tofu. Additionally, they are super-psyched about today’s repeal of DADT. Draw your own conclusions, mkay.)

While my idea was solid, its execution was not: the apron proved way too large for the dogs (which was to be expected, even though it looks super-tiny – not to mention satiny – on the model), so at first I tried putting it on our pirate polar bear delphi software.

I think you’ll agree that she looks super-snazzy in it

2010-12-04 - O criFSMas Tree - 0011

but she’s also, well, kind of a big girl musik aus youtube downloaden online. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you; she’s vegan and totes in shape. But it proved next to impossible to fit both her and a dog in the camera frame ringtones for android for free. And so I re-staged the set, hanging the apron from the tree and surrounding it with fake fruits and veggies and a vase filled with pasta-related kitchen utensils fonts windows 7 for free.

2010-12-04 - Domestic Terrorist Celebrates - 0012

(Ignore the white fur on the black apron ebooks to download. Living with four white dogs and a mostly-white cat, it cannot be helped.)

Better, but once I went back and examined the photos on my computer monitor, I realized that the paddles looked really odd and stupid video von facebooken kostenlos. Tremendously so. Plus, there was still a lot of floor and wall showing. Dislike.

So on day #2 of shooting, I ditched the setup and instead opted for a sea of book piles, coupled with a vase filled with angel hair pasta, and complemented with a sparkly “peace” ornament and baby flying spaghetti monster. The new theme? Peace and pasta.

2010-12-05 - Tree Backdrop - 0008

2010-12-05 - Tree Backdrop - 0018

2010-12-05 - Tree Backdrop - 0005

That taste? Perfection!

Not wanting the domestic terrorist photos to go to waste, I decided to make a series of (VEGAN!) lol dogs out of them. And so I give you: domestic terraist doggehs! (And one kitteh, who barely sat still long enough for me to take three pictures of him. His caption is most fitting.)

lol ozzy - is a terror allrite

title: lol ozzy – is a terror allright
caption: “domestic terraist kitteh” is a redundancy

lol ralphie - thot u said petdown

title: lol ralphie – thot u said petdown
caption: domestic terraist doggeh will take that patdown now, mkay

lol peedee - go boom

title: lol peedee – go boom
caption: domestic terraist doggeh be a walkin’ thyme bomb
(idea shameless borrowed from a blog of the same name)

lol rennie - be happy 2 show u her mitts

title: lol rennie – be happy 2 show u her mitts
caption: domestic terraist doggeh be hostin a v-gun potluck next week
(u bring teh loaded taters kay?)

lol kaylee - kills wit spiceness

title: lol kaylee – kills wit spiceness
caption: domestic terraist doggeh is about 2 es’splode ur taste budz

lol jayne - is be busted

title: lol jayne – is be busted
caption: domestic terraist doggeh pleads deh lish
(hint: if you don’t get it, sound it out loud!)

In many ways, I think I like this series better than the “real” card I ended up with (and the outtakes I made for each dog; yes, I’ve been a busy bee). But hey, there’s always next year. Well, not really. I’ve already got plans for 2011, and they involve Kaylee, Jayne and Joss Fucking Whedon. (One hint: SPACE PIRATES!) 2012, perhaps. I’m sure the theme will still be relevant then, unfortunately.

Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 13: Boobs, bacon & bigotry.

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Burger King's Singing in the Shower 03

Mary Elizabeth Williams @ Salon: Will shower for sausages; She’ll “shake her bits” to whet your appetite

In which Burger King tries to one-up its previous misogynist campaigns (can I interest anyone in a blog job burger?) by covering a naked woman in the dismembered corpses and fried secretions of tortured and murdered animals and making her wiggle her (and the animals’) bits in service of the male gaze wordpress medien herunterladen. Cue: “morning spank routine.” Barf, gargle, repeat.

Tracy Clark-Flory @ Salon: Berlusconi is a boob; The prime minister sells sex for political gain, but many Italians aren’t buying it

While dissecting Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi’s entrepreneurial endeavors – which largely involve selling women’s sexuality on his television stations – Clark-Flory mentions this gem of a tv stunt:

[T]he popular video “Il Corpo delle Donne,” which translates as “The Body of Women,” compiles some of the most shameless moments of T’n’A from Berlusconi’s stations and state television klondike solitaire download for free. The most egregious example: A woman is shown suspended from the ceiling in skimpy underwear next to a literal piece of meat clad in a matching pair of panties; it’s awfully reminiscent of that infamous meat-grinder Hustler cover pdf herunterladen pc.

After 20 minutes spent perusing boob/burger pimp BK’s website, I’m kind of glad I don’t have a video clip to illustrate this piece herunterladen. Oy.

Stephanie @ Animal Rights: Breaking Unjust Laws: Clarence Darrow and Inherit the Wind and (especially) Breaking Unjust Laws: AETA, Fugitive Slave Acts, and Oppression Connections

Using the 1960 film Inherit the Wind as a jumping-off point, Stephanie briefly discusses a few similarities between the animal rights and U.S surveymonkey umfrage herunterladen. anti-slavery movements. Or rather, similarities in how each movement was (is) countered by corporate powers, with no small amount of help from the government download images from dropbox. (Hint: the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 is to abolitionism as _____ is to the animal liberation movement?)

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Who needs the ACLU when you’ve got the CCR?

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

For reals. The ACLU completely stabbed the animal advocacy community in the throat when it failed to take a stand against the AETA diamond diaries saga kostenlos herunterladen. Even now, 2 1/2 years later, a search of the ACLU’s website turns up one pithy reference to AETA – this despite the government’s use of AETA, as feared, to prosecute First Amendment activities facebook messenger videos. Like, WTF, ACLU?

Luckily, the BORDC has had our backs from the beginning, and since the persecution of the AETA 4, CCR has become increasingly vocal in its opposition to AETA as well (as evidenced by their latest action alert, which I’ve included below) herunterladen.

So, seriously, who needs the ACLU when you’ve got the BORDC and the CCR? Yawn. ACLU, I’m so over you.

If you’ve got any extra money to throw around and would like to make a donation to a civil liberties group, please consider supporting our real allies, namely, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the Center for Constitutional Rights – as well as the Civil Liberties Defense Center, which is listed as an ally on – and/or drop them a note to let them know you appreciate their solidarity herunterladen.

Further recommended reading/agitating:

Green is the New Red

Coalition to Abolish the AETA

Support the AETA 4

The Good Time Bill

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In which the right wing celebrates an act of terrorism.

Sunday, April 12th, 2009



What I most love about these tea party protests – aside from their being an unintentional comedy goldmine – is that much of their support comes from the right wing: Republicans and conservatives, including Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity (all of Faux News, really), Alan Keyes, and Missouri’s own Peter Kinder wetteronline kostenlos herunterladen. The same group of people who are quick to label acts of theft and property destruction acts of eco- or animal rights- terrorism are – wait for it – emulating an old-school protest which would most certainly qualify as an act of terror under their definition of the term herunterladen.

And then we have Chuck Norris, right wing godbag extraordinaire, advocating an armed revolution against President Obama on World Net Daily youtube videos ubuntu.

Oh, the irony, it burns.

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"This is the oppressor’s language." *

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Photo via KayVee.INC

Will Potter wonders, Why Aren’t the EPA’s Most Wanted Fugitives Labeled “Eco-terrorists” avast kostenlos herunterladen deutsch?:

The brilliance of the “Green Scare” and the War on Terrorism more broadly is how the government and corporations have twisted language to push a political agenda Download the fine catalogue. When environmentalists put their bodies on the line to stop environmental destruction? That’s “eco-terrorism.” When corporations destroy the environment for personal gain full versions for free? That’s just business as usual. […]

Now, which is more worthy of receiving the “eco-terrorism” label? Crimes that indiscriminately put humans, animals and the environment at risk, for personal profit herunterladen? Or narrowly-targeted actions (not all of which are even criminal) intended to stop environmental destruction?

Who do you think is the “eco-terrorist”: The tree sitter or Boise Cascade affinity photo herunterladen? The Earth Liberation Front or Monsanto? Tim DeChristopher or mining corporations dwg file download for free? Earth First or General Motors?

Since ours is indeed the oppressor’s language, those who terrorize the environment are “smart businessmen,” while defenders of the earth and its inhabitants are labeled “violent” “terrorists” and punished with disproportionately harsh prison sentences – even though the former’s so-called “white collar” crimes destroy far more lives (human and non) than the latter’s so-called acts of “terrorism.”

* Adrienne Rich, quoted in Animal Equality herunterladen.

It’s worth noting that Rich’s observation comes from a feminist perspective, however, the same applies to the relationship between human and non-human animals, and humans and the earth herunterladen. Humans [in Rich’s words, men] are the oppressors, and our language necessarily legitimizes and reinforces the misdeeds we [men] commit against non-human animals and the earth [women] herunterladen. Notice how the same processes are at play in each pattern of exploitation?

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Veg*nism & Pop Culture: Meat huggers ruin everything on The Mentalist.

Sunday, January 11th, 2009


Proceed with caution: Major spoilers ahead!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about an animal rights terrorism plotline on CBS’s The Mentalist iso bestand downloaden. At the time, I worried that maybe the show had jumped the shark. Well, after a brief break over the holiday season, The Mentalist returned Tuesday with an awesome episode (Season 1, Episode 11: Red John’s Friends) gta san andreas free ios. Although…I was a little surprised to see animal rights terra-ists make another brief appearance. That’s two episodes in a row, and in completely unrelated story lines app herunterladen youtube videos. And this time, we Totally. Ruin. Everything. Like WTF, Bruno Heller!?

Here are the relevant bits: the titular character (Simon Baker as Patrick Jane) used to be a psychic charlatan, a fraud herunterladen. A real sleazy John Edward type. While on the daytime talk show circuit, Jane started talking smack about a serial killer called Red John, whom he was “helping” the police to catch google document herunterladen. Red John got pissed and killed Jane’s wife and daughter. Jane renounced his flim-flamin’ ways and joined the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as a legitimate consultant – with the ultimate goal of one day finding Red John and exacting revenge sciebo ordner herunterladen.

There’s the background. So. In this particular episode, a convicted murderer (Todd Stashwick as Jared) makes a deal with Jane: Jane proves the man’s innocence (he’s an asshat, but ultimately not guilty of this particular crime), and he’ll tell Jane everything he knows about Red John (a friend of friend dealio) sky ticket player. Jane ultimately solves the case, catching the real killer – but with a little help from Red John. Red John, you see, is onto Jared, and wants him sprung from the pokey so Red John can kill him before Jared divulges his identity teamviewer 14 herunterladen. Jared suspects as much because, hey! – he’s flapping his gums about outing a serial killer. CBI wants Jared to get to Red John who also wants to get Jared swr mediatheken. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and they’re all playing one another.

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The “show” must go on.

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

I could not make this shit up if I tried:

Intelligence officers created a voluminous file on Norfolk-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, calling the group a “security threat” because of concerns that members would disrupt the circus spiele kostenlos herunterladen chip.


The DC Anti-War Network, which opposes the Iraq war, was designated a white supremacist group, without explanation waldmeister sause safari kostenlos downloaden.

One of the possible “crimes” in the file police opened on Amnesty International, a world-renowned human rights group: “civil rights.” […]

The operation has been called a “waste of resources” by the current police superintendent and “undemocratic” by the governor herunterladen.

Police have acknowledged that the monitoring, which took place during the administration of [Maryland’s] then-Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R), spiraled out of control, with an undercover trooper spending 14 months infiltrating peaceful protest groups itunes songs erneut herunterladen. Troopers have said they inappropriately labeled 53 individuals as terrorists in their database, information that was shared with federal authorities tolino books from the cloud. But the new documents reveal a far more expansive set of police targets and indicate that police did not close some files until late 2007.

The surveillance ended with no arrests and no evidence of violent sedition herunterladen. Instead, troopers are preparing to purge files and say they are expecting lawsuits.

Which leads to the obvious question – if the state government expects to enter litigation with its own citizens, why on dog’s green earth are they “purging files,” i.e pdf writer adobe download kostenlos. evidence?

And also, who’s terrorizing who, again?

Veg*nism & Pop Culture: Animal Rights Terra-ists on The Mentalist

Saturday, December 20th, 2008


Proceed with caution: Spoilers galore!

Ten episodes in, and already The Mentalist has jumped on the animal rights terra-ism bandwagon streaming videos herunterladen.

Let me preface this by saying that I’m addicted to cop tv: The X-Files, CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, Criminal Intent, Life, NYPD Blue – I just love ’em ich kann bei whatsapp keine bilder mehr herunterladen. And my love runs extra-deep for the serialized cop drama/mystery/thrillers with a season/series-long story arc. Throw in a lead character who just so happens to be an atheist, and I’m hooked geogebra 6 for free. Hello, The Mentalist!

That said, the latest installment (Season 1, Episode 10: Red Brick and Ivy) just wasn’t up to snuff.

The plot line is all too familiar: a scientist who experiments on non-human animals is murdered; the prerequisite, SHAC-like animal rights group which has been “terrorizing” said scientist (or said scientist’s university/lab/company/employer) for months is suspect numero uno herunterladen. Cue the crazy!

In The Mentalist, the scientist in question is an up-and-coming neuroscientist who, along with his colleagues, has been conducting invasive research on animals (most notably, chimpanzees – unfortunately, a baby chimp does have a role in the episode) in order to locate the structures in the human brain which govern morality klasbord fotos downloaden. The end goal? Finding a way to manipulate these structures and thus, magically, turn all of humanity into moral beings. Whatever that means.

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Veg*nism & Pop Culture: The Green Scare Comes to Life

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Major spoiler warning, people!


I’ve been meaning to blog about a recent episode of Life for weeks now. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a kind of cop drama, in which individual cases are presented against the backdrop of a conspiracy-theory story arc which spans the series 3d möbel kostenlosen. Think The X-Files, Alias, Lost or The Mentalist – if you enjoy any of these, you’ll probably *heart* Life, too.

Season 2, Episode 3 of Life, “The Business of Miracles,” involves the murder of a cancer researcher. The main suspects, naturally, are a group of SHAC-like animal rights activists of the anti-vivisection variety herunterladen. It’s been a few weeks since I watched this ep, so rather than try to offer a plot summary, here’s TV Recap with their recap:

Dr. Auerbach was a scientist who was testing cancer drugs on animals. So his death naturally occurs in the lab and on the window is written, “animal testing is murder.” Something not so natural about his death: He was frozen to death because some one switched his oxygen tank with a liquid nitrogen tank einstellungstest herunterladen. But who could have done it? Maybe it was the group, BAT [Ban Animal Torture], that has sent Dr. Auerbach death threats?

[The group’s moniker, “BAT,” was also graffitied on the wall of Hurback’s lab. About as subtle as leaving an ELF calling card at the scene of a torched, insured, unsold McMansion, no?]

According to the group’s leader, Betsy, they wouldn’t hurt any soul, even one like Dr gt sport paints. Auerbach’s. She seems sweet enough. She even tells the other member to be quiet when he says it’s good the doctor is dead. So if it wasn’t her, maybe it was the assistant who seems too concerned with the results of the test. Or maybe the janitor? Or the company’s owner? Hmm. I can’t decide, and neither can Crews [Damian Lewis] and Reese [Sarah Shahi] so they do a little more digging and come up with…Betsy, the leader of Ban and the good doctor’s former assistant who left because they were having an affair herunterladen. Say what?

I know, it’s a crazy little twist but it turns out that Betsy’s real name is Deborah and she and Dr. Auerbach never stopped their affair. And while it seems she has the perfect motive of conflicted emotions, she also has a videotaped alibi. So then Crews and Reese move on to the janitor, who originally said he saw Betsy at the lab that day herunterladen. Turns out the janitor is stealing pills from the study and selling them. Or so it looks when he gives the box of pills to a woman on a park bench in return for an envelope full of…pictures? When Crews and Reese dig a little deeper they find the janitor’s son has cancer and the pills have been working for him and the woman is his ex-wife tiptoi dateien. I guess he has a good motive, too. And more importantly, he confesses to the murder. But something isn’t right. Along with the dead doctor, there were lots of dead lab rats. The only dead rats, though, were rats with red tags so why would only those rats be dead and who would want to kill them?

With the help of then now cleared ex-assistant, Crews and Reese learn that the red tagged rats were the control rats and you would want those to be gone if you didn’t want other people to know the experiment was a failure German schlager download for free. And who would want that? Yup, the new assistant. Turns out she knew the janitor was stealing pills and blackmailed him. But he wasn’t such a moron that he didn’t have evidence damning her. He had a formula she wrote computing how much liquid nitrogen it would take to kill a man the doctor’s size. So the dedicated assistant killed the doctor after all herunterladen. She had spent seven years working with him and now her career would be over because the drug was a failure. It was only helping the janitor’s son because he had an extremely rare form of cancer. It wouldn’t work on the mainstream cases. Guess that liar is busted.

Unlike many other cop dramas (the Law & Order franchise, if I recall, has featured its fair share of guilty, stereotyped animal rights extremists), Life doesn’t simply pin the crime on the “obvious suspects” and move on amazon prime auf macbook herunterladen. Rather than get swept up in the Green Scare, Detectives Crews and Reese follow the evidence…which leads them away from the “bad”/”misanthropic” animal rights activists and toward the “good”/”altruistic” cancer researchers.

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Of course they did.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

The Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) – the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) political arm – endorsed Obama:

One of the guiding principles of the Humane Society Legislative Fund is that we evaluate candidates based on a single criterion: where they stand on animal protection policies herunterladen. We don’t make decisions based on party affiliation, or any other social issue, or even how many pets they have. We care about their views and actions on the major policy debates relating to animal welfare bittorrent nederlands gratisen. […]

I’m proud to announce today that the HSLF board of directors — which is comprised of both Democrats and Republicans — has voted unanimously to endorse Barack Obama for President nero burning rom kostenlos download. The Obama-Biden ticket is the better choice on animal protection, and we urge all voters who care about the humane treatment of animals, no matter what their party affiliation, to vote for them herunterladen.

Obama voted for FISA; the HSUS offered up $2500 worth of donor monies as a bounty to help the FBI catch so-called “eco-terrorists” in California powerpoint countdown kostenlos.

A perfect match, they are.

By the by, I wonder if they even bothered to submit their questionnaire to McKinney…not to mention all those other third-party candidates disney plus films downloaden op laptop?

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Fashion faux pas: the next front in the war on terra.

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Wear a mask in public, go to jail. The fashion police have spoken:

On Saturday, April 12, an FBI agent arrested an animal rights activist at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA herunterladen. The activist was charged with wearing a mask in public—a Class 6 felony in Virginia.

On April 5, the arrested activist attended a protest at GMU and wore a mask herunterladen. After the GMU Police Department identified the activist, a warrant was issued for his arrest. When he appeared at a protest one week later, he was identified and subsequently tackled and arrested starcraft 1 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. The arrested activist was protesting Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus for their history of animal abuse.

The FBI agent who arrested the activist is part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force and is based in Prince William, VA tiptoi abenteuer tierwelt herunterladen. His name is Vincent Antignano and his badge number is #1035. He was stalking the arrested activist after he protested on numerous occasions against a private company, Huntingdon Life Sciences, which conducts medical tests on animals vlc download for free german windows 10.

The activist was arrested for violating Virginia’s law on face masks, which states “it shall be unlawful for any person over sixteen years of age while wearing any mask, hood, or other device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered (§18.2-422 )”

Via Will Potter, who adds:

I spoke with the activist arrested, and I think it’s critical to note that neither he, nor the other protestors, were charged with anything like property destruction history. He simply wore a mask at a lawful protest.

No doubt Special Agent Vincent Antignano with the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the F! B herunterladen! I! received a shiny gold star from his corporate overlords at Acme Animal Abuse ™, subsidiaries of which include HLS, Ringling Brothers and Bulladelah Douchebags, Inc….but I wonder what became of the activist in the pink fro wig russische tastatur herunterladen kostenlos? If donning freakay funkay headgear isn’t already criminal, I’m sure the great state of Virginny will soon come up with a nice slice of retroactive legislation to outlaw such atrocities traktor programm kostenlos. Watch out, my fuzzy pink sister – teh manz should be coming for you any day now.

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On the war on The War on Terra.

Saturday, January 19th, 2008
spotify auf iphone herunterladen

So let’s get this all straight. Two activists board a ship, with a letter of intent, because the whalers refused to respond to radio communications downloaden auf deutsch. Whalers rough them up, tie them up, and then Yasuaki Sasaki, the captain, makes a series of demands, including activists must stop filming the whalers’ activities and not come within 10 nautical miles of the whaling ship tamilische schriften kostenlos.

But the anti-whaling advocates are the terrorists?

Will Potter, commenting on the recent capture and subsequent release of two Sea Shepherd Conservation Society terrorists anti-whaling activists herunterladen.

Is it just me, or does something stink gba pokemon roms german download for free?

DawnWatch: "My Brother The Terrorist" — Los Angeles Times 5/24/07

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

For more, see Green Is the New Red and this summary at titanic spiele kostenlos downloaden. The second link contains info on court dates and contact info for prisoner support.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DawnWatch – news [at]
Date: May 24, 2007 3:39 PM
Subject: DawnWatch: “My Brother The Terrorist” — Los Angeles Times 5/24/07

Novelist Caroline Paul comes from a family committed to activism music auf windows media player herunterladen. Her Baywatch-famous sister Alexandra was in “Who Killed the Electric Car,” hosts a TV talk-show on environmentalism, and comes out in support of numerous animal causes kostenlos youtube mp3 downloaden. In today’s (Thursday May 24) Los Angeles Times op-ed piece headed, “My brother, the ‘terrorist'” we learn that their brother, Jonathon “is considered one of the biggest domestic terrorists in the country.” Paul gives us some warm personal details about his past, and then writes, “most important, he has devoted his life to stopping animals’ suffering garmin express for free. To this end, he has broken the law. He crept into animal laboratories to free dogs. He dismantled corrals to release wild mustangs. He impersonated a fur buyer to film the treatment of minks bücher google play downloaden. He put himself between whales and whalers despite warnings that his boat would be impounded and that he would be jailed. And nearly 10 years ago, he burned down a horse slaughterhouse in Redmond, Ore incredimail gratisen nederlands windows 10. It is for this final act that the U.S. government considers him among the ranks of Osama bin Laden, Eric Rudolph and Ramzi Ahmed Yousef.”

She continues:

“My brother, Jonathan Paul, has pleaded guilty in U.S ccleaner in deutsch downloaden. District Court in Eugene, Ore., to burning the Cavel West Slaughterhouse. He will find out on June 5 whether the judge considers his actions deserving of the ‘terrorism enhancement’ to his sentence sought by the government.”

Paul does not take arson lightly music download peggo. She writes, “I was a San Francisco firefighter for 13 years. I was angry and dismayed that my brother chose arson as a route to stop animal suffering cannot ebooks. But ‘a classic case of terrorism’?”

(More below the fold…)

PCRM: Call Congress Now About the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: PCRM Legislative Coordinator Kyle Ash – kash [at]
Date: Mar 20, 2007 11:30 AM
Subject: Urgent: Call Congress Now About the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Please call your representative and senators today and urge them to attend a briefing on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) herunterladen. If you recall, this bill passed last November and was signed into law in December.

The briefing will discuss issues of free speech and how the AETA now sets the stage for the criminalization of peaceful forms of advocacy undertaken by citizens and organizations seeking change herunterladen. The briefing is organized by the Equal Justice Alliance and the Office of Rep. Tom Lantos of California. Speaking will be Heidi Boghosian, executive director of the National Lawyers Guild; Odette Wilkens, executive director of Equal Justice Alliance; Will Potter, freelance journalist; and possibly Rep hintergrundbilder herunterladen. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. The briefing will take place on Wednesday, March 21, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. in room 2255 of the Rayburn House Office Building windows outlook kostenlos downloaden.

Please, call your representative and senators today herunterladen. Then, send a follow-up e-mail.

Forward this e-mail to your family and friends fußball manager 2018 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. Thank you, again, for urging your representative and senators to attend this important meeting. Feel free to contact me at kash [at] if you have any questions

Best regards,

Kyle Ash
Legislative Coordinator
kash [at]

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Kinship Circle: ACT TODAY / Invite Congress To AETA Briefing On Hill

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

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From: Kinship Circle – info [at]
Date: Mar 20, 2007 3:33 PM
Subject: ACT TODAY/ Invite Congress To AETA Briefing On Hill

Kinship Circle Primary – PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST

Equal Justice Alliance Hosts AETA Briefing On The Hill
Wednesday, March 21, 2007 * 2:00 to 3:30pm

Do your elected officials know about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) r herunterladen mac? Do they understand its negative impact on First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly?

1. Copy/paste flyer below into an email to: YOUR federal Representative and Senators images from the internet.

2. Include a brief note about why you want AETA repealed. See talking point in press release below flyer.

3. For a HIGHER RESOLUTION copy of flyer to Congress, email: kinshipcircle [at]

4 sims 4 kostenlose downloads haare. DELETE ALL REFERENCES TO KINSHIP CIRCLE BEFORE SENDING FLYER/COMMENTS TO REP AND SENATORS. The message is from YOU, not Kinship Circle

To identify your federal legislators and find contact info, try: –
USA Senate –
USA House of Representatives –
Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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LCA: Alert your Congressmen about AETA Panel

Monday, March 19th, 2007

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From: Last Chance for Animals – campaigns [at]
Date: Mar 19, 2007 5:07 PM
Subject: Alert your Congressmen about AETA Panel


Ask Your Congressmen to Attend Important AETA Panel Wed herunterladen. 3/21

After the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) last November, it became clear that LCA had to make fighting this unconstitutional law a top priority aangifteprogramma 2012. By partnering with the Equal Justice Alliance (EJA), we are now part of a powerful effort to increase public awareness regarding AETA’s potential infringement of First Amendment rights ringtones herunterladen.

The EJA is also increasing awareness in Congress and has scheduled a panel to talk about the AETA this Wednesday in Washington DC. Representative Kucinich, who was the only representative to speak out against the AETA when it was up for vote, will be speaking at the panel, along with Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild and Will Potter, an award-winning journalist who testified in opposition to the AETA during the single House hearing powerpoint download free full version windows 8.

To motivate congressional members and their staff to attend, please call your senators and representatives to voice your opposition to AETA and ask that they attend this important panel vob b kostenlos. Although they have already been notified of the panel, your voice will carry more weight since you are their constituent.

No AETA Banner - 234x60

Take Action

Call your senators and representative and voice your opposition to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act herunterladen. Ask that they attend the meeting this Wednesday. See below for sample phone call/email:

“Hello, I am calling as a constituent of (Sen/Rep name) to voice my opposition to the recently passed Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act lustige memes zum downloaden. I would like to invite (Sen/Rep name) to attend a panel on this very important issue on Wednesday, March 21st from 2-3:30pm in Rayburn 2255. Thank you.”

For the Animals,

Campaigns Department
Last Chance for Animals

Last Chance for Animals | 8033 Sunset Blvd kostenlose spiele zum herunterladen. #835 | Los Angeles | CA | 90046



DawnWatch: IHT says Australian govt will change law to fight activists — plus Coetzee op-ed 2/26/07

Monday, February 26th, 2007
rockmusik kostenlosen

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DawnWatch – news [at]
Date: Feb 26, 2007 6:38 PM
Subject: DawnWatch: IHT says Australian govt will change law to fight activists — plus Coetzee op-ed 2/26/07

In the US we have seen animal enterprise lobbies persuade lawmakers to rewrite law in order to punish animal rights activists, most notably with the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which includes language that threatens peaceful and legitimate forms of protest such as effective boycotts herunterladen.

This week we see similarly troubling news from Australia. The International Herald Tribune website, February 26, includes an article headed, “Australia to help sheep farmers sue over wool boycotts.”

It opens:

“The government plans to change federal law to help sheep farmers sue for damages over an animal rights group’s peaceful campaign to prevent the sale of Australian wool, a government minister said Monday kostenloseen lieder.

“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, are lobbying clothing chains and fashion houses to stop using Australian wool because they claim the sheep are subjected to cruelty google play download herunterladen.

“The U.S.-based group is opposed to mulesing — the slicing away without anesthetic of folds of skin from a merino sheep’s rump to prevent maggot infestations videoclipsen kostenlos.

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Kinship Circle: DIGEST – AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kinship Circle – info [at]
Date: Feb 14, 2007 10:42 PM
Subject: KC DIGEST: AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE


2/14/07: Kinship Circle DIGEST / ALERTS FROM MEMBERS
AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE

Kinship Circle will be offline from:
Friday, February 16 – Friday, February 23
In New Orleans for Katrina Rescue/Feeding


1 plantnet app kostenlosen. Re-sentencing For Boys Who Baked Puppy Alive?
2. Faux Fur Found To Come From Dogs, Cats
3. Shadow’s Legacy: Companions Are Not “Property”
4 herunterladen. What Can We Do About AETA Now?
5. Ask To Stop Selling Animal Fighting Materials
6. Take Action For Carriage Horses
7 kostenlose hintergrundbilderen. Cruel Treatment Of Sled Dogs In Greenland
8. Slovenia To Kill 106 Brown Bears In 2007
9. Pennsylvania Puppy Mills
10. Sea Shepherd Engages Japanese Whalers
11 Combine pdf for free Download. Animal Lovers Win Extra Life For 400 Chinese Cats

Each DIGEST includes:

* NEWS and CALL-TO-ACTION, submitted by Kinship Circle members zeichentrickfilme kostenlos herunterladen.
* CONTACT INFO to reply directly to the activist who supplied the alert.
* Related KINSHIP CIRCLE LINKS for more background information.
* Submissions are from KC members and do NOT originate from Kinship Circle itself download old typo3 versions.
* If emails for letter recipients fail, contact person who supplied alert — NOT KINSHIP CIRCLE.
* Send submissions for KC DIGEST to kinshipcircle [at]
* Please “clean-up” submitted alerts, and do not send chain of forwarded messages bilder fürs handy kostenlos herunterladen.

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DawnWatch: Jane Magazine piece by animal rights activist — February 2007 edition

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DawnWatch – news [at]
Date: Feb 7, 2007 7:44 PM
Subject: DawnWatch: Jane Magazine piece by animal rights activist — February 2007 edition

The February 2007 edition of Jane magazine includes a “true tale” piece by SHAC animal rights activist Lauren Gazzola, headed “I’m in prison for being a terrorist — and I literally wouldn’t hurt a fly.” (p 62)

Lauren writes about the day the FBI arrived at her house and cuffed and arrested her and two roommates kostenlos kinderfilme downloaden legal ohne anmeldung. She explains that she was arrested under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (actually at the time it was the Animal Enterprise Protection Act but it has since been upgraded) “which punishes people who ‘physically disrupt’ places like fur farms and animal-testing labs.” She explains, “But we weren’t accused of doing anything violent… the charges… stemmed from our allegedly running a Web site that reported protest activity against one of the world’s largest animal testing labs , Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).”

As background to the campaign Lauren writes, “In 1997, an undercover documentarian got a job at HLS and recorded the staff punching puppies in the face and dissecting a conscious monkey.”

About the SHAC campaign tactics she writes, “There is no denying that some of the things people did in the name of the campaign were illegal why can't you download all the series on netflix. What’s crazy, though, is that when I stood in the courtroom pleading not guilty, neither I nor any of my friends had been charged with participating in window smashing, tire slashing or paint throwing kostenloser acrobat reader herunterladen. We were on trial for writing about it.”

She writes, “By the time you read this, I will have served two of the 52 months I am sentenced to in federal prison.”

Her final line is, “They can jail the activist but they cannot jail the activism.”

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