Product Review: Intex Easy Set Pool Set

Monday, October 7th, 2013

I know that summer has long passed, but I recently reviewed this pool on Amazon and am just gonna throw this up here in case Amazon decides to get all cheeky and delete my account again. Next year I plan on writing a longer post about Mags’s water therapy, for those of you who are in a similar situation. Also I’ll take any excuse to post pictures of Mags in her pretty orange life jacket!

Spoiler alert/Pro tip: water troughs are the way to go, assuming you have an agricultural store nearby.

Difficult to Set Up

one out of five stars

My husband and I bought the Intex Easy Set 8-Foot-by-30-Inch Round Pool Set earlier this summer, specifically to do water therapy with our eleven-year-old rat terrier. Some time before we adopted her, she suffered an injury to her right hip, which was never treated – resulting in limited mobility, muscle loss, and likely arthritis down the line. Rather than subject Mags to surgery – which our vet deemed unnecessary since she’s not currently in any pain – he recommended daily exercise. Swimming is best, since it’s low impact and doesn’t place any stress on the joints. Though we have a pond (which we used with great success last summer), I thought that a pool placed right outside our back door would be more convenient and accessible, and thus get more use.

2012-05-28 - Mags Swimming - 0018 [cropped]

Mags and I in the pond last May. She IS NOT AMUSED!

I would have preferred to buy kid’s wading pool – something more durable and made of rigid plastic – but every model I found was too shallow for my purposes: the water has to come over Mags’s head, otherwise she won’t paddle on her own. (She’s not particularly fond of swimming, as you can probably gather.) The 8-Foot-by-30-Inch Intex seemed like it would be the perfect size: large enough for me to climb in with her, and deep enough that her feet couldn’t touch the bottom.

Unfortunately, setting it up proved to be next to impossible. The pool is ringed with two inflatable tubes: one on top, and another at ground level. You’re supposed to inflate them and then fill the pool with water; as the water level rises, the pool takes shape. I had assumed that the sides of the pool would be inflatable as well, to help give the pool its structure, but this isn’t so: rather, the water is presumably supposed to conform to the seams of the pool and lift the sides of the pool up.

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