Oh, Baby.

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Blub alert! Grab a box of Kleenex and the nearest doggy (or kitty) before watching this video about Baby, an ex-puppy mill poodle who lost a leg due to the abuse she received during her nine years as a “breeder.”

Her human, Jana Kohl – who authored a book about Baby’s ordeal called A Rare Breed of Lovewrites:

Like all the breeding dogs, Baby was tattooed with a number and had her vocal cords cut so the owners wouldn’t have to listen to her cries to be let out of her cage herunterladen. Her leg was amputated after her rescue due to the abuse she suffered. On the day Baby was scheduled to be killed – because she had gotten too old to breed – she was rescued by a passing stranger who was dubbed the “Drive-by Angel.” Eventually Baby found a forever home with author Jana Kohl, who was inspired to tell the world about her ordeal and hopefully reform this cruel industry herunterladen.

Baby famously posed with President-elect Barack Obama; the duo is currently featured on the cover of American Dog magazine snagit deutsch kostenlos.

Let’s hope that the Obama family thinks of poor Baby – victimized and exploited, caged and enslaved, her babies and life stolen from her in the name of corporate profits and human wants – when they consider whether they should adopt and/or buy a dog for daughters Sasha and Malia ringtones for free iphone.