VHS Review: Jane Fonda’s Yoga Exercise Workout (1993)

Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

An awesome intro to yoga – if only there was a DVD!

five out of five stars

Jane Fonda’s Yoga Exercise Workout” is one of the first exercise videos I bought, and it’s still one of my favorites!

Jane starts out with a 20-minute stretching/toning routine that consists of a number of different poses. Next, she focuses on the Sun Salutation and leads you through a 15-minute segment based on the one sequence. She starts with the easiest variation of the routine, and gradually increases the intensity. Experienced yoga practitioners can repeat Level 3 (the most difficult level) three times, while beginners can stick to Level 1 (the easiest level). Throughout the segment, she repeats her demonstration of the lower levels for newbies. Jane finishes with a 15-minute relaxation routine. While some people might enjoy this section the most, I generally skip it.

Since beginning yoga, I’ve bought a number of other yoga instructionals, all on DVD; “Jane Fonda’s Yoga Exercise Workout” is the only VHS tape I own. As much as I like the workout, as well as Jane’s easygoing teaching style, I don’t use the tape as much as I should. I just don’t find the VHS tape as convenient as the DVDs, which usually have short segments that you can easily navigate through (many even let you customize your own workout). It would be great if they released “Jane Fonda’s Yoga Exercise Workout” on a DVD format (hint, hint, guys!). Other than this minor complaint, though, I’d definitely recommend “Jane Fonda’s Yoga Exercise Workout” to beginners and intermediates alike (advanced users might want to stick to some of Rodney Yee’s more difficult workouts).

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