DawnWatch: Jay Leno nominates Kevin Eubanks as sexiest vegetarian 6/15 – 6/19/07

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

UPDATE, 7/5/07:

Holy shit. He totally won. Never underestimate the power of jowly, unfunny latenight “funnymen”, would be today’s lesson. Or something.


Kevin Eubanks:
Big zucchini, or world’s biggest zucchini?

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Perhaps you have heard of PETA’s “sexiest vegetarian” contests. They are in line with PETA’s general attempts to put an animal friendly message wherever there is public attention — and for as long as anybody can remember there has been plenty of attention on sex. The competition has leagues for sexiest vegetarian celebrities and also for the tofutti cuties and sultry soy boys next door.

The contests get a lot of press, and thanks to Jay Leno, millions of Americans heard about them over the last week. On the Friday, June 15th Tonight Show, Leno introduced the topic telling us that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking folks to vote for the sexiest vegetarian. He said, “I guessing the winner will be the guy with the biggest zucchini.” Then he said to the Tonight Show’s band leader, Kevin Eubanks, “Hey, Kev, you’re a vegetarian, I should nominate you. We should get people to vote for you.” Then he started teasing Kevin about having photos he shot of him at Pismo beach.

On Monday, June 18, Leno reminded viewers that PETA is looking for the sexiest vegetarian of the year and he said that he had nominated Kevin. And he said, “I want people to go to the PETA website and vote.” (The competition is at http://www.GoVeg.com )

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