Cookbook Review: Juicing Recipes Bible, Michael Chung (2013)

Monday, March 31st, 2014

50 Juicing Recipes; Nothing More, Nothing Less

two out of five stars

This book does indeed feature fifty juicing recipes, but it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a “Bible.” In the short, 1 ½-page introduction, the author doesn’t list any tips or tricks for juicing beyond “wash your produce, remove any damaged bits, and serve immediately,” nor does he offer any advice about choosing and maintaining a juicer. Most of the 59 pages are taken up by the recipes…and a ton of white space.

The recipes mostly seem to be somewhat standard fare as far as juicing goes. However, a few interesting combinations caught my eye: Wild Berry and Mint; Mango and Lavender; Fennel and Pear; Coriander Lime; Gazpacho; and Strawberry and Rosemary. I can’t wait to try them out once these fruits and veggies come into season! As a vegan, I’m kind of disappointed that the author relies on honey as a sweetener, and doesn’t suggest any vegan substitutions. Even so, I’d classify this book as “vegan friendly,” since any vegan worth her weight in Daiya knows to swap out honey for agave nectar, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, or plain old sugar.

The format of the book can generously be described as “plain”: just a simple, 12-point Times New Roman font on a plain white background. There are no photos or artwork to speak of (or least not in the pdf copy I received for review). Each page contains only one recipe (where two could easily fit), resulting in a ridiculous amount of boring white space. The Juicing Recipes Bible is really more of a pamphlet than a book.

It could really benefit from a pass through an editor’s hands, too. In just a quick read-through, I spotted several grammatical mistakes; less forgivable are errors in the recipes themselves, such as the Fennel and Pear Juice, which calls for both pears and “pear bulbs.” Additionally, Chung repeats his earlier advice to “drink immediately” in the directions of every. single. recipe., which starts to feel really tiresome, really quickly. While I assume that each recipe is meant to serve one person, I’m really guessing here, as none of the recipes include information about serving sizes.

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