Stacking the Shelves: JoCo Library BIG Fall Kid’s Book Sale ed.!

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

2014-11-13 - JoCo YA Book Haul - 0001 [flickr]

So I was a little taken aback when the much-anticipated Johnson County Library fall book sale was announced last month. Instead of a book sale-book sale, it was billed as a “BIG Fall Kid’s Book Sale.” Luckily including YA and middle grade titles, but still zoom für pc kostenlos download. Usually the Friends of Johnson County has so many books to unload that they host their sales in the greater part of a mall! In which case, why limit it to just kids’ books? Maybe the donations were a little lax this year? But then many of the titles were library discards, so perhaps they focused their fall cleaning in the kids’ aisles this time around herunterladen? I DON’T KNOW! But even with the limited selection – and despite what a long drive it is for us (an hour one way, yo!) – I couldn’t resist checking it out.

As it turned out, the selection was pretty decent for such a narrowly focused sale. There were at least as many YA books as at the regular sale – several tables’ worth – and a fair amount of middle grade books too herunterladen. I scoured the YA tables but mostly skimmed the kids’ books. Maybe I would have been more diligent if I wasn’t wiped out from jury duty earlier that day. (Spoiler alert: I was not among the chosen twelve. Like you couldn’t see THAT coming!)

I came away with 13 books – not bad! – including two that were on my wish list: The Chaos and Diverse Energies herunterladen. I can’t lie, I was super-psyched to find those. I almost wish I’d picked up an extra copy of The Chaos to give to the shelter I volunteer for. Oh well, next time.

  • Alias: Replaced by Emma Harrison (2005)
  • Alias: Strategic Reserve by Christina F herunterladen. York (2006)
  • Alias: Namesakes by Greg Cox (2006)
  • Aphrodite’s Blessings: Love Stories from the Greek Myths by Clemence McLaren (2002)
  • Come August, Come Freedom: The Bellows, the Gallows, and the Black General Gabriel by Gigi Amateau (2012)
  • Dark Water by Laura McNeal (2010)
  • Diverse Energies edited by Tobias S. Buckell and Joe Monti (2012)
  • Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples (2005)
  • The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson (2012)
  • 11,000 Years Lost (Amulet) by Peni R brawlhalla kostenlosen. Griffin (2006)
  • My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (2005)
  • Shooting Kabul by N. H. Senzai (2010)
  • My Name Is Not Easy by Debby Dahl Edwardson (2011)
  • Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn (2010)

    While we were in the area, we stopped by Whole Foods but struck on out most of our list, including the elusive Silk Pumpkin Spice heine app. But they had Follow Your Heart on sale, so we picked up a bunch of mozzarella and cheddar (suck on that, Daiya!).

    On the way home we drove by another natural foods store, the new-to-us Natural Grocers cubase 10 for free. They’ve been in the Metcalf storefront since at least May; we tried to pop in after the spring book sale, but they’d already closed for the day.

    We stopped on a whim, and OMG am I so glad we did: they are better than Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Price Chopper combined! Their ratio of vegan-to-non food is pretty good (especially when compared to those other guys herunterladen! boo!), and we found so many items we’d been hunting for: Silk Pumpkin Spice (yeah, we cleared the shelf). Amy’s Daiya Cheese Pizzas (you got me, Daiya). Quarts of vegan ice cream in several flavors and brands. Those tamales Shane loves. Even vegan raviolis!

    And the prices were so good, you guys herunterladen! Even if the book sale had been a bust, Natural Grocers alone would have been worth the drive down.

    Open up a branch in the Northland, you guys? please please please!

  • Stacking the Shelves: JoCo Library 2014 Sizzlin’ Summer Book Sale ed.!

    Saturday, June 14th, 2014

    2014-06-11 - JoCo Book Haul - 0001 [flickr]

    So book bloggers have this thing where they post their weekly book hauls, usually on Saturdays, under the heading “Stacking the Shelves.” (See also: Mailbox Monday; Showcase Sunday; Bought, Borrowed & Bagged; and/or Peek Into My Postbox kinderlieder kostenlos downloaden. Book bloggers have memes like whoah!)

    Even though books and bookish things have slowly taken over this blog, I’ve never felt the need to participate kostenlos schnittmuster downloaden. For one, I’m lazy. Two: also lazy. Three: still lazy!

    I also rarely have much to report, unless you count free ebooks, which I’d rather not labymod kostenlos downloaden. Since they cost me nada (not even shelf space!), I’m rather indiscriminate when downloading freebies. I’m an ebook hoarder, basically. So many embarrassing titles dokumentationen herunterladen legal!

    But this week the “local” library (scare quotes because we had to drive more than an hour one way to make this sale!) had their bi-annual book sale, so my weekly haul proved more impressive than usual windows 7 pro downloaden nederlands. I even cleared space on my shelves last week in anticipation!

    Given how little room I have left for “real” books, I showed a little more restraint than normal; for around 90 bucks, I came away with exactly 82 books biorhythmus herunterladen. (Including one duplicate which was bound to happen. Oy!) This sale’s pile was much smaller than last November’s, which was smaller than the June’s before it downloads images for free. With space at a premium, it’s all about quality over quantity. This is also the reason I now attend on the Friend’s preview night, rather than the end-of-sale, dollar-a-bag special: I ended up with way too many books that ultimately spent years just gathering dust dji go 4 herunterladen. (I used to go crazy at the dollar sale, y’all. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.)

    2014-06-11 - JoCo Book Haul - 0004 [flickr]

    2014-06-11 - JoCo Book Haul - 0005 [flickr]

    As you can (hopefully) see here, I went pretty heavy on the fiction, especially the science fiction and YA herunterladen. (There was a brief moment of panic when I thought they did away with the YA table, instead sprinkling those books throughout the fiction section like shiny little easter eggs herunterladen. Turns out the sign just got knocked down. Both of them!)

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    Minsky’s Pizza in Liberty, Missouri has Daiya cheese!

    Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

    2013-11-15 - Minsky's Pizza - 0001

    netflix serieen computer! - 0003 by smiteme, on Flickr">2013-11-15 - Rennie Wants Pizza <a class=herunterladen! - 0003">

    2013-11-17 - Leftovers from Minsky's - 0006


    I don’t think this is breaking news but, seeing as I haven’t visited Minsky’s since I lived in Kansas (so, like, five years plus), it’s news to me hungry shark world für pc downloaden.

    This weekend was the last one of the season for the drive-in we usually frequent (which is incidentally also the last of the four drive-ins around us still open at this late date) – so to celebrate, we picked up a pizza from Minksy’s in Liberty, which is (kinda sorta) on the way there free games on tablet. Actually it’s twenty minutes out, so we had to wrap the pizza in several layers of blankets to keep it warm – but it worked well enough, and we needed those extra comforters to stay warm anyway itunes images from iphone.

    We were happy to see that Minky’s started offering Daiya cheese since we’d been there last and, better yet, at no extra cost. Yay! We were tempted by some of the gourmet pie combos (especially the Nature’s Choice, with artichokes, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and slivered almonds), but decided to go with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and black olives seite zum videos herunterladen. Minsky’s was super-generous with the toppings (Daiya like whoah!), and carefully layered the red peppers under the cheese so they wouldn’t dry out usb treiber windows 98 kostenlos. And at $23 it wasn’t that much more expensive than a cheeseless piece of cardboard from Pizza Hut. (The local Pizza Hut? Way stingy with the toppings herunterladen. Sauce included!)

    I only wish there was a location closer to our place. Actually, scratch that. Then I’d be eating at Minsky’s on the daily, spending all my book money on pizza lego virtuell bauen kostenlosen. Probably it’s safer this way, loving them from a distance.

    Top to bottom: the leftovers the night of, since we obviously couldn’t grab a decent pic at the drive-in; Rennie, ogling my noms (she nearly snatched the first piece right out of my hand during Thor); reheated leftovers the next day, along with a copy of Appetite for Reduction, which I snagged at the latest library sale for a mere buck herunterladen. AND it’s in pretty excellent shape for a library discard!

    vegan nomz roundup!: even more pizza ed.

    Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

    …because it’s been entirely too long since our last vegan pizza party putty deutsch download kostenlos!


    By the way, I pizza blog in this filme und serien auf netflix herunterladen. In fact, I’m wearing it right now. The more you know.

    Now bring out the pizza!

    Creamy Vegan Mac & Cheese Pizza, No sims 4 gratis downloaden windows 10. 2!

    2011-06-04 - Mac & Cheese Pizza No <a class=kodi downloaden op smart tv. 2 - 0017"/>

    Another vegan mac & cheese pizza cityville kostenlos downloaden!

    This recipe is fairly similar to the original, with one key change: instead of adding the macaroni and cheese to the pizza before it’s baked, we added the mac & cheese after the pizza came out of the oven (and more sparingly, too; this pizza is more like a “regular” pizza and less like a carb pie!) videos from rtl mediathek. Since it isn’t baked twice, the mac & cheese topping is a little creamier and soupier. There’s also some extra cheddar Daiya and margarine hiding under there – along with bits of Lightlife Smart Bacon – for added moisture pokemon für handy deutsch download kostenlos. (It’s like a white pizza only orange, yo!) Here’s the recipe, give it a try microsoft word for mac for free!

    fwiw, this was the scene as we sat down to plates loaded with pizza slices and sides of mac & cheese (we made a full recipe, of course adobe pdf herunterladen kostenlos! ALWAYS MAKE A FULL POT OF MAC & CHEESE!):


    Shane: [looks of horror and revulsion; not just at the thought of sexy time with cheesy pasta, but also – presumably – because neither of us wants children, to the point that this is a condition in our prenup]

    Me: I mean I’m going to eat so much that my belly bloats up to where I look pregnant herunterladen. YOU KNOW, MY BABY BUMP.

    Shane: Oh.

    And I did.

    Mac & Pepperjack Pizza

    2011-06-18 - Mac & Pepperjack Pizza - 0015

    Vegan macaroni and cheese pizza #3! “Mac & Pepperjack,” as we nicknamed it, is made with Pepperjack Daiya cheese (duh!) and topped with breadcrumbs, baked mac & cheese styley. Between the pasta and the pizza, this pie is like two meals in one. It took the husband a week to finish off the leftovers, what with the way he loaded the mac & cheese on there. Three inches of cheesy goodness? This bad boy is practically a deep dish!

    Kalamata Olive Bread Pizza

    2011-05-28 - Kalamata Bread Pizza - 0007

    Kalamata Olive Bread Pizza, made in the toaster oven! (The pizza, not the bread; you’ll need a bread machine for that!)

    This recipe for Kalamata Olive Bread is one of my favorites, and here it’s been improved upon in the only conceivable way one might so polish a masterpiece: ADD DAIYA CHEESE! Immediate success! The tang of the bread complements the mozzarella Daiya and red sauce nicely, and it’s even better when toasted to a lovely brown crisp. I see many more slices in my future. (Also: a kalamata olive pizza crust!)

    Of course, you can sub in your own favorite bread recipe; I’ve made quickie toaster pizzas with everything from homemade loafs to french bread to plain old sliced white bread. It’s hard to go wrong when vegan pizza is involved!

    (More below the fold…)

    Barks and Buttercreams

    Sunday, July 31st, 2011

    2011-07-30 - Mud Pie Cupcakes - 0021

    A ginormous chocolate cupcake topped with raspberry buttercream frosting and a single plump raspberry amazon produktbilder herunterladen. From Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and Coffeehouse, so you know it’s made with love instead of animal parts. Delicious bluetooth treiber kostenlos herunterladen!

    So psyched to have a new vegan eatery in Kansas City!*

    Also: old dogs rock herunterladen. Exhibits A and B:

    2011-04-13 - Ralphie - 0004


    2011-04-05 - Kaylee - 0004

    and Kaylee herunterladen. Case closed.

    * See also: Cafe Seed, FÜD and Eden Alley online fotos downloaden.

    randomness: dicks, donuts, girls, books, ice creams, pigs and pizzas!

    Thursday, August 5th, 2010

    Fan Junk Shots - Ralphie 01

  • is now open and ready for business formel 1 manager kostenlos downloaden!

    Currently, only the blog – where I’ve already logged more posts in August than I managed to write for this here blog in the entire month of July – is fully functional veoh video download for free. I’m still working on the promised interactive photo gallery and discussion features, but hope to have these done soon. (To this end, WP-compatible software recommendations would be most appreciated!)

    That said, the template and static/informational pages are all finished and look, if I might say so myself, kickass herunterladen. I found a template that mimics Facebook almost to a M (for misogyny, natch), so it’s almost like we never left. (And by “left” I mean “were kicked off.”)

    Additionally, I created a temporary set of photo pages to house all the “man meat” I’ve “processed” thus far: VAPETA PSAs, promotional materials, junk shots, celebrity cock shots, South Park avatars, brother campaigns, etc free music waiting loop free download. Browse, bookmark and check back often, because there’s more in the pipes.

    If you’re still out there and, um, excited to participate (excited mails download iphone! get it!?), send me your package at schlongs4seals [at] and I’ll be equally excited (tee hee) to feature it on the appropriate page spiderman spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

    Also, if you visit the front page, you’ll see a little Facebook “like” button in the left-hand sidebar (right under the hot white torso wearing the hot red boxer briefs) film download app. Click it, won’t you? We need friends! And sharing! On Facebook!

    Fan Junk Shots - Baby Kelly 02

    I’ve been a connoisseur of men’s briefs since early childhood android 5 downloaden.
    Behold the rapturous glee on my chubby chipmunk cheeks!

    SeaL Shepherd may have succeeded in removing our page from Facebook, but he can hardly prevent us from sharing content in the form of links apple mobile device service.

    Can’t stop the schlong, yo.

    (A note for the newbies and occasional readers: if all this cock talk has you flummoxed, go here for some background.)

  • Tofurky Pizza with Daiya Cheese has finally made its way to Kansas City!:

    2010-08-05 - Tofurky Pizza - 0003

    The Whole Foods in Overland Park, to be more specific automatically media usage rights. And now it’s in my freezer. Nom nom nom.

  • As if this isn’t already more awesomeness than the KC metro area can handle, Kansas City is now home to a brand-spanking-new vegan bakery. Gluten-free, to boot. And, if you live in the KC area, they deliver!

    Shane ordered a box of Golden Girls – the vegan feminist version of “real” Twinkies, if you will – for delivery to his office Monday.

    2010-08-02 - Golden Girls - 0010

    They are super-yummy – a little denser than Twinkies (according to Shane; I’ve never partaken), with a sponge- or angel food cake-like consistency. The creamy filling is the bestest, though methinks the cakes could use more. I say the same of Ronald’s Donuts and Newman’s O’s, so grain of salt.

    Egads. In all my excitement, I almost forgot to name drop. Brody’s Bakery is the name of the biz – hit ’em up on Facebook, and if you’re ever in the KC area, shop team vegan, mkay? Jasmin of Our Hen House also did a nice writeup on Brody’s this week; see Brody’s Bakery Bakes Up Compassion. (Color me jealous, btw.)

  • (More below the fold…)

    Portrait of Benjamin, a Thylacine. And also, housekeeping.

    Thursday, July 30th, 2009

    Those of you who do your blog reading the old-fashioned way – i.e., by actually visiting said blogs (how November 2008!) – have probably been admiring easyVegan’s new look for a few days now wallpapers for free. (If you’re reading this on MySpace or through Bloglines, Google Reader or the like, you’re missing out!) Throughout June and into July, I was hard at work on a series of new banner graphics for the site herunterladen. I finished them a few weeks ago, but Shane only got around to adding them to the site on Monday. (In his defense, they required some programming magic to properly work their mojo.)

    So far, there are 77 images, set to display randomly and rotate every 90 minutes xbox spiele herunterladen. The majority are work safe, but if you happen to draw a swear word or naughty image, there’s a handy-dandy “Reload Banner” button located in the sidebar, right above the search box outlook news in full. Don’t say I never did anything for ya.

    You can find out more about each image, as well as the motivation behind the project, on the Banner Credits page Play roblox for free without downloading. Not to rehash what I wrote over there, but I was tired of the blog’s old look and name; the old banner image was so plain! I wasn’t keen on the idea of up and moving the site, though, so I figured a face lift was in order kodi herunterladen fire tv. Spiff things up, you know? I didn’t change a whole lot – just the banner, really, and I also simplified the background image so the site wouldn’t look overly cluttered and busy – but I love the result rechnungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden. The new banners, which are primarily comprised of photos and artwork I already enjoyed, are so shiny and pretty! I’ve already cycled through a few clicks of the “Reload” button, just to see what would pop up aoe kostenlosen. Ahem.

    2006-12-15 - KC-Artspace - Cryptozoology-0107

    Karma, in particular, has an interesting back story spiele kostenlos herunterladen durak. The animal depicted on the banner is a Thylacine – a Tasmanian Tiger. Or rather, it’s a picture of a sculpture of a Thylacine. The sculpture is (was?) part of a traveling exhibit called Cryptozoology: Out of Time Place Scale, which Shane and I saw at the Kansas City Art Institute’s Artspace in December 2006 herunterladen. Cryptozoology is the study of cryptids; a cryptid being an animal thought – but not proven – to exist. You know, like mermaids, Bigfoot, Yeti, etc.

    Cryptozoology is more Shane’s kind of thing. (Not that he believes in unicorns; rather, he enjoys myths and legends, and is fascinated by people who do champion the existence of Sasquatch.) But I love animals and museums, so when he suggested that we check out the exhibit, I was totally down with it.

    Most of the exhibits were really quite amusing – very X-Files-ish.

    For the conspiracy theorists, the door to the Department of Cryptozoology at the Federal Wildlife Commission:

    2006-12-15 - KC-Artspace - Cryptozoology-0041

    Some sort of ridiculously adorable unicorn-doggy hybrid:

    2006-12-15 - KC-Artspace - Cryptozoology-0020

    ZOMG, WANT! She’s probably not vegan, though.

    (More below the fold…)

    "Generic" Individuals: The Ultimate in Speciesist Doublespeak

    Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

    Last week, I was watching an episode of The People’s Court I’d recorded back in May (DON’T JUDGE ME!!), and I happened to catch a “teaser” for that night’s news broadcast play store zum downloaden kostenlos. NBC Action News in Kansas City, dog bless ’em, was doing an exposé of local area restaurants. Their crime? Trying to pass off “generic” fish(es) as red snapper fish(es) einschlafmusik herunterladen.

    It’s not very high-tech, but here’s a photo I took of the commercial’s fish graphics:

    2009-07-08 - Fish Switch - 0002

    So what’s wrong with this picture download older mac os?

    Well, there’s no such thing as “generic” fish. In fact, to refer to a group of sentient individuals (spanning one or more species) as “generic” is the ultimate in speciesist doublespeak spotify herunterladen dauert lange.

    Admittedly, I’m no expert on “fishing” or “seafood”; I’ve never been “fishing,” and was never an enthusiastic consumer of “seafood,” even in my omni days herunterladen. Thinking at first that “generic fish” might be an industry or “fishing” term, I hit the Google. A search for the term “generic fish” didn’t turn up any such slang, just websites promoting “generic” fish clip art or selling “generic” fish oil capsules gangstar vegas to download. Wiki wasn’t much help, either; most of the hits for “generic fish” are in the context of “this is the generic term for x species of fish.” As far as I can tell, KSHB pulled the term out of its keister google presentation downloaden.

    (Granted, I could certainly be mistaken, in which case I welcome a correction! I’m not sure widespread use of the term would make it any less problematic, however.)

    No doubt, what KSHB actually meant was “less expensive fish(es),” or “more common fish species,” etc descenders kostenlosen. As in, the customer is paying for an expensive, “exotic” species of fish and receiving a cheap substitute, thus being cheated out of their hard-earned money schulgong. (Nevermind the many fishes who were cheated out of their very lives.)

    Interestingly, the news reports on KSHB’s website do not refer to “generic” fish, though they do contain equally speciesist terms (for example, referring to the “cheaper” fishes as “counterfeit” foodstuffs) herunterladen.

    Also note how I refer to fishes plural, rather than fish singular. The latter, more common usage implies that fish(es) are a single, indistinguishable lump of food, an inseparable mass of stuff – kind of like wine or crushed tomatoes.

    (More below the fold…)

    Small victories!

    Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

    Good news can be hard to come by in the animal advocacy community, which is why I want to share this little victory with y’all. It’s not much, but it’s more than enough to get me through today, and possibly the rest of the week as well herunterladen.

    Over on the Kansas City Freecycle blog, I feature a local adoptable animal every Wednesday title netflix. (Elaine is my inspiration for this, but I don’t credit here there because I’d rather the other freecyclers not know that I’m one of “those” animal rights “extremists.” So I’ll totally credit her here Minecraft free pc. Thanks, Elaine!)

    I’ve been doing this since May of ’08, and a sweet lil’ pit bull named Gramby was the second animal I blogged about free songs mp3. Seven months later, and Gramby still hadn’t been adopted, so I featured him a second time amazing grace for free. At this point, Gramby had been staying with Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter, for more than two years vw kartenupdate herunterladen. Being a young guy, he’d essentially spent the majority of his life caged in a shelter. Many localities ’round these parts have passed BSL (he was found as a stray in a city with an anti-pit bull breed ban), which probably goes a long way towards explaining his sorry situation how to download songs from youtube for free.


    Well, while clicking through the old listings this morning, searching for some hopefully happy updates, I was absolutely overjoyed (and that’s an understatement, for reals) too see that Gramby had finally been adopted outlook mail kostenlos. After almost 2 1/2 years as an orphan, Gramby has a new family. I’m so, so happy for him.

    In fact, Gramby’s adoption is such momentous news that Animal Haven blogged about it, too:

    Gramby was our longest term dog here at Animal Haven and was recently adopted herunterladen. Gramby was found as a stray from a city with a breed ban on October 13th, 2006 when he was just a pup. Last week he was adopted out by a fantastic lady from Blue Springs spiele zum downloaden für pc kostenlos. He has adjusted very well to life with his new mother and is having the time of his life now that he finally has his lifelong home. He even gets to cuddle with his mother’s baby granddaughter for nap time.

    And, what a wiggler he is too! Our ants-in-the-pants pal Gramby is always on the lookout for something interesting. Who can blame him? Gramby’s dedicated friends here at Animal taught him a few things before he went to his new lifelong home, and he’ll sit for a treat (though he likes to be sure it’s abundantly tasty).

    Animal Haven went all out to find him a new home; they even made Gramby their “mascot” for a fundraising event, featuring him on t-shirts and stuff. Even after all that, it was still more than a year before he was adopted. So sad.

    But no. This is good news. I refuse to get sniffly here.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK you, anonymous “fantastic lady from Blue Springs,” for opening your home and your heart to this “vicious” dog. For this, you are my hero of the day. And thank you, Animal Haven, for never giving up on this precious boy.

    *smiles*, {{hugs}}, and all that good stuff!

    (More below the fold…)

    VeganMoFo, Day 21: Veg KC – Vegan Eats in the City of Fountains

    Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

    Though the “City of Fountains” may be Kansas City’s official nickname, Kansas Citians are also fond of boasting that they live in the “Steak Capital” of the world concept map kostenlos download. Indeed, Kansas City’s Wiki entry claims that the city is home to over 90 BBQ joints – and that’s just on the Missouri side (!) videos auf handy herunterladen iphone.

    So it was with much trepidation that the Mr. and I relocated from Rochester, NY to Kansas City in 2002. While it’s not exactly NYC, Rochester is a relatively liberal area, with some decent options for veg*ns: Wegmans, a popular grocer, has a large natural foods department (and, ugh, cruel egg farming practices); there’s also Lori’s Natural Foods, located by the MCC Henrietta campus; the Natural Oasis Cafe, which is all-veg, all-the-time; Organic Alley Cafe, which is bills itself as both green and veg-friendly; Dogtown Hots, which offers a multitude of vegan options; as well as a whole host of restaurants and markets that hawk veg*n wares loxone config herunterladen. “Whatever will we eat!?” we fretted up till moving day.

    Happily, Kansas City is much more veg-friendly than you’d think. Instead of a natural foods department, Kansas City boasts two natural foods storesWhole Foods and Wild Oats (which have since merged, thus reducing the total number of stores in the area) herunterladen. There’s also a thriving farmer’s market community, as well as more than a few vegetarian cafes and restaurants.

    Since Shane and I live in the sticks, we haven’t yet had a chance to sample all the local veg*n businesses how to download from the zdf mediathek. Hopefully this roundup will give us a much-needed kick in our lazy veg*n asses, eh?

    (More below the fold…)

    VeganMoFo, Day 8: Play with your food!

    Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

    I’ll be on drugs and/or in the dentist’s chair for most of the day today (thank the Saucy FSM for oral-conscious sedation, yay!), so I don’t have any VeganMoFo recipes or ruminations to post herunterladen. Instead, I thought I might share some photos of the Liberty Corn Maze I took a few weekends ago.


    Discover The Rondelles .net 3.5 herunterladen!


    Shane loves the veggie mazes, and I usually just tag along to keep him company. I decided to try my brain at the shortest maze this time around, and actually managed to get us through it with minimum FAIL herunterladen. We ended up solving 3 out of the 4 – all cooperative stylie – before the heat got to us. This is the earliest in the season that we’ve ever attended; normally, we procrastinate until the last weekend it’s open, which we’ve now realized is a really dumb idea herunterladen. If you go earlier in the fall, you miss most of the crowds – and since you hit the maze before everyone else, it’s actually intact: no self-made shortcuts, trampled stalks or other cheating to be found assassin's creed 3 download kostenlos vollversion deutsch. Imagine that.

    Now, I know that the Liberty Corn Maze isn’t directly relevant to vegan food, except that corn is a veggie that might otherwise be food, if we weren’t playing with it and all youtube to mp3 kostenlos herunterladen.

    But I ask you this: would you dare wander through a maze constructed of slabs of meat and dangling corpses? I think not. So why put that shit in your body, hmmm hoe android auto downloaden?

    (More below the fold…)

    I’m just mad about Saffron…

    Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

    …but I already have a Ralphie, a Peedee, a Rennie, a Kaylee & a Jayne mp3 on iphone!

    If you live in the Kansas City area and love dogs, Pups Without Partners Greyhound Adoption and Retired Greyhounds as Pets (REGAP) can use your help fifa for free. The Woodlands Greyhound Race Track is set to close it doors on August 23. While this is most certainly a Good Thing (dog and horse racing is evil, yo*), the 600+ greyhounds currently “employed” at the track will lose their “jobs” – and possibly their lives as well, if homes cannot be found for all these former “working” animals herunterladen.

    Since I don’t watch much local news, I first learned of the Woodlands’ impending closure via Kinship Circle herunterladen. Over at the Kansas City Freecycle blog, I write a weekly column where we feature a local adoptable animal every Wednesday.** Today I chose to focus on Saffron, one of REGAP’s rescued greyhounds amazon movies to. I also excerpted the Kinship Circle alert about the Woodland greyhounds’ plight, and highlighted REGAP’s work as well.

    So if you live nearby, check us out ubuntu schriftart herunterladen. There are thousands of wonderful animals looking for forever homes – across Kansas City, across the United States, and across the world. Everything from dogs and cats to rabbits and rats and pigs and goats wo kann ich kinofilme kostenlosen.

    In the meantime, read up on the Woodlands situation and consider donating your home, your time, your car or your cash to the cause. Even if you don’t live in KCMO/KS, chances are that you live close to an animal shelter or rescue group…and I bet they could use a helping hand, too wlan zum herunterladen.

    REGAP and Saffron are under the jump!

    (More below the fold…)