Disaster Relief in Japan: Animal Rescue & Vegan/Animal-Friendly Resources

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Last updated on 4/18/11 @ 11:15 AM CDT.

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Before and after the quake, Arahama in Sendai herunterladen. This image shows one continuous landscape across the rectangle–at center, see the roadway sloping slightly upward from left to right across the black bar darktable herunterladen. In the original, dynamic version of this image, the black bar can be scrolled left and right across the landscape.
Credits: Google, ABC, GeoEye
Source: cnet.com

It’s a startling picture of how dramatic and destructive Friday’s massive earthquake actually was jö club app herunterladen android.

The quake, which has upgraded to a magnitude 9.0 by the Japan Meteorological Agency, may have shifted the position of Earth’s axis about 6.5 inches, Richard Gross, a geophysicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told the Los Angeles Times how can I download videos from facebook. The quake likely sped up the Earth’s rotation, shortening the day by 1.8 microseconds, Gross said. Also, the main island of Japan appears to have moved 8 feet, a geophysicist with the U.S herunterladen. Geological Survey told CNN.

To help illustrate the damaging power of the quake and the ensuing tsunami, Google has compiled a collection of high-resolution before-and-after satellite images that depict the areas affected most by the devastation whatsapp backup aus google drive herunterladen.

“We’re working to provide this data directly to response organizations on the ground to aid their efforts,” Ryan Falor, Google Crisis Response team, said in a Google Lat Long Blog post. “We hope this new updated satellite imagery is valuable for them as well as everyone else following this situation to help illustrate the extent of the damage.”

ABC News has created a presentation of the images, overlaying the before and after images for each specific area for a more immediate representation of the quake and tsunami’s devastating effects.

(Source: cnet.com)

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2011 Brazil Mudslides: Animal Rescue & Vegan Relief Resources

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Last updated on 3/14/11 @ 2:00 PM CDT.

Região Serrana 05 fevereiro 2011

Care for animals brought in by residents. © WSPA Brasil

Partnership between WSPA and UNIFESO mobilizes people to treat animals in the mountainous region: A stand of veterinary care will open this Saturday 05/02, to meet animals, victims of floods which have battered the mountainous region. Read more…

Between the brush fires and flooding in Australia and the flash floods and landslides in Brazil, the world has seen at least several large-scale “natural” disasters in recent months – though consumers of mainstream media may be none the wiser for free minecraft texture pack. As with the 2010 floods in Pakistan, these emergencies have received little coverage (at least in the United States), including from animal advocacy corners.

Perhaps it’s due to “compassion fatigue” in the wake of the earthquakes in Haiti, which sparked an outpouring of support. (If not structural, but still.) I’d like to believe that, as far as fellow animal advocates are concerned, the silence is attributable to a simple lack of news to report. At least, this has been the case ’round these parts; aside from the stray plea for donations, I haven’t seen much in response to more recent disaster situations subnautica daten console daten herunterladen.

When I received Kinship Circle’s latest newsletter, reporting that it – in partnership with IDA – was on the ground in Brazil, providing disaster relief to the nonhuman victims of the floods and mudslides, I figured it was high time to write about the relief efforts currently underway in Brazil. Though I spent much of the morning combing through the websites of well-known animal welfare groups – including many of those that responded to previous disasters – I was only able to find a few that are currently providing aid in Brazil.

The most pressing need, of course, is for monetary donations. Please give what you can. Long-term, volunteers – bodies on the ground – are essential to providing emergency assistance as well microsoft media creation tool. To this end, please also consider getting involved with an animal advocacy group that specializes in disaster response. If you live in the U.S., Kinship Circle is a good start; check out its Disaster Responder Volunteer Form for more info.

In you know of any other resources, please share! You can either email me at easyvegan [at] gmail.com, or leave in it the comments section, and I’ll tackle it it asap. Please and thank you.

Also, I’d like to remind y’all that I continue to update previous disaster hubs periodically, as new information becomes available ios 11.0 herunterladen. These include: the 2010 Pakistan Floods; the 2010 BP Oil Spill; the 2010 Earthquake in Chile; and the 2010 Earthquakes in Haiti. Additionally, I still maintain a disaster relief archive – dating back to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 – over at my old blog, Smite Me! (See: Disaster Relief.) All relevant newsletters are crossposted there as well.



Aerial view of damages in Poco Fundo, an isolated area in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jan kostenlos russische musik downloaden ohne anmeldung. 18, 2011. (Vanderlei Almeida/AFP/Getty Images)


1. Animal Rescue & Vegan Relief at a Glance

Here’s a quick roundup of the animal welfare, animal rights, and vegan groups that are either 1) directly assisting with animal rescue efforts in Brazil or 2) collecting and distributing funds to those that providing aid in the region. Please note that some of these groups may focus on “saving” farmed and working animals so that they can be further exploited in the future – and let your own ethics guide you in your decision to donate skype kostenlos herunterladen chip.

  • Kinship Circle and In Defense of Animals (IDA), two animal advocacy groups based in the United States, are working together to provide

    search and rescue services, veterinary treatment, including spaying and neutering, and other needed assistance. The goal, as in the aftermath of the 2010 Chile earthquake and tsunami, is to work within the structure of Brazilian agencies and bring together human, technical, and material resources.

    Both groups are experienced in disaster response and animal rescue efforts, with Kinship Circle in particular focusing disaster relief as a core mission word 2016. Kinship Circle and IDA deployed volunteers to Brazil in the weeks following the flash floods and mudslides. You can follow their progress on Kinship Circle’s website, with a special page dedicated to the campaign here: Brazil Floods & Mudslides – Field Notes. (IDA maintains an Animals in Disasters blog, but it hasn’t been updated since November ’10.) Both groups have a special nonhuman disaster relief fund to which you can donate: Kinship Circle (select “ANIMAL DISASTER AID FUND”) and IDA.

  • With an already-established presence in the region, Sociedade Mundial de Proteção Animal / World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) Brazil is engaging in direct, on-the-ground disaster relief chrome browser herunterladen. On its Animals in Disasters blog, the WSPA reports that, in conjunction with local university UNIFESO, it

    opened an operations centre to co-ordinate assistance to animal victims.

    The centre, situated in the worst-hit town of Teresópolis, opened on 27th January to respond to the essential emergency needs of dogs and cats, the animals most affected by the recent flooding. The centre is now holding 12 tons of dog food and one ton of cat food, as well as veterinary and other essential supplies, to be distributed according to the needs identifed by WSPA in its assesment following the disaster herunterladen.

    The centre’s response team is being co-ordinated by Dr. Sérgio Vasquez, a specialist in disaster management from WSPA’s Central America, Mexico and Caribbean office. The team comprises members of WSPA Brazil and the director of a Brazilian member society, Ecosul, which co-ordinated relief in the state of Santa Catarina in 2009, as well as a profesor from UNIFESO.


    In Rio’s floods and mudslides, local member societies SOS Animal, GAPA, AnimaVida and COMBINA all had animal shelters or other facilities in the disaster zone, and were able to respond initially, with the help of donations sent to WSPA Brazil herunterladen. These organisations will continue to be involved as part of a WSPA-coordinated emergency response, which will focus on immediately providing food, and medical treatment. In the ensuing recovery period, WSPA will continue to co-ordinate such efforts, provide necessary shelter if required, and also engage local authorities and citizens in future preparedness for such disasters.

    The Animals in Disasters blog features a donation button for the WSPA’s Animal Disaster Fund, but the link is expired. It seems that the only way to make a donation at this time is through the WSPA’s general donation page.

    For continuing coverage, follow WSPA Brazil, as well as its Flickr feed (this set in particular: Animais em Desastres – WSPA – Região Serrana RJ – Janeiro 2010).

  • Of those groups mentioned above, I was only able to find a web presence for AnimaVida. You can read about its partnership with the WSPA here.

    At this time, AnimaVida is only able to take donations through bank deposit:

    Favorecido: AnimaVida Favored: animatable
    CNPJ: 05.855.112/0001-48 CNPJ: 05.855.112/0001-48
    Banco: 237 – BRADESCO Bank: 237 – Bradesco
    Agência: 3403-7 Agency: 3403-7
    Conta: 0041745-9 Account: 0041745-9

  • Food for Life Global (FFLG), which distributes free vegan/vegetarian meals to those in need worldwide (among other things), does not currently list the 2011 Brazil floods as one of its emergency relief programs. However, it does support a food distribution project in Rio de Janeiro.

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  • 2010 Pakistan Floods: Animal Rescue & Vegan Relief Resources

    Monday, August 30th, 2010

    Last updated on 8/31/10 @ 12:00 PM CDT.

    Got a tip, link, suggestion, etc. that you think I should incorporate into the list? Send it to me at easyvegan [at] gmail.com, or leave in it the comments section, and I’ll tackle it it asap. Please and thank you!

    Pakistan floods

    “Pakistan Floods: Displaced people fleeing Sindh streamed into Balochistan.”
    CC image via the United Nations Development Programme on Flickr and is attributed to ©Abdul Majeed Goraya_IRIN.

    1. Animal Rescue & Vegan Relief at a Glance

    Here’s a quick roundup of the animal welfare, animal rights, and vegan groups that are either 1) directly assisting with animal rescue efforts in Pakistan or 2) collecting and distributing funds to those that providing aid in the region herunterladen. Please note that a number of these groups seem to focus on “saving” farmed and working animals so that they can be further exploited in the future – and let your own ethics guide you in your decision to donate.

  • Food for Life Global (FFLG), which distributes free vegan/vegetarian meals to those in need worldwide (among other things), is partnering with affiliates in Pakistan and India to

    mobiliz[e] teams to provide meals to survivors of the recent floods in Pakistan. […] The Food for Life Pakistan Relief Team will focus on poor, minority groups who have lost their homes.

    Areas of focus include:

    Sindh Areas: Hyderabad, Khairpur, Sukkur, Gambt, Shikarpur, Larkana, Rato, Dero, Mirpur playstation 3 spiele download kostenlos vollversion.

    Punjab Areas: Kand kut, Kambr, Karmpur, Gunspur, Gutki, Khan Garr, Khan Pur Mehr, Sultan Kut, Sehdad Kut.

    Food for Life Pakistan Relief Team will also try to collaborate with other NGOs, namely, the Swami Narayan Welfare Temple and Trust and the Pakistan Hindu Council.

    You can follow its progress here, or make a donation via the PayPal button on the main page of its website.

  • The Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is on the ground and aiding in animal rescue efforts firefox downloaden — gratis webbrowser. An 8/31 update reads:

    August 29, 2010: The Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), in collaboration with the Karachi Animal Hospital, organized a relief mission to Thatta and Makli in Sindh to provide veterinary treatment to the flood’s animal victims. […]

    Once at the EDO’s office, Zahid Hussain Jalbani, Site Manager WWF Makli, introduced us to Vickio Chohan, EDO Agriculture, Thatta, and Dr. Qaisar Jatoi, District Officer Livestock, Thatta. They inform us there are approximately 300,000 small and large animals around Makli for which there is an extreme shortage of fodder lieder aus youtubeen legal. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture estimates 3.6 million hectares of standing crops have been damaged or destroyed, and fodder for the animals has been either washed away or damaged by silt. With so much of farmland inundated by floodwaters, both people and animals have lost a vital source of food.

    After the updates by the local officials, we spent the rest of the day providing veterinary treatment to injured or sick buffaloes, cows, goats and other animals in the Thatta – Makli area. WWF arranged for two volunteers who led the way on a motorbike. People seemed pleased to see us and eagerly pointed out the injured or sick animals in their vicinity videos von facebooken online. They were extremely grateful to us for providing much needed veterinary relief to their animals, as they cannot afford to lose even one of them. A few even brought their dogs over for a checkup.

    You can follow PAWS’s progress on its blog, which is updated almost daily. Donation information is available here. PAWS has also compiled its own list of animal rescue groups working in the area radio psr app herunterladen.

  • The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore has deployed a special animal rescue team, comprised of UVAS students and staff members, into flooded areas in order to help provide medical assistance to affected animals. You can learn more here.
  • The Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) (through its Livestock Relief Project) is “providing support for the livestock in the flood affected zone by using its veterinary doctors fully equipped with medicines and necessary equipments,” as well as providing assistance to humans affected by the disaster starcraft kostenlos downloaden. You can learn more via its daily flood relief reports.
  • With a presence in the area, the Pakistan chapter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been personally impacted by the flooding, with several offices under water. The group reports, “in these places [that have been flooded] we have suspended our regular work and are rescuing as many people as we possibly can.” You can follow events as they unfold here, or make a donation here vmware rechnung herunterladen.
  • The Brooke – a UK-based “international non-governmental organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules through direct veterinary treatment and community programmes around animal health and well-being” – is collecting funds to provide food, water and vaccinations to approximately 5,000 “working animals” in the area. You can learn more here, or make a donation here.
  • The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) reports that it is “is partnering with Vets Care Club, a group of veterinary students and staff from the University of Veterinary and Animal Science in Lahore to provide feed to cows, buffalos, goats and sheep in the Layyah District, Punjab time viewer herunterladen. Your donation will be used to buy nutritionally-balanced feed for animals who will most likely otherwise starve as their owners cannot afford to buy them fodder. This region has 252 farmers with 4,458 animals.” You can make a (general?) donation here.
  • The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is currently “working with a local animal and humanitarian relief agency to feed starving animals ebook dateien kostenlosen. We are closely monitoring development to see how else we can help, and have reached out to other international animal aid organizations to see how we can best work together to help Pakistan’s animals.” You can track the IFAW’s progress on its Animal Rescue Blog, or make a general (?) donation here.
  • As of 8/9/10, Humane Society International (HSI) reports that it has “connected with WSPA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to learn how we can best assist in responding to this crisis. We are reaching out to our local and government contacts in Pakistan, and will know more about our ability to help in the upcoming days.” You can make a general donation to its emergency response fund here.
  • Last but not least, Kinship Circle is providing information about animal rescue groups operating in the area. (See below for crossposted alerts.)
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    The 2010 Chilean Earthquake: The Forgotten Disaster?

    Monday, June 7th, 2010

    In a recent plea for donations, Kinship Circle wondered whether the earthquake (and resulting tsunami) in Chile has become “the forgotten disaster” – in a year filled with both natural and man-made catastrophes:

    IS CHILE THE FORGOTTEN DISASTER roblox to? May, 2010: An evacuee camp in Talquahano wants to kill all its companion animals. People who lost everything in an 8.8 earthquake and tsunami can’t feed themselves settlers for free. They don’t want to watch their animals starve.

    Kinship Circle and SACH intervene with food and veterinary aid. But without more funding, we can’t possibly meet the needs of 30 tent camps along Chile’s coast video from youtube download handy. We run out of sutures, latex gloves… At times we can’t afford the van rental to ferry our team, vet supplies and food.

    Still, we can’t let despair propel Chileans to shoot their own animals chip.de word download kostenlos. This speaks volumes about Chile’s quake/tsunami victims…and how the world seems to have forgotten them. People assume they can recover on their own herunterladen. They’re wrong, especially when it comes to animals.

    WHY IS THIS URGENT AND WHOM WILL IT HELP? Homeless guardians are unable to supply food or medicine to their animals schnelle internet browser kostenlosen. In the short term, animals require treatment for gashes, broken bones, lost limbs, dehydration, mange, worms, parasites or other illness. In the longer term, they need vaccines, nutrition and sterilization windows 10 herunterladen ausblenden. Pre-quake strays with mange, malnutrition, infection…blend with animals stranded by disaster. The are scattered by the thousands along quake/tsunami torn towns like Villa Futura, Santa Clara Talchuano, Calita il Fiernillo, and Calita Los Morros, etc herunterladen.

    Preceded by the Haitian earthquake and followed by the BP oil “spill,” the Chilean earthquake hasn’t garnered as much attention as it might have otherwise study certificate uni münster. Indeed, though I compiled link roundups for all three disasters, the Chilean post has attracted the least traffic of the three, with views falling quickly mere weeks after the earthquake strafregisterauszug herunterladen. Currently, the Haitian post receives x5 as many views as its Chilean counterpart, even though it’s two months older. Likewise (and outside of my own little slice of the interwebs), I cannot remember the last time I saw coverage of the earthquake in Chile on CNN, MSNBC, or the like. (Possibly not more than a week or two after the disaster struck?)

    All of which isn’t to suggest that the survivors in Haiti and the Gulf Coast are not deserving of your support; not at all! Since most of us have limited funds and time, picking and choosing a cause or two to donate to can be a difficult, heartbreaking task. But if you have a little extra cash to spare, please consider sending it to help the survivors in Chile who have been hit doubly hard – first by the earthquake and tsunami, and later by donor fatigue.

    (More below the fold…)

    Earthquake in Chile: Some 700,000 Animals May Be Affected

    Saturday, March 6th, 2010

    Last updated 7/5/10 @ 8:20 PM CDT

    While the recent earthquake (and resulting tsunami) in Chile has received less coverage – at least in regards to subsequent relief efforts – than that in Haiti, I was able to find some information on animal-friendly organizations that are providing help with disaster relief play store zum downloaden kostenlos. Please feel free to share any additional information in the comments!

    1. Vegan Bake Sales for Chile: As of this writing, I can’t find a post dedicated specifically to vegan bake sales to benefit Chilean quake survivors on the PPK blog, however, a search of the forums does bring up a few relevant threads einschlafmusik herunterladen. Head on over to the PPK to organize and announce your own bake sale for Chile!

    2 download older mac os. Food for Life Global is on the ground in Chile, providing vegan and/or vegetarian meals to quake survivors:

    BBC, Feb 28 — The death toll from Chile’s earthquake has more than doubled to 708 and is expected to rise further, President Michelle Bachelet has said spotify herunterladen dauert lange. Previously about 300 people were estimated to have been killed in Saturday’s 8.8 magnitude quake – one of the most powerful recorded. Massive damage is hampering rescue teams as they struggle to reach those still buried in the rubble herunterladen.

    Food for Life emergency relief teams in the area are mobilizing to provide help. Donate now!

    3 gangstar vegas to download. In Defense of Animals (IDA) reported on 3/18/10 that it will be sending aid to Chile:

    On February 27, Chile experienced a magnitude 8.8 earthquake, followed by two tsunamis and several weeks of aftershocks google presentation downloaden.

    IDA has already committed $5,000 to Socorro Animal Chile, SACH (Animal Relief Chile), a coalition of Chilean animal protection organizations. SACH sends three veterinarian-led teams into the field daily descenders kostenlosen. We would like to send SACH even more assistance, as the need is enormous. Please help IDA continue to respond to natural disasters by contributing to our Disaster Relief Fund schulgong.

    Funds IDA raises to help animals in Chile will be used to provide:

    * Emergency sheltering for rescued animals
    * Search and rescue efforts
    * In-field sustenance (food/water program)
    * Animal transport
    * Temporary clinics to treat animals
    * Support for spay/neuter and adoption programs

    4 herunterladen. Finally, Kinship Circle has proven an excellent source of information on animal rescue and disaster relief efforts in Chile. All related Kinship Circle alerts are crossposted below. I’ve added additional links where necessary; the most recent alerts appear first, followed by earlier ones. You can also view a photo log of Kinship Circle’s rescue efforts in Chile on Flickr, @ KCChile.

    (More below the fold…)

    Disaster Relief in Haiti: Animal Rescue & Vegan/Animal-Friendly Resources

    Thursday, January 14th, 2010

    Last updated 5/23/10 @ 9:30 PM CDT.

    “WSPA – Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts: This picture was sent on to the WSPA emergency relief team, by a photographer who is in Haiti seiten um filme zu downloaden. Domesticated animals play a significant role in Haiti, both in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and in the lengthy road to recovery.” Photo via the WSPA on Flickr videos downloaden samsung internet.

    Faced with a natural disaster of this magnitude, there’s not much to say herunterladen. So let’s not say anything. Instead, let’s do.

    Below I’ve compiled a list of 1) action alerts, 2) at-home fundraisers and volunteer opportunities and 3) organizations in need of monetary donations and volunteers abroad in order to assistant in the relief efforts in Haiti bildergeschichte download kostenlos. As you will see, this guide is heavy on animal rescue and animal-friendly organizations – because, hello, vegan blogger here! – however, I have included resources for human-related groups as well uno kostenlosen. In particular, the action alerts section does not discriminate.

    I’ll update this post in the days and weeks to come, so please bookmark it and visit often spiele ohne zeitlimit kostenlos downloaden deutsch. As of 2/8/10, I have moved it off the main page, since updates have slowed.

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Act/ Cop Shoots Deaf, 19-Year-Old Family Cat

    Sunday, October 25th, 2009

    Astute readers may notice that I linked to this particular Kinship Circle alert several weeks ago as part of my weekly link roundup. Even so, since this shooting occurred in Raymore, Missouri – i.e., in my neck of the woods – I formatted and posted the alert in full on the KC Freecycle blog, and figured I may as well repost it here as well bing bilder herunterladen.

    This is just one of several animal cruelty cases highlighted by Kinship Circle in the past month; see also:

    10/20/09: Two Dogs Shot At Point Blank Range In New York

    10/13/09: Get Serial Cat Killer Off New York Streets

    If you choose to contact officials in any of these cases, feel free to append this animal abuse reference list to your correspondence farm frenzy kostenlos spielen ohne download.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Sat, Oct 10, 2009 at 4:36 PM
    Subject: Act/ Cop Shoots Deaf, 19-Year-Old Family Cat

    10/10/09: Cop Shoots Deaf, 19-Year-Old Family Cat

    Kinship Circle - 2009-10-10 - Cop Shoots Deaf, 19-Year-Old Family Cat

    Tobey the cat who was shot and killed by Raymore, MO police star stable online zum herunterladen. (source)

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Pass California Declaw Bans, So Other Cities Follow

    Sunday, October 25th, 2009

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 3:48 PM
    Subject: Act/ Pass Calif Declaw Bans, So Other Cities Follow


    10/8/09: Pass California Declaw Bans, So Other Cities Follow

    Kinship Circle - 2009-10-08 - Pass California Declaw Bans

    EVERYONE SHOULD SEND COMMENTS to Santa Monica and Malibu city officials herunterladen.
    Opposing lobbies such as the CVMA and SCVMA certainly will. Let’s be louder. Declawing hurts. It’s a “surgery of convenience” for people with no benefit for cats gta für windows 7 kostenlos downloaden. Every city that bans it sets an example for the next city…

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Lives Shattered In Tsunami, Earthquakes

    Monday, October 5th, 2009

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 8:52 PM
    Subject: Lives Shattered In Tsunami, Earthquakes


    10/3/09: Lives Shattered In Tsunami, Earthquakes – Asia-Pacific Area


    1 herunterladen. Six Countries Hit, Millions Displaced In Asia-Pacific
    2. PAWS Races To Save Animals In Philippine Floods
    3. Animal Welfare Coalition And IFAW Team Up On Land And Water
    4 evernote app. Best Friends’ Rich Crook With IFAW In Hard-Hit Philippines
    5. WSPA Sends 3 Veterinarian-Led Response Teams
    6. KC Directory: Rescue Groups To Help In Asia-Pacific

    Kinship Circle - 2009-10-03 - Asia-Pacific Tsunami, Earthquakes 01

    Dr wie kann ich von facebook videos herunterladen. Nielsen Donato reaches Julia. PHOTO: Best Friends Rapid Response, courtesy of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), http://www.paws.org

    This report reflects information Kinship Circle has as of 10/3/09 — and how to support animal response teams in the Philippines, Indonesia and Samoa herunterladen.

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Cobb County (Marietta, Georgia) Dogs Need Rescue

    Saturday, September 26th, 2009

    Below you will find the second of two action alerts from Kinship Circle, detailing disaster relief needs in the Southeastern U.S., which is currently drying out from recent flooding (and preparing for another bout of heavy rains, to boot) youtube mix herunterladen. This particular alert focuses on Cobb County Animal Control in Marietta, Georgia, which is inundated with animals. Even if you cannot foster or adopt a dog – or make a monetary donation to help with rescue expenses – please spread the word images from a website.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 1:16 PM
    Subject: Soaked SE – Cobb County Dogs Need Rescue


    9/25/09: Soaked Southeast – Cobb County Dogs Need Rescue
    Below is more information regarding COBB COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL in flood-hit Marietta, Georgia giphy download kostenlos. Did you get yesterday’s (9/24/09) overview of animal needs in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi?

    ASK FOR 9/24/09 FLOOD ALERT: info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    9/24/09: Animal Flood Recovery In Soaked Southeast

    [Kelly’s note: The alert is also available on easyVegan.info, here.]


    GEORGIA: Cobb County Animal Control
    1060 Al Bishop Drive / Marietta, Georgia 30008
    ph: 770-499-4136; fax: 770-590-5620
    Cpt netflix serien und filme downloaden. Jeff Patellis, Dept of Public Safety: 770-590-5602

    SUMMARY 9/24/09: From Janice Riccio, Quietzsch [at] aol.com —
    Due to the massive flooding in the Atlanta area, and specifically Cobb County, many people displaced by floodwaters left their pets with Cobb County Animal Control wie kann ich einen film herunterladen. The shelter was slammed before the floods, so they had no room to house newcomers. They were desperate to find rescue for dogs already housed there or face euthanasia…

    I’ve taken in 9 dogs and have no place to house them, other then boarding at two vet offices herunterladen. This is very temporary, and although the vets have generously boarded the dogs at a discount, this will add up quickly — not to mention the other costs for rabies vaccines, altering, etc 1and1 private key download.

    Call vet offices directly to make donations for flood-affected dogs (shown below).
    * Averill Animal Hospital / 415 Villa Rica Way / Marietta, GA 30064 / 770-422-2402
    * Etowah Veterinary Hospital / 4953 Canton Road / Marietta, GA 30066 / 770-926-8888

    Janice Riccio, Quietzsch [at] aol.com

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Animal Flood Recovery In Soaked Southeast

    Saturday, September 26th, 2009

    This is the first of two Kinship Circle alerts outlining animal-related rescue needs in the recently-flooded Southeastern U.S. In addition to the organizations listed below, CNN has a list of resources on its Impact Your World page; naturally, all of these focus on human needs, and many are religious in nature radio maria herunterladen. If you’d like to suggest any animal rescue and/or secular groups, please do so in the comments!

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 2:58 PM
    Subject: Animal Flood Recovery In Soaked Southeast


    9/24/09: Animal Flood Recovery In Soaked Southeast

    1 for free powerpoint viewer. TENNESSEE: East Ridge Animal Services – DOGS NEED HELP NOW
    2. GEORGIA: Georgia SPCA, GEMA, Barrow, Cobb County AC
    3. ALABAMA: Various shelters in affected areas
    4 herunterladen. MISSISSIPPI: Various shelters in affected areas

    As of Monday, 9/21/09, Kinship Circle has monitored floods across the Southeast U.S., in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky and Mississippi sbb fahrplan app herunterladen. Our small volunteer staff has contacted various agencies on the ground to offer support from our network of independently trained responders. There has been no direct call (as of 9/24/09) for out-of-state volunteers, but rescuers are needed to pull from flood-overcrowded shelters amazon music playlist downloaden.

    Rivers crested above flood levels in stricken areas, but most waters are receding. Below is a brief report. We’ll update you if circumstances change herunterladen.

    Kinship Circle - 2009-09-24 - Animal Flood Recovery In Soaked Southeast 01

    Fran Alexay of West Creek Stables in Austell moves a Welsh Pony to a trailer herunterladen. She helped move 15 horses to Conyers Horse Park. Photo: John Spink.

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Louisiana Vet Marcy Miranov "Kills Without Cause"

    Monday, September 7th, 2009

    I’m a little late in forwarding this alert from Kinship Circle, and in the interim, there’s been a development in the case mit firefox youtube musik downloaden. Not surprisingly, it hasn’t resulted in justice for the animals killed by veterinarian Marcy Miranov (and Dr. John Edwards, as well).

    Reports The Times-Picayune:

    Raw emotions and poor record-keeping triggered whirling accusations of animal cruelty at Jefferson Parish’s animal shelters, according to the results of an independent study released today sims 4 für mac download kostenlos.

    But no laws were broken when 51 cats and dogs were euthanized on Aug. 13 at the parish’s Elmwood facility, the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discovered nds romsen gratis. […]

    “Our report is not a glowing report about what’s going on in interoperation,” said Ana Zorrilla, chief executive officer of the state SPCA skatspiel herunterladen kostenlos. “We certainly hope that it’s well received and we certainly hope that the public reads parts and pieces of it, that it’s really seen as an opportunity to improve those operations, not just as criticism or critique of what’s been going on there.”

    The SPCA’s representatives worked in an atmosphere already emotionally charged by the abrupt resignation of the shelters’ director, Lee Ann Matherne ubisoft spiele kostenlosen. She quit the day before the animals were put down.

    The most glaring problem appeared to be shoddy record-keeping and lackluster policy management, Zorrilla said deutsche druckschrift herunterladen. The shelters have four different written policies governing euthanasia. Each one says a different set of people need to approve each procedure.

    As far as the SPCA could tell, none of them were being followed nintendo switch spiele kaufen oder herunterladen. But since none were being implemented, no policies were broken, Zorrilla said.

    The SPCA report, however, dispelled several rumors that arose from that incident video facebook download iphone. Dr. Marci Miranov, the parish’s senior veterinarian in Marrero, had clearance to work at the Elmwood shelter, Zorrilla said. Her colleague, Dr. John Edwards, did not stop her from euthanizing the animals on Aug hörspiele für kinder gratis downloaden. 13, as some animal activists suspected. Rather, he assisted her in her work.

    The cats put down that day had been sedated, Zorrilla said, contrary to reports that Miranov was lethally injecting the animals without killing the pain first herunterladen.

    The report also found the number of animals put down that day were average. Euthanasia sessions don’t occur daily, which accounts for larger numbers when one is conducted, officials said.

    Zorrilla did say that the SPCA found that some of the animals killed that day were adoptable.

    “Some were sick, some were feral, but some were strictly space conditions,” she said.

    Parish President Aaron Broussard said he would be asking the Parish Council to enact several ordinances Wednesday that would go a long way to cleaning up the poor conditions at the shelters. Broussard has asked that the parish hire the American SPCA to take over the shelters for 90 days, that his administration begin searching for an outside group that could permanently run the facilities and that he enter negotiations to transfer the Marrero shelter to a new site – a former West Jefferson Medical Center clinic near the Oakwood Mall.

    (Background here.)

    If you choose to act on this alert, please take the SPCA’s findings and recommendations into account. In addition to turning control of the parish shelters over to an outside organization, please urge Jefferson Parish to work in concert with local animal rescue organizations in order to make NOLA a no-kill city. By “no-kill,” I mean truly no-kill – this goes for “feral” and “less adoptable” cats and dogs, too. While shelters may not have the time or resources to rehab animals with medical or behavioral problems, some rescue groups do; some even specialize in these cases.

    Whether any human law was violated or not, this slaughter needn’t have happened. Judging from ARNO’s comments, little-to-no effort was made to place these animals in rescue groups prior to killing them – and this is simply unacceptable.

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle Update: Animals In California Fires – An Overview

    Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

    Here’s the latest update from California via Kinship Circle (you can view previous alerts here and here) herunterladen. If you’re able to help out in any way, shape or form, please follow the directions contained within the alert. I’m not affiliated with Kinship Circle or any of the CA-based animal rescue groups – I’m simply trying to spread the word videos downloaden youtube legal! Kinship Circle welcomes readers to crosspost its alerts (as is), so feel free to copy and paste this post if you’d like.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 3:50 PM
    Subject: Animals In California Fires: An Overview


    9/2/09: Animals In California Fires – An Overview

    1 kik herunterladen. Animal Acres Update
    2. Wildlife Waystation
    3. Pasadena Humane Society
    4. Shambala Big Cat Sanctuary
    5. Horses Ride Out Fire At Pierce College Equestrian Center
    6 separation of goods free of charge. Fire Evacuation Sites That Accept Animals


    1. Animal Acres Update

    Animal Acres / 5200 Escondido Canyon Rd / Acton, CA 93510
    661-269-5404 * info [at] animalacres.org * http://animalacres.org

    Kinship Circle - 2009-09-02 Animals In California Fires 01

    LT: Pigs get a drink at the evac site herunterladen.

    Kinship Circle - 2009-09-02 Animals In California Fires 02

    RT: Animals rest at their evacuation center near Palmdale, Calif diskpart herunterladen.

    “Acton, CA. Apr. 29, 2009. Lorri Houston, Exec. Director of Animal Acres, a 26 acres farm animal sanctuary that strives to provide farm animals welfare and affection herunterladen. They have taken no precautions and still have tours of school kids and visitors doing hands-on petting of pigs and other animals. A 1 month old piglet in the sanctuary on Apr wallpapers for free. 29, 2009.”

    Farm animals evacuated because of Station fire herunterladen.


    Frank Allen, Animal Acres’ manager, tells Kinship Circle all animals are safely evacuated to one site xbox spiele herunterladen. Volunteers will be needed when time to transport animals back to Animals Acres — a task that may be more difficult than the evacuation itself, since everyone is spread out.

    Frank will not risk moving animals until the fires are 95% contained and out of the area. As in any crisis situation, we ask for your patience and flexibility…as circumstances can change in a heartbeat.


    “We are safe and all animals have been relocated… The past two days, volunteers have installed wire lines directly to the animal enclosures, constructed additional pen areas, and moved cleaning, health care, and feed supplies and equipment to the evacuation site — as it now appears that the sanctuary animals will not be able to return until September 15 or later.“

    Animal Acres needs $$ for construction of shade shelters and automatic waters, as animals will be at the evac site awhile in high temperatures.

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle Update: Standby Volunteers For Animal Acres Now

    Monday, August 31st, 2009

    Update, 9/2/09: Please see the newest update here herunterladen.


    This is an update to yesterday’s alert beautiful Sunday pictures for free.

    For minute-by-minute CA animal rescue news, follow these accounts on Twitter: SPCALA, SPCALAPresident, VeganAvenger, and VeganInLA – and check out the hasgtags #station, #LA and #DART herunterladen.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 8:17 PM
    Subject: UPDATE – Standby Volunteers For Animal Acres Now

    8/31/09: UPDATE – Standby Volunteers Needed Now
    Animal Acres Preps For 2nd Evacuation As Fire Nears

    Kinship Circle - 2009-08-31 - Standby Volunteers Needed Now 01

    Sanctuary critters at Animal Acres: http://www.animalacres.org/gallery.html


    KINSHIP CIRCLE is recruiting/managing standby volunteers for Animal Acres
    SEND INFO BELOW TO: info [at] kinshipcircle.org

    SUBJECT LINE: Animal Acres Volunteer


    Susie V Kaufman, Animal Acres Evacuation Coordinator, susie [at] jarrettlennon.com

    Evacuation Site #2 is now potentially in the path of the Station Fire, which is heading due north towards Palmdale (where all the animals, except sheep and goats, are) stream and. The sheep and goats are still at Animal Acres.

    As of 2:07PM, Monday, 31 August 2009, Frank Allen has asked everyone to be on alert for a second evacuation tux paint stempel kostenlos downloaden. He has also asked that NO ONE CALL HIM. Instead, he wants everyone to be on strong standby, and await a phone call and/or email to deploy.

    10955 Hillview Lane
    Littlerock, California 93543

    – 5 or 405 or 210 to…
    – Highway 14 toward Palmdale
    – Exit 30 (Pearblossom Hwy) – 0.7 miles
    – Merge onto Sierra Hwy – 0.8 miles
    – Continue on Pearblossom Hwy – 4.5 miles
    – Slight right at 138/Pearblossom Hwy – 5.8 miles
    – Turn right at 106th St E – 2.1 miles
    – Turn left at Butterfield Stage Rd – 0.2 miles
    – Slight left at Hillview Lane – 0.2 miles
    – Turn left – evacuation site on right – 213 feet

    All exits on the 14 have been closed since yesterday herunterladen. HOWEVER, Animal Acres evacuation helpers now have official permission to cross the blockade. When you reach the exit, approach one of the CHP blockade officers, identify yourself, and explain that you’re there to help with the re-evacuation herunterladen.

    Email info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    SUBJECT LINE: Animal Acres Volunteer

    (More below the fold…)

    Animal Evacuation Volunteers Needed in California

    Sunday, August 30th, 2009

    Update, 9/2/09: Please see the newest update here free e-mail.


    Update, 8/31/09: Please see Kinship Circle’s most recent update here herunterladen.


    I know it’s late, so I’ll make this quick: several animal rescue organizations, specifically Animal Acres (as described below by Kinship Circle) and possibly Gentle Barn (below KC’s alert) and others, need help evacuating from the California wildfires do not whatsapp video. If you’re in or near the area and able to help, keep reading. Otherwise, please spread the word to those who can provide assistance. Please and thank you can beed from audible.

    Also, you can keep up to date on what’s happening on Twitter; try the hashtags #fire, #wildfires, #la, #evacuation and the like. At the time of this writing, none are trending topics, though hopefully that will change as people start to mobilize zoom app downloaden laptop.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 6:35 PM
    Subject: Animal Acres Evacuates In Path Of Calif fortnite auf windows herunterladen. Fires


    8/30/09: Animal Acres Evacuates In The Path Of Calif. Fires

    1. California Wildfires Move NW, Toward Animal Acres
    2 warum kann ich bei pinterest keine bilder herunterladen. Be On Emergency Standby With Animal Acres
    3. Supplies/Equipment/Volunteers Needed For Animal Acres

    Kinship Circle - 2009-08-30 - Animal Acres Evacuates in Path of CA Wildfires 01

    Pets get help as flames approach: Rose Mary Berman of Palos Verdes Estates feeds a carrot to Norman one of 15 horses evacuated to Ernie Howlett Park in Rolling Hills Estates video von youtube herunterladen online. Donna Littlejohn/Daily Breeze,


    1. California Wildfires Move NW, Toward Animal Acres

    8/29/09 – 8/30/09, PRESENT SITUATION / NOTES:

    Fire moves toward Acton as officials hope for lower temperatures:

    The strongest part of the Station fire burning in Angeles National Forest and La Canada Flintridge area is moving northwest of the park toward Acton, California, said Jennifer Sanchez of the U.S herunterladen. Forest Service. [ANIMAL ACRES IS LOCATED IN ACTON]. Evacuations for some Acton residents are in place…

    Since it began 8/26/09, the Station fire has burned 35,200 acres and prompted mandatory evacuations of 10,000 homes, according to Forest Service minecraft download pc windows 10 for free.

    Kinship Circle - 2009-08-30 - Animal Acres Evacuates in Path of CA Wildfires 02


    Susie V Kaufman, Animal Acres Evacuation Coordinator
    susie [at] jarrettlennon.com

    8/30/09 — There is a mandatory evacuation in order on the northeast side of Acton. Animal Acres has begun the evacuation process. Currently, horses and donkeys are in the initial process of being moved from Animal Acres to Evacuation Site #2. The following is still only POSSIBLE: The next to be moved will be cows, followed by sheep, goats, and pigs, then birds. They will be moved to Evacuation Site #1. I know nothing about the emus.

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Update – A Chance for Stu!

    Monday, July 13th, 2009

    Guarded *happydance*.

    Thanks to all who contacted LAAS to demand clemency for Stu! Thus far, it seems to have worked; Stu’s upcoming date of execution was stayed, and though he’s not out of the woods yet, it looks like the red tape’s being cleared for his eventual release fack ju göhte 3 for free. The next LAAS meeting is scheduled for 7/27, so keep an eye out for further updates.

    (Vegan) cookies for everyone!

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 8:55 PM
    Subject: Update – A Chance for Stu flash player mac kostenlos download!

    Kinship Circle - 2009-06-18 - Stu On Death Row for 4 Years 01


    7/13/09- UPDATE: A Chance For Stu iphone fotos downloaden pc!

    FULL STORY: Board of Animal Services moves to amend L.A herunterladen. Code to free Stu!

    Dear Kinship Circle Supporters:

    We’ve followed Stu’s saga since 2005. Today, the fate of this wrongfully impounded, non-dangerous dog hinged upon the Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioners (7/13/09) meeting human fall flat kostenlos herunterladen.

    If Stu hadn’t made it on today’s agenda, his euthanasia date would have remained 7/23/09 — as circulated in our last alert: 7/5/09: Stu Dies July 23 xml datei herunterladen. Stop Them. Single-custody dog cases are not ordinarily the type issues covered in KC alerts. Stu is different. His case is so glaringly unjust.

    On 6/18/09 we asked you to flood Los Angeles offices with pleas for Stu’s Life kostenlose lieder für tonies herunterladen. You did. On 7/5/09 we urged you flood ’em again in order to repeal Stu’s 7/23/09 execution date — despite testimony from acclaimed animal experts that Stu poses no threat to humans you tube film download mac. You did.

    Bottom line: As of today, there is no euthanasia date for Stu. Politics run thick so we can’t claim victory yet. But, things look good for Stu word 2013 kostenlos downloaden chip!

    “We Win! I Think… Much mention was made of full email boxes and messages from people all over the world!” Jeff de la Rosa

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Update – Stu is scheduled to be executed on 7-23-09

    Monday, July 6th, 2009

    Kinship Circle - 2007-01-10 - 02 - Stu

    Since Kinship Circle last wrote about Stu – the dog unjustly imprisoned and sentenced to death by L.A nachricht und bilder herunterladen. Animal Services nearly four years ago – there’s been a development in the case.

    Kate Woodviolet, writing at the examiner.com, explains:

    Despite a case filled with discrepancies, missing reports, and irregular behavior on the part of L.A windows 7 sprachpaket englisch herunterladen. Animal Services and City personnel, the California Court of Appeals today ruled that the City’s sentence of death against Stu, a ten year-old dog with a record of one biting incident four years ago, when Stu had himself just been injured, could stand psn-code-hack herunterladen. This clears the way for L.A. Animal Services to euthanize a dog who many, including Animal Services Commissioners, feel was denied his legal due process, and who most agree presents no danger to the public minecraft kostenlos herunterladen ios.

    This despite assurances from Deputy City Attorney Dov Lesel at this Monday’s meeting of the Board of Animal Services Commissioners that it was unnecessary for the Board to take any action to save Stu, as a ruling by the Appeals Court could be weeks in coming thunderbird nicht alle mails herunterladen.

    (You might recall that Ms. Woodviolet’s last piece about Stu, “Playing political games with a dog’s life,” featured prominently in Kinship Circle’s previous alert n-id zertifikat herunterladen. For additional information on the case, these articles are an excellent place to start.)

    In light of this ruling, Stu’s execution has been scheduled for July 23, 2009 ringtones for free nokia.

    Even if you took action previously, please take a moment to look through this newest alert from Kinship Circle and follow through on one or more of the actions listed below probleme beimen. Though there’s much red tape to cut through, Stu can still be granted a pardon. Let’s help make that happen.

    Stu’s already served four years of an indeterminate sentence; now he deserves to go home and live out his senior years in peace, with his family downloaden deutsch.

    The LA Board of Animal Services must hold a special meeting by July 13, so please act now.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 3:12 PM
    Subject: Update: Stu Dies 7/23/09 [Act before 7/13]

    Kinship Circle - 2009-06-18 - Stu On Death Row for 4 Years 01

    7/5/09: UPDATE – Stu Dies July 23 intro herunterladen kostenlos. Stop Them. Act Before 7/13/09.

    Kinship Circle’s 6/18 Stu alert asked you to flood Los Angeles offices with pleas for the dog’s life. Now, a 6/23/09 court decision leaves Stu with a July 23 execution date — despite testimony from acclaimed animal experts that Stu poses no threat to humans.

    To save Stu, his person wants you to know:

    (It’s tangled. Kinship Circle didn’t write the politics! We just want to save Stu.)

    1. LOS ANGELES BOARD OF ANIMAL SERVICES must hold a special meeting BEFORE July 13, 2009 (which is their next regular meeting). The Board president or three Commissioners are empowered to schedule this special meeting — but NO ONE HAS CALLED FOR IT. It’s purpose would be to discuss a Board recommendation, in writing, to spare Stu and send him home. The Board’s letter would then go to the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor.

    2. By the Board’s 7/13 meeting, Commissioners must vote to send the Stu recommendation to L.A. CITY COUNCIL. Then, either full Council or a Public Safety Committee will address Stu’s fate. Next, the CITY ATTORNEY would advise City Council on its legal powers to save Stu and send him home. Wait, there’s even more red tape: The Board of Animal Services must also vote on a 60-day suspension of the order to kill Stu.

    3. The MAYOR decides Stu’s fate, if City Council votes to make a Stu recommendation to the mayor.

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Updates, April – June 2009

    Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 10:59 PM
    Subject: Part 1/ UPDATES: APR – JUN 2009




    1 fallout 76 downloaden. Pig Abusers At Hormel Supplier Get 1-2 Year Probation
    2. Bureaucrats Reach No Decision On Whaling
    3. Lax Officials Knew Travis The Chimp Might Attack
    4 whatsapp foto wil niet downloaden. Kitten Killer’s Accomplice Is Now Charged Too
    5. Pet Food Poisoners Plead Guilty And Face Jail Time
    6. Foie Gras Producer On Trial For Cruelty
    7 foto's van icloud naar mac. Atlanta Falcons Bid Michael Vick A Permanent Farewell
    8. “Change” Doesn’t Look Much Different Under Obama
    9. California Spay/Neuter Law Passes Senate, Moves To Assembly
    10 minecraft texture pack kostenlos herunterladen. Groups Sue Salazar In Effort To Save Delisted Wolves
    11. Way To Go SAEN! Research Industry Meltdown
    12. Cheyenne Frontier Rodeo Bans Video Instead Of Abuse
    13 herunterladen. California Bullfight Busts Continue; Humane Officer Assaulted
    14. Repression Of Austrian Animal Activists Worsens

    RESEND PART #2 TO ME: info [at] kinshipcircle.org

    15 windows media creation tool. HSUS And Michael Vick Team Up To Fight Dogfighting?
    16. Armed To Kill In National Parks: Guns Allowed
    17. Maine Is 6th State To Ban Cruel Confinement Crates
    18 mix cloud downloaden. NC Pro-Gas Chamber Bill Gets A “No” Vote
    19. USDA Cites New Iberia Primate Lab For Violations
    20. U.S. Senate Passes Resolution Against Canada Sealing
    21 harry potter audiobook. Canadian Sealers Lose Biggest Customer — EUROPE!
    22. EU Votes To Let Most Primate Research Continue
    23. Karley’s Sociopath Killer Ordered To Stand Trial
    24 concept map kostenlos download. Horse Slaughterhouses Now Legal In Montana
    25. Michigan Pound Gives R&R Research The Boot
    26. Big Surprise: Swine Flu, Born On U.S videos auf handy herunterladen iphone. Factory Farms
    27. Los Angeles DA Drops Charges Against Dog Dragger
    28. Obama Accepts Breeder Dog As Gift For Daughters

    (More below the fold…)

    Friends of Kinship Circle: Oppose 3-Day Shelter Hold in CA

    Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

    Update, 7/8/09:

    Reader Perry alerted me to criticism of CA SB 250 (item #1 below) coming not from animal exploiters, but from the animal rights community. I’ll quote the No Kill Advocacy Center’s Nathan Winograd, who Perry specifically signals out.

    In May, Winograd wrote:

    Meanwhile, some Los Angeles activists don’t appear to care that they helped cause this killing and are intent on passing related state legislation ccleaner mac download kostenlos. SB 250 is a reworded mandatory sterilization law under the guise of differential licensing. This comes after they failed last year to pass the original version. Sadly, this year—as occurred last year—they continue to refuse to add common-sense protections for animals. These would include, at a minimum,

    * A “no-impound/no-kill” provision, meaning an animal can never be impounded based on a violation of this law and if an animal is surrendered because a person received or was threatened with a citation, that animal cannot be killed;

    * An exemption for feral and free roaming strays, as they have no “owners”; and,

    * A provision for “free spay/neuter” in lieu of a citation based on a legislative approved income schedule herunterladen. In other words, if someone falls below a threshold on income (e.g., is on any type of local, state, or federal welfare benefit or subsidy), they can demand free sterilization instead of a citation; or the citation cannot be written or the law enforced against them.

    I’ve long argued that giving animal control the power to impound and kill more animals is no way to reduce shelter killing. Even the bean counters in the Senate seem to agree herunterladen. SB 250 has been sent to the suspense file after a committee analysis found that,

    costs could increase to the extent that irresponsible pet owners would surrender their animals to a shelter rather than pay for a surgical sterilization procedure, which would somewhat increase shelter populations and related costs.

    As much as proponents try to paint all opposition as that of greedy breeders (I’ve never bred an animal in my life), this is the analysis of the Senate Appropriations Committee whose staff actually don’t seem very sympathetic to animals herunterladen. They call people “irresponsible” without concern about the deaths of animals or how spay/neuter is out of reach financially for those in the bottom rungs of the economic latter. They conveniently ignore that roughly seven out of ten low income pet owners would sterilize their animals if it was free. And they ignore that the communities with the highest rates of lifesaving don’t have these kinds of laws spiel mir das lied vom tod kostenlos downloaden. In fact, they ignore that shelters in communities which take in higher per capita rates of animals than Los Angeles are still saving nine out of ten because shelter leadership embraced the programs of ACR 74. Senate Appropriations staff seem concerned only about costs. But their concern is not speculative.

    Since the City of Los Angeles passed its version of the mandatory spay/neuter law one year ago, impounds and deaths—and therefore associated costs—have skyrocketed herunterladen. The law has led to the only increase in cat and dog impounds and killing at Los Angeles Animal Services in nearly a decade, and the reversal of a decade long trend of declines in both. While the Mayor claims he wants Los Angeles to be the most humane city in America, it appears he is seeking “number one” status of a different sort yoyo app herunterladen. The direction Los Angeles is going, he actually seems intent on catching up to Lake County, CA which has the dubious honor of being the pet killing capitol of California. In 2007, Lake County veterinarian Jeff Smith and the President of the California Veterinary Medical Association encouraged Los Angeles to pass its mandatory sterilization law saying he supported such legislation google drive datei auf iphone herunterladen. “It’s worked in our county,” he said. Working? Lake County has the highest per capita rate of killing in California.

    The death champions in L.A. conveniently ignore this. In fact, they perpetuate it. It is truly time for change.

    Let’s hope the California Legislature agrees by killing SB 250 and passing ACR 74 pingu download for free. And then while they’re at it, how about passing the Companion Animal Protection Act?

    While I’ve nothing against offering incentives for (or perhaps even mandating) spaying and neutering (and microchipping), clearly laws that mandate spaying and neutering “pets” without giving low-income “pet owners” the means with which to do so have the potential to do more harm than good. (Particularly if the punishment for breaking these laws is a fine, and the failure to pay results in the “confiscation” – and, ultimately, murder – of the “owner’s” dogs and cats.)

    They’re also classist and racist, disproportionately punishing low-income “pet owners” for their poverty by slapping them with fees and stealing their companions if they fail to comply – no matter their ability and means download birthday parties for free.

    If any readers have additional information to share re: SB 250, I’d love to hear it. My lil’ sis lives in California, so she may be voting on this bill shortly.


    Because I’m just a wee bit late in posting this Friends of Kinship Circle action alert, item #1 is no longer active. The good news is, California SB 250 (The Pet Responsibility Act) was voted outed of committed 6-3, so now it’s on to the state legislature. Or so I assume; who knows how many committees and sub-committees must be navigated before the issue comes up for a general vote? Either way, you can sign up to receive future action alerts at www.yesonsb250.com; please do so.

    Item #2 – which involves reducing the mandatory hold time from six to three days in California shelters – is still in play, so check it out, take action (if you haven’t already – or, hells bells, even if you have), and spread the word.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Kinship Circle – info [at] kinshipcircle.org
    Date: Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 7:18 PM
    Subject: Act Now For Spay-Neuter Bill * Oppose 3-Day Shelter Hold [Friends Of KC]

    Kinship Circle - Friends of KC Banner




    1. Vote For Historic Spay/Neuter Bill Is 6/30. Act Now.
    2. Don’t Let Calif. Kill Shelter Animals After Just 3 Days

    (More below the fold…)

    Kinship Circle: Act – Undue Justice: Stu On Death Row, 4 years

    Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

    Kinship Circle - 2009-06-18 - Stu On Death Row for 4 Years 01

    Though I’ve started linking to Kinship Circle’s alerts (as opposed to re-formatting and crossposting) whenever possible, I decided to publish this alert in in entirety anyhow (and even though I did indeed link to it in last week’s weekend link roundup) older windows 10 version download. It’s just one of those stories that boggles the mind; even more so since it’s been dragging on for nearly four years now.

    If you’ve been reading easyVegan for any length of time, you’ve probably already seen at least one alert dealing with the plight of Stu and Jeff de la Rosa hintergrundbilder kostenlos herunterladen für pc. In August of 2005, Stu and another of Jeff de la Rosa’s furkids got into a scuffle, in which Stu was hurt. The “pet” sitter/assistant attempted to slip a harness over Stu’s head so that she could take him to the vet appen smart tv philips. Injured and cornered, Stu bit the assistant. Initially, there wasn’t an issue, as the bite was superficial. A month later, however, the sitter decided to sue, and Stu was confiscated without his father’s knowledge pixma produktpalette herunterladen. Stu has been languishing in the “care” of LAAS (L.A. Animal Services) ever since. While experts have determined that Stu is not a danger, on death row he sits waze route.

    Thus far, Stu has spent four of his nine years imprisoned, the victim of injured pride, ego and bureaucracy (all of them human). Stu, now a senior, has not shown aggression towards any of his handlers since the August 2005 incident, and yet the city remains dead set on killing him amazon music musik automatisch herunterladen. They continue to fight for his death, in fact. Four years of food, housing, medical care and legal bills – you’d think the city of Los Angeles could find a better use of its money, no kostenlos hill climb racing herunterladen?

    The whole sad, sorry affair seems even more egregious in light of the “small victories” we celebrate daily – victories such as Gramby’s adoption after 2 1/2 years spent in a kenneled rescue facility android q herunterladen. Gramby’s story, while unfortunate and commonplace, is also somewhat understandable – after all, he had no home to return to. His prison sentence was one of both necessity and compassion lidl herunterladen. But Stu – Stu has a life and family waiting for him. Stu remains imprisoned not out of human kindness, but rather human ugliness. There are no excuses for the injustices committed against Stu instagram entwurf herunterladen. The electric chair for a misdemeanor, indeed.

    Please take a moment to read the Examiner article referenced below, and contact the LA City Attorney, the LA Public Safety Committee, LA City Officials and the LAAS. Kinship Circle has helpfully provided contact info and a sample letter (see below), but personalize the letter if possible. By all means, be indignant, stern and outraged – but also polite and respectful.

    And also, spread the word – feel free to crosspost the Kinship Circle alert as written!

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