DVD Review: Iron Yoga, Anthony Carillo (2005)

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

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four out of five stars

The main premise of Anthony Carillo’s Iron Yoga workout is that you can maximize your yoga session by adding hand weights to increase the challenge herunterladen. The result is a highly effective, low-impact yoga routine that demands great focus, endurance, balance, flexibility, and willpower.

The 54-minute Iron Yoga workout is led by instructor Anthony Carillo, who designed the routine as part of his training for the Iron Man Triathlon (this should give you some clue as to how effective and demanding the workout is) download and install the certificate. Although Carillo leads you through an advanced workout, there are two women working through the same routine in the background; one at a beginner level, the other, intermediate android apple herunterladen. The most obvious difference is that each instructor uses a different set of dumbbells. You can clearly see that the beginner is working with a 2-pound set, while the intermediate instructor sports a 3-pound pair (which is the weight I use) samsung apps ohne wlan downloaden. However, I couldn’t tell what weight Carillo was working with, and he never mentions it. Aside from lifting different weights, the beginner and intermediate models modify the yoga poses to demonstrate easier levels for less experienced yoga students google play auf sd karte downloaden. In general, the transition between poses is gradual enough that beginners won’t have any trouble following along, and the risk of tweaking a muscle with the weights is significantly lowered for all world mosaics kostenlosen vollversion. Consequently, Iron Yoga is a great workout for both beginners and experienced yogis alike: you can vary both the weight and the poses according to your fitness level fernsehsendungen komplett herunterladen.

During the workout, Carillo leads the audience through a number of challenging yoga poses, including the triangle, several warrior series, awkward chair, tree sequence, and eagle herunterladen. Poses that help with stretching and flexibility include the sun series, upward and downward facing dog, locus, pigeon, and child’s pose. Throughout the workout, he also incorporates various moves with the dumbbells to work the upper body facebook albums android. Examples include bicep, tricep, and wrist curls, tricep extensions, military presses, and lateral raises. These exercises are performed either while standing in mountain pose, or while holding some of the more challenging yoga poses (e.g., triangle). The dumbbell work, with few exceptions, involves three slow reps of each move while inhaling and exhaling deeply, and on the fourth count you must hold the move at “static peak” for several breaths. Depending on the yoga pose and the dumbbell exercise, this can be much harder than it sounds!

As an instructor, Carillo is great: simultaneously calm and soothing and motivational and encouraging (not exactly what you’d expect from an Iron Man!). On their own, neither the yoga nor weighted portions of the workout are exceptionally challenging; but combined, they make for a very demanding routine. I’ve been doing yoga for several years now (in addition to some light weight training, as well as pilates, kickboxing, and Tae Bo), and am in fairly good shape, but I still find myself sore the day after I do Iron Yoga. Of the many DVDs I own, this is probably in my top six favorites. It’s a fun break from the frenetic cardio sessions I’m used to, but it’s still effective, especially for toning the upper body. With both yoga and weights, it’s the best of two worlds. Kind of like yoga on (natural) steroids (!).

My only complaint is that Carillo has only made one Iron Yoga DVD to date (hint, hint!).

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: A pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat or carpeted floor. A masseuse for the day after won’t hurt, either!

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DVD Review: Lift Weights to Lose Weight, Kathy Smith (2006)

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Great weighted workout for all levels adobe flash player für ipad kostenlos!

five out of five stars

Kathy’s Smith’s TIMESAVER: LIFT WEIGHTS TO LOSE WEIGHT is a fun, effective workout for all levels dailymotion kostenlosen. The workout is divided into three sections: a 20-minute upper body workout; a 20-minute lower body workout; and a 7-minute bonus abdominal workout.

Throughout the upper body workout, you use dumbbells to work your arms and back rettungskarte adac herunterladen. Other exercises include pushups and tricep dips. The lower body workout consists mostly of squats and side and back leg kicks/lifts. Finally, be prepared to do a number of different crunches during the ab section die sims hot date download kostenlos.

The nice thing about the upper- and lower-body workouts is that they can be as easy or as difficult as you like – just vary the weight of the dumbbells and ankle weights world pat kostenlosen. Each has two different “Tracks” you can follow, too. The first track employs lighter weights and more repetitions, while the second uses heavier weights and allows for more frequent rests in which to recover wind music to download. Half the class follows along with each track, plus there are textual cues on the video to help you keep up with your track, so it’s quite simple download image editing program pc for free.

Although instructor Kathy Smith suggests that you do the workout every day, alternating between the lower- and upper-body segments (or do both on one day and then take the next off), I also do yoga, pilates, and Tae Bo, so I only do LIFT WEIGHTS TO LOSE WEIGHT about once a week herunterladen. Even so, I can already see a difference, particularly in my arms and shoulders. I don’t use especially heavy weights, either – just 3- and 5-pound dumbbells and 2-pound ankle weights weltkarte herunterladen. I can really feel an ache in my muscles after the lower body segment, too. Finally, the ab workout is a “fun” (relatively speaking) variation from what I’m used to herunterladen.

Speaking of fun, I really like Kathy Smith’s instructional style. She’s peppy and encouraging, but not to the point of annoyance (yes, I’m thinking of the wild-eyed Denise Austin here). I have a number of Smith’s workouts, and they’re all above par.


The upper body workout requires at least two pairs of dumbbells: a light-to-medium set and a second, heavier set. During the workout, instructor Kathy Smith encourages you to alternate between the two. A padded bench is optional. If you don’t have a bench, you can get down on a carpeted floor or mat instead, but I find that a bench helps me to keep proper form, so I just use my coffee table with a towel for padding. However, you will need a chair for the tricep dips.

The lower body section requires a chair for support, and dumbbells and ankle weights may be used for a greater challenge.

The ab segment doesn’t require any extra equipment, optional or otherwise – just a carpeted floor or exercise mat.

Enjoy the workout!

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