VeganMoFo, Day 5: The Big (Vegan) Salad

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Being a lazy, tofu-averse vegan, I love me a good, big salad. No cooking, baking, measuring, instructions, books, directions or fuss involved. With a salad, nearly anything goes (as long as it’s veg*n, of course!). Prep time is nil; ditto for clean up.

Plus, I just love the phrase: Big Salad. Yes, I’m a Seinfeld fan to the nth degree! I loved my greens well before The Big Salad hit the air, but somehow Elaine just made salads seem that much cooler.

Here’s the Big (Vegan) Salad I feasted on last night:

2008-10-04- The Big Salad - 0012

There are some greens on the bottom, of course; I started out with some Dole bagged salad, American style, with iceberg, romaine, red cabbage, carrots and radishes. Then I added some baby carrots, black olives, croutons, Bacos and cherry and grape tomatoes (freshly plucked from the garden, natch!). To top it off, I cooked six slices of Lightlife Smart Bacon in the toaster oven and tossed them on top of the veggie pile. (I broke them up into smaller chunks before eating.) I finished my Big (Vegan) Salad off with some Wishbone Italian dressing to taste.

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