Friday Random Cuteness: Down on the "Farm"

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

This pic was taken a few years back at Lollypop Farm, the local Humane Society that cares for “farm” animals such as pigs, horses, and goats in addition to your standard “pets”. We lived nearby, and Ralphie loved strutting his stuff around the on-ground trails and into the park next door.

2002-11-10 - RalphieWalk005

I’d love, love, love (!) to take the three furbabies there while we’re in town, but right now it’s kinda iffy. Shane’s sick, and I doubt I can handle all three of the monsters on my own. Peedee and Rennie have never been, though, so it’d be great if we can make the trip. I promise to post some better pictures if we manage it.