Minsky’s Pizza in Liberty, Missouri has Daiya cheese!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

2013-11-15 - Minsky's Pizza - 0001

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2013-11-17 - Leftovers from Minsky's - 0006


I don’t think this is breaking news but, seeing as I haven’t visited Minsky’s since I lived in Kansas (so, like, five years plus), it’s news to me hungry shark world für pc downloaden.

This weekend was the last one of the season for the drive-in we usually frequent (which is incidentally also the last of the four drive-ins around us still open at this late date) – so to celebrate, we picked up a pizza from Minksy’s in Liberty, which is (kinda sorta) on the way there free games on tablet. Actually it’s twenty minutes out, so we had to wrap the pizza in several layers of blankets to keep it warm – but it worked well enough, and we needed those extra comforters to stay warm anyway itunes images from iphone.

We were happy to see that Minky’s started offering Daiya cheese since we’d been there last and, better yet, at no extra cost. Yay! We were tempted by some of the gourmet pie combos (especially the Nature’s Choice, with artichokes, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and slivered almonds), but decided to go with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and black olives seite zum videos herunterladen. Minsky’s was super-generous with the toppings (Daiya like whoah!), and carefully layered the red peppers under the cheese so they wouldn’t dry out usb treiber windows 98 kostenlos. And at $23 it wasn’t that much more expensive than a cheeseless piece of cardboard from Pizza Hut. (The local Pizza Hut? Way stingy with the toppings herunterladen. Sauce included!)

I only wish there was a location closer to our place. Actually, scratch that. Then I’d be eating at Minsky’s on the daily, spending all my book money on pizza lego virtuell bauen kostenlosen. Probably it’s safer this way, loving them from a distance.

Top to bottom: the leftovers the night of, since we obviously couldn’t grab a decent pic at the drive-in; Rennie, ogling my noms (she nearly snatched the first piece right out of my hand during Thor); reheated leftovers the next day, along with a copy of Appetite for Reduction, which I snagged at the latest library sale for a mere buck herunterladen. AND it’s in pretty excellent shape for a library discard!

V is for Vote! (Missouri residents, please vote NO on Amendment 2 this Tuesday!)

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Fellow Missourians! The state primaries are coming up this Tuesday, August 7th. If you’re not already registered to vote, it’s obviously too late for this round – but if you can, please register to vote in the general elections on November 6th trickfilm herunterladen. The last day to register is October 10, 2012, according to the MO Secretary of State’s 2012 election calendar typo3 kostenlos download. You can find registration instructions here.

In this, the latter half of 2012, you’d think that sample ballots would be readily available and easy to find on the SOS’s website as well windows 7 language interface packs herunterladen und installieren. Along with election dates, registration documents, and the like, there should be a link to each district’s ballots right there on the main page, making it easy peasy for voters to research their choices beforehand apple tv plus herunterladen. Or, hell, know what their choices even are.

Or not. At least not here in the “Show Me” state. Upon visiting the “Elections” section of SOS’s website, voters can find all sorts of info under the “for voters” menu – voter ID info, absentee voting requirements, how to check your voter registration, even language for past and present initiative petitions and ballot questions schriftart bauhaus 93 download kostenlos. But no sample ballots.

Under the FAQ, there is an entry regarding sample ballots: “Where can I see a sample ballot?”

The answer:

You may be able to view your sample ballot at our Voter Information Lookup herunterladen.

Sample ballots can also be viewed at the polling place or at the office of your local election authority. Sample ballots are also required to be printed twice prior to each election in newspapers of general circulation free music samsung. Some election jurisdictions may also mail sample ballots to all registered voters in that jurisdiction.

I dutifully checked my registration as directed, and…nothing herunterladen. Nada. No link or further instructions or even so much as a note that a sample ballot for my district is not available through the Vote Missouri website – but hey, here’s where you can find it nachricht und bilder herunterladen.

It took me a half hour of digging before I was finally able to find a sample ballot for my district – and even then, it wasn’t published on a government website, but in the archives of our local, rinky-dink county newspaper windows 7 sprachpaket englisch herunterladen. Had The Clinton County Leader not archived old issues online, I would have been forced to trek on over to the county courthouse to pick up a paper ballot. Which isn’t really a big deal, since it’s just down the street, and I have a car to drive there – and failing that, a healthy, able body to get me there. But not everyone does. Some potential voters may be confined to their homes, either temporarily or long-term, while others may be lacking in transportation. Still others may have internet access, minus the knowledge to research and locate a ballot on a third-party website. Or operate Adobe Reader.

My point is, there’s no good reason why sample ballots for every district shouldn’t be available in multiple places – in the newspaper, in government buildings, via sail mail for those who request it, and yes, in one central place online, preferably listed alongside other election materials. The internet: it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s effective. It’s also 2012. Get with the program, Robin Carnahan.

Anyway, here’s the sample ballot for Clinton County, Missouri (click through to embiggen), followed by a plain-text version. In years past I’ve published my picks as well, but seeing as I still haven’t made up my mind (so many candidates, so little information!) I did things a little differently this time around.

Missouri state primaries - 8/7/12 - sample ballot

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Got those red state blues.

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Blue Girl

More like “Green Girl, Red State.” CC image via DieselDemon on Flickr herunterladen.

Perhaps the greatest downside to living in a rural area, and particularly a rural area in an already red state herunterladen? Knowing that you’ve not a snowball’s chance in hell of electing a politician who even approximates your values and beliefs. “Approximates,” not “shares” – I hold enough unpopular opinions to know that I’ll never live to see a politician on the state or federal level with whom I see eye to on most issues, not even if I up and move to San Francisco herunterladen. That said, I don’t expect to be outright insulted for my beliefs when contacting an elected representative, in a polite and respectful manner, about pending legislation musikvideo downloaden.

What follows is an email exchange I had with my state House Representative, Glen Klippenstein (R-MO, 5th District), about Missouri House Bill 1860, our state’s answer to the increasing popularity of “ag gag” bills herunterladen. (Check out Will Potter’s excellent coverage of this and other forms of activist repression at Green is the New Red.) I was responding to an action alert sent out by PETA; usually I edit form letters, both to personalize them and to scrub them of any speciesism (distressingly common in form letters from enviro groups), but at the state level I’m fairly certain that mine is the only copy my representatives will receive herunterladen. (Though in retrospect, I really should have replaced the link to meat.org with a different resource. No matter how unfair and undeserved the reputation, referring to a website run by what’s widely regarded as a “radical extremist” group really isn’t the best choice gimp nederlands. That and I’d rather not be associated with them in any way, shape, or form, thankyouverymuch.)

As a conservative Republican and cattle breeder (GlenKirk Farms “has sold cattle, semen, and embryos across America and worldwide” – so much for protecting the unborn!) who has served as chairman of the National Beef Promotion and Research Board, I wasn’t expecting a particularly sympathetic ear from Rep diamond diaries saga kostenlos herunterladen. Klippenstein. That said.


—–Original Message—–
From: Advocate [mailto:advocate@animalactivist.com] On Behalf Of Kelly Garbato
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 12:25 AM
To: Glen Klippenstein
Subject: Please Oppose H.B facebook messenger videos. 1860

Apr 19, 2012

Representative Glen Klippenstein
State Capitol, Room 410A
201 West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Representative Klippenstein,

I am writing as your constituent to urge you to oppose House Bill
(H.B.) 1860 herunterladen. This bill, which would make it a crime to photograph or record video or sound of a farm without the farm owner’s consent, is a clear attempt to prevent the public from learning about the routine cruelty that takes place on factory farms. If signed into law, it would infringe on citizens’ rights to expose cruelty to animals.

Past investigations of factory farms resulted in criminal convictions of farm managers and workers found beating, sexually abusing, stomping on, kicking, and throwing animals. To watch the video footage and see why it is so important that citizens retain their freedom to document crimes against animals on factory farms and relay the evidence to law-enforcement authorities, please visit Meat.org.

Please don’t let the farming industry hide behind closed doors: Oppose H.B. 1860.

Thank you for your attention and for all that you do for Missourians.


Ms. Kelly Garbato
[Address removed]


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Glen.Klippenstein@house.mo.gov
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 9:24 AM
Subject: RE: Please Oppose H.B. 1860
To: kelly.garbato@gmail.com

To say that this legislation is a clear attempt to prevent the public from learning about the routine cruelty that takes place on factory farms, shows extraordinary contempt for the vast majority of honorable people that actually know the real story and feed you.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Rep. Glen Klippenstein
5th District

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Kelly’s Clinton County, MO Election Day Picks

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Here I am, less than 12 hours from going to the polls, and I’m just now pouring over the Clinton County ballot and making my picks. Blame it on election burnout wo kann man hörspieleen. Plus, despite all my blustering back in August, it looks like I’ll mostly be voting a straight Democratic ticket – there simply aren’t any left-wing third party candidates running in MO cmd herunterladen. McKinney/Clemente aren’t even on the ballot for president and vp – though Nader is – so it looks like I’ll have to write them in herunterladen. I mean, jeez, if I’m going to “throw” my vote away on a third party candidate, I’d rather it be someone I actually like. Libertarians and Constitution Party members…not so much antivirus program free full version chip windows 7.

Anyway, my picks below. Since I did most of my research for the primary, I’ll mostly link back to what I wrote in August in order to explain my choices netflix inhalte auf pcen. At the end of this post I’ve also gathered links to various progressive scorecards and endorsements, so you can research your candidates and be your own decider person nzb downloaden gratis.

President and Vice President

x John McCain / Sarah Palin (R)
x Barack Obama / Joe Biden (D)
x Bob Barr / Wayne A prime video folgen herunterladen. Root (Lib)
x Chuck Baldwin / Darrell Castle (Cst)
x Ralph Nader / Matt Gonzalez (Ind)

Though I’d rather vote my conscience as opposed to voting for the lesser of two evils, I’m still waffling downloaden präteritum. Every time CNN runs the AC360 segment on Supreme Court nominations, I freak a bit and start leaning towards Obama. Then I remember that he initially supported Roberts, and balk film van website.

Ultimately, I suspect I won’t know how I’ll vote until I’m actually in the voting booth. I dislike the Dem ticket for a variety of reasons, some of which involve Obama’s policy positions (his flip-flopping on progressive issues such as FISA, offshore drilling, voter disenfranchisement in Michigan and Florida; his weakness on reproductive rights, including his support for restrictions on late-term abortions; his extension of Bush’s faith-based initiatives, etc.) , others which are more global and have little-to-nothing to do with the actual candidate(s) (i.e., the corrupt, anti-democratic nature of the two-party system; the rank misogyny that permeates the Democratic party) video youtube online herunterladen.

Yet, the prospect of a McCain/Palin administration scares the red sauce outta me.

I plan on voting for the Green party by penciling in McKinney/Clemente, though I could still be scared toward the Obama/Biden ticket.

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A PSA for the good citizens of Saint Joe, MO:

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Don’t ever hire this dude for your roofing needs:

Dave Sanders Contracting

13180 County Road 334
Savannah, MO 64485

1024 Sylvanie
Saint Joseph MO 64501

I’d warn y’all not to use Rick Williams and Almighty Roofing too (see the complaint we filed with the BBB, below), but I think he’s in semi-retirement, so it’s moot aangifteprogramma 2012.

Honestly, we’ve been trying to get our roof fixed for nine months now; after at least a dozen canceled appointments (and a few outright no-shows)…well, I just don’t understand how “normal” people conduct business like this ringtones herunterladen. Luckily for the husband and I, we both telecommute at least part-time, so scheduling in-home appointments isn’t terribly inconvenient (assuming people actually keep their appointments, ahem) powerpoint download free full version windows 8. How the hell do regular working couples manage this shit?

In any case, nine months is beyond ridiculous. We didn’t have this kind of issue with the locksmith, or the HVAC people, or even the plumber vob b kostenlos. (The chimney sweep remains to be seen, I ‘spose.) I mean, WTF!?

A word to the wise: if you’re negotiating to buy a house, and it needs some repairs before closing (particularly repairs that will be warrantied) – don’t let the current homeowner use the contractor of her own choosing herunterladen. Most likely, you’ll regret it.

On the flip side, if you live in the Kansas City area and need some concrete work done – specifically, decorative concrete – check out Big Red Decorative Concrete lustige memes zum downloaden. Kevin and his crew patched and stained about 90% of our interior floors last summer (basically, anything that wasn’t tiled over), designed and implemented a faux Spanish tile effect on our back patio, and laid down some industrial grade epoxy in our garage kostenlose spiele zum herunterladen. They rock. No, really – go see for yourself!

Keep reading for the BBB complaint…

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PETA: Exotic Animals in Missouri Need Your Help!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: PETA – newsmanager [at] peta.org
Date: Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 11:07 AM
Subject: Exotic Animals in Missouri Need Your Help herunterladen!


Two tiger attacks in Missouri this week graphically illustrate the need for new laws zoom hintergrund video herunterladen. On August 4, a 16-year-old worker at Predator World—an unaccredited zoo in Branson, Mo.—was attacked by three tigers, and the victim is currently in the hospital in critical condition herunterladen. On August 3, a tiger was shot and killed after the animal attacked a worker at Wesa-A-Geh-Ya, a private menagerie in Warren County, Mo. The victim’s leg had to be amputated herunterladen.

These are not Missouri’s first tragic incidents involving exotic animals. Previously, a volunteer at Predator World was bitten by a leopard, and three wolves, a grizzly bear, and a fox have escaped from the facility lexware quicksteuer herunterladen. In 2001, an African lion at Ozark Nature Center in Morgan County escaped and was on the loose for four days. In 1999, a 5-year-old boy in Williamsville was mauled by a neighbor’s “pet” lion nikon coolpix images.

Potentially dangerous wild animals—such as big cats, bears, wolves, and primates—should not be kept in captivity. These animals pose public health and safety risks, and they suffer immensely when they are kept as “pets” or in poor conditions at unqualified and inexperienced roadside zoos or pseudo-sanctuaries elster steuerbescheid downloaden.

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Kelly’s Clinton County, MO August 5th Primary Picks

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Oh yays! It’s election time again. Missouri’s state-wide primaries will be held on August 5th this year. LD and I were finally able to pick up sample copies of the ballot this week, the late date probably owing to the fact that we live in Clinton County, i.e., “the sticks.”

Since Missouri has open elections, you need not register with a party to vote in the primary (hello musikvideo downloaden! independence). However, according to MO rules, voters must choose one ballot – and one ballot only:

Since Missouri has open primaries, every eligible registered voter may select the party ballot of their choice herunterladen.

However, primary voters may select only one party’s ballot. Voters who do not wish to give a political party preference may request an issues only ballot, if one is available in that particular jurisdiction herunterladen.

This year, there are three ballots from which to choose: Democratic, Republican and Libertarian. I’ll reprint each of these (again, for Clinton County, Missouri), but since I’m going to go with the Democratic ballot, I won’t bother researching and reporting on the others gimp nederlands.

Why the Democrats? I know, I know, I quit the party, vowed only to vote third party, etc. And I still will…in the general election. The primary, not so much diamond diaries saga kostenlos herunterladen. For starters, the only third party options are Libertarian, so meh. And the Libertarian Party ballot is looking pretty empty. As in, each candidate is running unopposed facebook messenger videos. So it would be kind of useless to choose the Libertarian ballot, when all the candidates are essentially already settled upon.

The Republican ticket, too, is slim pickens herunterladen. Out of nine positions, only two (Governor and Lieutenant Governor) feature more than one Republican vying for the position. Plus…Republicans herunterladen. Ew.

So Dems it is. Hopefully I’ll find at least one local politician worthy of my support.

Ballots and picks after the jump.

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HSUS: Congressman Graves sides with dogfighters — speak out at rally on Monday (Kansas City)

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Photo via mogrify

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Humane Society Legislative Fund – humanesociety [at] fund.org
Date: Aug 23, 2007 11:17 AM
Subject: Congressman Graves sides with dogfighters — speak out at rally on Monday

The Humane Society Legislative Fund
August 23, 2007


Please join the Humane Society Legislative Fund and concerned animal advocates to protest Rep meine signal iduna app herunterladen. Sam Graves’ recent vote to give dogfighting a free pass.

When: Monday, August 27, 10:00-11:00 am
Where: Rep. Graves’ Liberty District Office, 113 Blue Jay Drive, Liberty, Missouri 64068

In the wake of the Michael Vick dogfighting case, you may wonder why Rep online games zumen. Graves recently sided with dogfighting interests and voted against the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. This legislation upgrades penalties for illegal transportation of fighting dogs — one of the crimes Vick has been charged with — from misdemeanor to felony penalties mediathek sendungen.

The vast majority of members of Congress supported this legislation to put a stop to precisely the type of behavior that Michael Vick was charged with — participation in a multi-state network of cruel and degrading dogfighting activities lol client herunterladen. Humane organizations and more than 400 law enforcement agencies supported the federal bill, yet Rep. Graves showed his true colors by giving dogfighters a free pass herunterladen.

I hope you can make it to this rally. If you have friends or family in Rep. Graves’ district, please share this email link with them. Thank you for all you do for animals herunterladen.

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IDA: Writing Alert: Cry for freedom carries beyond the elephants at the Zoo

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: In Defense of Animals – alerts [at] idausa.org
Date: Jul 5, 2006 3:52 PM
Subject: Writing Alert: Cry for freedom carries beyond the elephants at the Zoo

The St hoe android auto downloaden. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a story about the arrest of an activist at the St. Louis Zoo who was handing out educational leaflets about the conditions for elephants at St german English dictionary. Louis Zoo.

Please use this as an opportunity to write a letter to the editor of The Post-Dispatch about the suffering elephants endure in zoos dell wiederherstellungs-image herunterladen. Send letters to The Post-Dispatch at letters [at] post-dispatch.com.

Read “Cry for freedom carries beyond the elephants at the Zoo” online, here geburtstagseinladungen gratis downloaden.

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