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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Action Alerts

Please sign this petition to be sent to the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean Governments

DawnWatch: NY Times Magazine on pet food animal testing 9/2/07
“They Eat What We Are”

DawnWatch: Solomon Islands lifts dolphin export ban — International Herald Tribune 9/2/07
“Plan to export dolphins raising activists’ anger; Solomon Islands has little else to sell”

Environmental Defense (ED): Take Action to Support Transportation Solutions
You can earn “transformation points” for your state while helping decrease your pollution and carbon emissions by taking our Transportation Solutions and Personal Action Pledges.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Protect Orcas from Global Warming!
Congress needs to act now and reduce global warming pollution and ensure that wildlife such as orcas are protected from global warming!

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Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Action Alerts

What do you think about the SCLC’s plan to honor Falcons player Michael Vick, who has been indicted on dogfighting charges?
Poll and story on AJC.com, 8/3/07

Environmental Defense (ED): Send Congress Their Global Warming To-Do List
We need your help to keep Congress focused on the need to pass strong global warming legislation this year.

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Last Chance–Help Pass a Renewable Electricity Standard in the House Energy Bill
Urge Your Member of Congress to “Vote YES on RES!”

The Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS): Help End the Omak Suicide Race
It’s “The Deadliest Horse Race in the World” and it’s right here in Washington

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Action Alerts

Amnesty International: Demand safety for environmental activists in Ecuador

DawnWatch: Outstanding veggie coverage on DC NBC affiliate 7/31/07

National Wildlife Federation: Pass a Wildlife-Friendly “Energy Independence Package”

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Urge Your Representative to Vote YES on a Stronger Energy Bill!

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): Who will your representative listen to? You or corporate interests? [Talking points]

United Poultry Concerns (UPC): Protest Orthodox Union Event


VegCooking.com: Recipe of the Week: Crepes With ‘Cream’ Filling and Tart Cherry Sauce

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Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Action Alerts

Ecological Internet / The Rainforest Portal: Action Alert: FSC and Big Green “Certified” Ancient Forest Logging Tragedy Worsens

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Make the call for global warming solutions

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Undercover at Rubashkin’s… Again

Found on Flickr: Help “Bobo” (“Scruffy”) the Bear, via DonBaird

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc.

Campaign to Sack Michael Vick


Michael Vick Blog Carnival #1 (July 28, 2007 @ Campaign to Sack Michael Vick)


Best Friends Animal Society: Miracles at “Area 51”!


Officers Find Dead, Sick Horses In N. Texas Field

Tell the Alameda Animal Shelter there MUST be a dog volunteer program!

Kill the 90-day policy at the Bergen County Animal Shelter (BCAS)

Citizens Against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)

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Saturday, July 21st, 2007

* i.e., “Link Sanctuary” as opposed to “Link Farm” or “Link Dump”…so clever, I am! (Yes, that is the sound of me snickering at myself. So sad.)

** Note: I’ve rolled the weekly Petition Site Digest into today’s Link Sanctuary, and will probably continue to do so (although on a daily basis, for shorter individual roundups).

*** Link Sanctuary!?! WTF!#$@?


Action Alerts

DawnWatch: “Warning on red meat and greenhouse gases” Australian, (and Vick update) Friday July 20

DawnWatch: “Save the Planet with a Vegetarian Diet” needs five stars ratings — Baltimore Sun — 7/19/07

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Stop the Florida Panther Death “Toll”

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Thank Scholastic for Helping Harry Potter Go Green!

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Save America’s Redrock Wilderness


Carnival of the Green #86 (July 16, 2007 ed.)

Carnival of Hurricane Relief (July 19, 2007 ed.)


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): Weekly eNews – July 20, 2007

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): EnviroAction, July 2007


from The Petition Site:

Suspend NFL Quarterback Michael Vick for Dogfighting!

Petition to let the NFL know how stupid they look

Find Maximus’s Killer-Chained, Doused With Gasoline, Set Afire

Shut Down the The Resita Zoo

Stop torturing bulls in Tordesillas!

Dog sacrifice in the name of the sport manifestation!


Don’t Exempt Manatees from The Marine Mammal Protection Act!

Thank Representative Sam Farr for his dedication to the oceans!

Clean My Ride – Make Flex Fuels Available

Liquid Coal is a Bad Deal for Global Warming

Stop the New York Regional Interconnection (NYRI) Power Line

Soil: The Secret Global Warming Solution (World)



Biofuels this and emissions standards that…

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

UPDATE, 6/12/07:

…and the Sierra Club weighs in….

Take Action: Support Energy Efficiency Standards!

Incandescent Light BulbIn order to achieve energy independence and curb global warming we must increase energy efficiency. We need an energy efficiency standard that will move America toward the 80% reductions in greenhouse gases that scientists say are necessary to avoid the worst consequences of global warming. By making better use of the electricity we already produce, we can not only save 300 million metric tons of global warming causing carbon dioxide by 2020, but consumers can also save a total of $26 billion.

Urge your Senators to support Energy Efficiency Standards!


I’m running late, so I though I might take a shortcut and consolidate all of today’s climate change/fuel efficiency/general enviro alerts into one big link farm post.

(In fact, climate change is such a “hot” topic* right now that I may even do a link roundup post every day or two.)

So, yeehaw.

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NWF: Check Your Senators First Global Warming Vote!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Via the National Wildlife Fund:

Check Your Senators First Global Warming Vote!

The U.S. Senate voted May 15, 2007 against Amendment No. 1094 to the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). The amendment–offered by Senators Kerry, Feingold, Collins, Sanders, Carper, Biden, Reed and Whitehouse–triggered the first global warming vote in the Senate this year and would have directed the Army Corps of Engineers to make sure it considers the impacts of global warming when it designs levees and other projects.

The good news is a majority of the Senate voted for the amendment, 51-42. Unfortunately the amendment required 60 votes to pass, so despite the majority support, it was defeated.

Find out how your senators voted below and send a quick message with your thanks or disappointment.



NWF: Support Fair Funding and Incentives for Endangered Species

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Via the National Wildlife Federation:

Support Fair Funding and Incentives for Endangered Species

Congress is RIGHT NOW making important decisions about how America treats our endangered species. Please contact your senators and representative, and urge them to:

* Co-sponsor the Endangered Species Recovery Act (S. 700/H.R. 1422), which will put in place financial incentives for private landowners to help save endangered plants and animals. The bill provides $400 million annually in new tax credits and deductions for landowners who take steps to help wildlife on their property.

* Provide fair funding for endangered species management. The current Endangered Species Act is chronically under funded when it comes to species listing and recovery planning to habitat restoration and beyond. Ask your lawmakers to provide $470 million in 2008 for the two key agencies that implement the Act–the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service.

You can read more and take action here.



NWF: Stop the habitat destruction of the black-footed ferret!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Via the National Wildlife Federation:

Stop the Habitat Poisoning of America’s Most Endangered Mammal–the Black-Footed Ferret.

The U.S. Forest Service is proposing to poison the essential habitat (prairie dogs) for black-footed ferrets on public lands in South Dakota.

If adopted, this habitat poisoning plan could spell disaster for America’s most endangered mammal, the black-footed ferret in the area where ferret recovery efforts have been most successful. About half of the wild ferrets in the world live on 26,000 acres of prairie dog colonies in the Conata Basin on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands in South Dakota where the prairie dog poisoning campaign is being proposed.

Click here to learn more and take action.



Campaign for America’s Wilderness: Assure Lasting Protection for Our National Landscape Conservation System

Friday, May 4th, 2007

UPDATE, 5/15/07:

See also: Let’s Create America’s Newest Conservation System, from the National Wildlife Federation.

null This sample letter comes with a Tiny Violin alert, though; if you use it, be sure to edit out the part about how parks provide “recreation such as hunting” and all that jazz.


Via Campaign for America’s Wilderness:

Assure Lasting Protection for Our National Landscape Conservation System

We now have an historic opportunity to grant permanent protection to the treasured public lands in the National Landscape Conservation System. Although the stunning landscapes in this system are currently administered by the Bureau of Land Management for conservation, this could be reversed at a moment’s notice merely by administrative decision. Urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor legislation to preserve these lands forever from mining, drilling, and other threats.



NRDC: Tell Congress not to let polluters weaken the Clean Water Act

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

UPDATE, 5/15/07:

See also: Support the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act, from the National Wildlife Federation.

null Tiny Violin alert: If you do use the NWF’s sample letter, there’s one reference to fishing that you’ll want to edit out.


Via the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell Congress not to let polluters weaken the Clean Water Act

Since the Clean Water Act was enacted in 1972, we have made great progress in cleaning up our nation’s waters. But polluters have tried repeatedly to use the courts to cut back on the law’s protections, and last year their efforts paid off when a Supreme Court decision left significant doubt about what kinds of water bodies remain protected by the Clean Water Act.

Now a number of small streams and other waters are in legal limbo. This uncertainty is enormously dangerous — 20 million acres of wetlands and nearly two million miles of streams are at risk of pollution or destruction if they lose their Clean Water Act protections. In response, concerned members of the House and Senate will soon introduce the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act to thwart polluters’ attacks by specifying the kinds of waters that the law must cover.

Americans need these water bodies to be protected — the small and seasonal creeks, brooks and streams that make up over half the river miles outside of Alaska contribute to the drinking water of roughly 111 million people. In addition, wetlands purify water, reduce the risk of flooding and provide important wildlife habitat.

Send a message urging your senators and representative to co-sponsor the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act.



NWF: Stop a Landing Strip from Destroying the Pocosin Lakes Refuge

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Via the National Wildlife Federation:

Stop a Landing Strip from Destroying the Pocosin Lakes Refuge

The United States Navy is planning on constructing a jet landing field in eastern North Carolina within 3.5 miles of the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most critical wintering grounds for waterfowl in the Atlantic flyway and home to endangered red wolves.

This would be a disaster for the refuge and the hundreds of thousands of waterfowl that winter in the area, as well as the many sportsmen, birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts who regularly enjoy the refuge. The landing strip would not only put wildlife at risk. It would also pose unacceptable risks to the safety of Navy pilots.

Write your Members of Congress below and demand that the Navy select an alternative site for this jet landing field!

As always with action alerts and sample letters generated by enviro groups, be sure to edit out the whole part about how issue xyz will negatively impact hunters, anglers, and the like.

Read: if the Navy’s proposed landing strip kills any waterfowl, then there’s less left for “sportsmen” to blow away. Poor buhbies.

Tiny violin, anyone? (Via.)

Boo fucking hoo.

(And dontcha just love how they’re referred to as “sportsmen”, as opposed to the more generic term “sportspeople”? Way to go, NWF: speciesism and misogyny in one tidy little sentence. Blech.)



Earthjustice: Help Keep Wolves Protected in the Northern Rockies

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

UPDATE, 5/15/07, via the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Over the past 60 days you’ve given wolves a fighting chance against the Bush Administration’s proposal to strip them of their Endangered Species protection and leave them vulnerable to mass killing.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that more than 200,000 citizens registered their opposition to a dangerous plan that could doom up to one half of the wolves in Greater Yellowstone to a cruel and senseless death.

I’m proud to report that NRDC Action Fund supporters like you generated 137,000 of those 200,000 comments!

Thanks to your support, we also made sure that concerned citizens turned out in force at public hearings across the Northern Rockies to testify for wolf protection. Wolf supporters outnumbered opponents at key hearings in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Boise, Idaho, where the wolf faces fierce hostility from state officials.

And the outcry we raised was bolstered by more than 250 scientists, who expressed their own opposition to the Bush Administration proposal.

What’s next? The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service will review all the comments it has received and will make a decision in about six months on whether or not to maintain protection of the wolf under the Endangered Species Act.

Way to go, guys and gals!


UPDATE, 4/11/07:

Allrighty then…yet another action alert and sample letter, from the Natural Resources Defense Council: Tell the Bush Administration to Protect Gray Wolves!


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Defenders of Wildlife: Bald Eagles – Do Not "Disturb"

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Via Defenders of Wildlife:

Bald Eagles – Do Not “Disturb”

Soon, the Fish & Wildlife Service is expected to issue a final rule on removing the bald eagle from the list of species protected by Endangered Species Act. The announcement will mark a successful end to a long journey back from the brink of extinction.

But we need to ensure the bald eagle’s future is adequately protected against reckless development and other threats that can disturb eagles and affect their survival.

Please tell the Fish & Wildlife Service why it’s important to you that proposed protections for eagles remain strong.

Also, from the National Wildlife Federation:

Make Sure Bald Eagles Get the Protection They Deserve!

Photo of bald eagle by Nova Development Corporation.The bald eagle is one of the most recent success stories of the Endangered Species Act. Any day now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be releasing the official delisting announcement for America’s symbolic bird, which will include a plan for the eagle’s continued success.

However, the National Wildlife Federation recently learned that Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne is considering overruling the recommendations of FWS experts. Instead, he is looking to adopt a plan based on a proposal preferred by developers. This plan would eliminate crucial protections for the bald eagle!

Please email DOI Deputy Secretary Lynn Scarlett below and urge her to make sure our national symbol doesn’t once again slide toward extinction! Ask the DOI to support the protection plan written by wildlife management experts–not developers.