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Thursday, September 13th, 2007
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Action Alerts

DawnWatch: Animal Testing — Three famous deaths and a ray of hope 9/12/07
Alex the parrot, Felix the monkey, and Anita Roddick the Body Shop founder who pioneered the mass marketing of animal friendly cosmetics, have died schriftart bauhaus 93 download kostenlos.

Defenders of Wildlife: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — Forever
Write your elected officials today and urge them to support the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act (H.R herunterladen. 39), a bill that would permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Protect Yellowstone and the Greater Rockies
Help block drilling in Colorado wildlife refuge

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Dozens of Allegedly Neglected Dogs in Meigs County, Tennessee, Need Your Voice free music samsung!
PETA has received allegations of serious neglect of numerous dogs at 1627A Sam Davis Rd. in Decatur, Tennessee.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Tell University of Illinois to Stop Cruel Dog Lab herunterladen!
Please urge the university to shut down the dog lab and mandate the adoption of FIDO immediately.

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Action Alerts

Center for Biological Diversity: Save Panama Biosphere Reserve From Dams
Please join the growing international movement to protect this ecological jewel and voice your opposition to the proposed Hydroelectric Projects adobe reader windows vista kostenlos download.

DawnWatch: UK media on meat and global warming 9/9/07
“Activists take Gore to task on his diet”

Defenders of Wildlife: Protect Utah Prairie Dogs and Other Wildlife
Fill out the form below to urge your Representative and Senators to support the Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2007 (H.R imovie download mac free german. 1422 and S. 700), important legislation that would help private landowners protect Utah prairie dogs and other imperiled wildlife that live on their property wordpress medien herunterladen.

Earthjustice: Say No to the Blowing Up of Appalachia
Tell the administration to stop trying to diminish the buffer zone rule and start enforcing it klondike solitaire download for free!

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Tell the U.S. Navy to Stop Killing Whales pdf herunterladen pc!
Ear-splitting military sonar is needlessly killing whales and other marine mammals throughout the world’s oceans. Yet the Navy has refused to put effective safeguards in place during testing and training herunterladen.

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Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Action Alerts

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE): Help Us Stop Primate Experiments voucher template for free. For Good.
We currently have a real opportunity to get a ban on all primate experiments across Europe – but we need your help.

The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights (FTCR) / OilWatchdog: Stick It to Big Oil
Send a free fax to your U.S gute nacht bilder zum herunterladen. Senator by clicking here, and ask him or her to support McCaskill’s “Fair Fuel” bill, S. 1997!

Four Paws: Join us in a protest against the ruthless dog mafia in Europe
FOUR PAWS wants to thwart the unscrupulous trade in puppies music illegally download penalty. Take part! Support our protest and sign our online petition.

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Get Tina and Jewel Out of the Circus
Urge USDA to send suffering elephants to a sanctuary now

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Ask Prosecutor to seek maximum sentencing for animal hoarders
Over 100 Animals Removed from Animal Hoarders’ Home; Supplies needed to care for 68 surviving dogs and cats

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Friday, August 24th, 2007
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Action Alerts

International Fund for Horses: Wag a Straw: HR 503 and S 311
Take Action Today Against Horse Slaughter herunterladen! Wag a Straw at Congress Asking Them to Swiftly Pass The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act

The Wilderness Society: Off-road vehicles threaten largest recommended wilderness in Lower 48
Send the Forest Service your letter today to help protect the Salmon-Challis forest and its wildlands, sensitive ecosystems and wildlife habitat, and quiet recreation opportunities from unmanaged dirt bikes, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles music from yt.

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA): Support the Bear Protection Act
End the Illegal Trade in Bear Bile samsung tv apps kostenlosen deutsch.

World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA): Help WSPA end cruel contest in Taiwan
At Taiwan’s “Pigs of God” contest hundreds of pigs that have been force-fed to increase their weight to grotesque proportions are slaughtered while fully conscious as part of this so-called “festival” medion fitness app downloaden.

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc.

The Petition Site: The Wolf and the Donkey, Update
End their misery – Free this wolf and donkey in Albania

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Action Alerts

Dogs Deserve Better (DDB): Ohio Man To Get Abused Dog Back adobe player kostenlos herunterladen! Tell Prosecutors To Appeal Decision!
Otis Clark does not deserve to have China back – please help stop this injustice!!

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Veterinarian Charged With Cruelty to Animals
Urge State’s Attorney to Prosecute Woman to the Fullest Extent for Starving Dogs

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Federal Judge Bars Navy Sonar Blasting
Thank Judge Cooper for protecting endangered marine mammals

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Guess herunterladen? To Stop Selling Fur in 2008
Tell Clothing Retailer You Won’t Buy While Animals Still Die

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Protect Yellowstone and the Greater Rockies
Tell the Bush administration to reject the proposed Desert Rock power plant zombie spiel kostenlosen.

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easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 08-08-07

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Action Alerts

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): TELL CONGRESS: DON’T FAIL FREEDOM
Stand with the ACLU and demand that Congress live up to its promise to protect and defend the Constitution, starting with immediate fixes to the outrageous FISA legislation that made warrantless NSA spying on Americans legal whatsapp in deutsch herunterladen.

DawnWatch: NPR commentary on dog fighting and canned hunting 8/8/07
“National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Wednesday, August 8, 2007, aired a piece by commentator Frank Deford on dog fighting and on various forms of hunting”

DawnWatch: Wall St Journal front page on pig castration 7/6/07
“These Little Pigs Get Special Care From Norwegians But Meat People Squeal, And a Lot of Other Folks Are Holding Their Noses”

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): Pull Congress Back Into the Wiretapping Fight to Restore Your Rights
Tell your representatives to repeal this legislation and restore your rights now jurassic world kostenlos herunterladen.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Urge Congress to clean up our beaches
Your senators and representatives have the opportunity to help clean up contaminated beaches and to make sure sources of beach pollution are identified and addressed zattoo sendungenen.

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easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 08-01-07

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
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Action Alerts

Amnesty International: Demand safety for environmental activists in Ecuador

DawnWatch: Outstanding veggie coverage on DC NBC affiliate 7/31/07

National Wildlife Federation: Pass a Wildlife-Friendly “Energy Independence Package”

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Urge Your Representative to Vote YES on a Stronger Energy Bill navi karte herunterladen!

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): Who will your representative listen to? You or corporate interests herunterladen? [Talking points]

United Poultry Concerns (UPC): Protest Orthodox Union Event


VegCooking.com: Recipe of the Week: Crepes With ‘Cream’ Filling and Tart Cherry Sauce

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easyVegan Link Dump Sanctuary, 7-25-07

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Action Alerts

Best Friends Animal Society: Selling Bunnies Is Selling Out

Corporate Accountability International: National Day of Action Today youtube video untertitel herunterladen! Will Pepsi “Move the Mountain”?

Defenders of Wildlife: Take Action for Wildlife Conservation on Farm and Ranch Lands

Environmental Defense: Take Action for Tougher Air Pollution Standards

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Protect the Western Arctic Reserve

Campaign Updates, Press Releases, etc itunes downloaden android.

Help Get Justice for Bob! (Bob the Tortoise, that is; page last updated 7/19/07)

Bob the Tortoise on MySpace


The Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC): Dissent Is Patriotic: July 2007, Vol netflix movies jdownloader. 6, No. 6

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): BioGems News: July 2007

The Ocean Conservancy: eNewsletter: July 2007

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Event: Diabetes Video Support Group Weekly Session

The Sierra Club: Club Currents: Volume VI, #74: July 24, 2007

Vegan Outreach: E-Newsletter, July 25, 2007

VegCooking.com: Recipe of the Week (Thai Vegetarian Chicken With Snow Peas)


Stop using animals in the circus windows xp kostenlos deutsch!

Stop Zoos from killing Tigers for collectors

Support Family Farms, NOT Mega-Farms

Environmental Demands

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easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 7-21-07

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

* i.e., “Link Sanctuary” as opposed to “Link Farm” or “Link Dump”…so clever, I am! (Yes, that is the sound of me snickering at myself herunterladen. So sad.)

** Note: I’ve rolled the weekly Petition Site Digest into today’s Link Sanctuary, and will probably continue to do so (although on a daily basis, for shorter individual roundups) diskpart herunterladen.

*** Link Sanctuary!?! WTF!#$@?


Action Alerts

DawnWatch: “Warning on red meat and greenhouse gases” Australian, (and Vick update) Friday July 20

DawnWatch: “Save the Planet with a Vegetarian Diet” needs five stars ratings — Baltimore Sun — 7/19/07

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Stop the Florida Panther Death “Toll”

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Thank Scholastic for Helping Harry Potter Go Green herunterladen!

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Save America’s Redrock Wilderness


Carnival of the Green #86 (July 16, 2007 ed.)

Carnival of Hurricane Relief (July 19, 2007 ed.)


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA): Weekly eNews – July 20, 2007

National Wildlife Federation (NWF): EnviroAction, July 2007


from The Petition Site:

Suspend NFL Quarterback Michael Vick for Dogfighting wallpapers for free!

Petition to let the NFL know how stupid they look

Find Maximus’s Killer-Chained, Doused With Gasoline, Set Afire

Shut Down the The Resita Zoo

Stop torturing bulls in Tordesillas herunterladen!

Dog sacrifice in the name of the sport manifestation xbox spiele herunterladen!


Don’t Exempt Manatees from The Marine Mammal Protection Act outlook news in full!

Thank Representative Sam Farr for his dedication to the oceans!

Clean My Ride – Make Flex Fuels Available

Liquid Coal is a Bad Deal for Global Warming

Stop the New York Regional Interconnection (NYRI) Power Line

Soil: The Secret Global Warming Solution (World)



Defenders of Wildlife & NRDC: Stop the Latest Assault on Our Wolves

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Two new alerts on proposals that would negatively impact endangered wolf populations in Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies.

First, from Defenders of Wildlife:

Stop the Latest Assault on Our Wolves

The Bush/Cheney Administration has announced two proposals to jumpstart the killing of hundreds of wolves in the Yellowstone area and elsewhere in the Northern Rockies flash player mac kostenlos download.

Officials in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are now seeking public comment on the agency’s proposal to accept Wyoming’s disastrous wolf management plan and to give Idaho and Wyoming vast new powers to kill wolves — even while these magnificent animals remain listed under the Endangered Species Act iphone fotos downloaden pc.

The deadline for comments on these two flawed proposals is Monday, August 6th. Please fill out the form [here] to send your message to the U.S herunterladen. Fish and Wildlife Service right now.

And the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell the Bush Administration It Has No License to Kill Wolves human fall flat kostenlos herunterladen!

We must stop the Bush Administration’s plan to declare open season on the wolves of Greater Yellowstone and central Idaho. Once approved, Wyoming and Idaho intend to begin exterminating up to half their gray wolves — by aerial gunning and other cruel methods — as early as this fall xml datei herunterladen.

Submit your Official Citizen Comment, opposing this disastrous plan, before August 6 kostenlose lieder für tonies herunterladen.


Tagged: you tube film download mac. Fish and Wildlife Service word 2013 kostenlos downloaden chip. bush

NRDC: Californians, Help clean up dirty diesel pollution

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
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From the Natural Resources Defense Council, two new alerts for Californians:

Californians: Help clean up dirty diesel pollution

California officials have two opportunities to reduce harmful diesel pollution throughout the state — tell them to clean up off-road diesel construction equipment and to adopt a strong program to reduce pollution from the dirty diesel trucks that service California’s ports herunterladen.



ccleaner chip kostenlos 64 bit

NRDC: Tell Mexico’s President Thank You for Defending Whales

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Via the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell Mexico’s President Thank You for Defending Whales

Help us applaud the courage and vision of Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón for designating 109,000 acres of federal land around San Ignacio Lagoon for conservation windows 10 october 2018 update herunterladen.

Combined with the 140,000 acres of private and communal lands we’ve already protected, 249,000 acres are now off-limits to industrialization forever update 1809 herunterladen. We’re closer than ever to our ultimate goal of protecting one million acres around the world’s last untouched gray whale nursery!



NRDC & The Wilderness Society: Tell Congress to Support Our National Treasures

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

UPDATE, 7/3/07, via the Wilderness Society:

Thank Your Congressperson for Protecting the Tongass National Forest

Thank you is a word we probably don’t say enough, but now is the time to do just that halloween einladungen kostenlosen.

Please write your Congressional Representative today to thank him or her for voting yes on an amendment the House approved for the Interior budget spotify alben herunterladen pc. The Andrews-Chabot Amendment stops wasting taxpayer dollars building new logging roads in the Tongass National Forest, America’s largest intact rainforest ndr niedersachsen app herunterladen kostenlos.

U.S. Representatives Robert E. Andrews (D-New Jersey, 1st) and Steve Chabot (R-Ohio, 1st) lead the bipartisan floor effort and deserve an additional thanks motogp spiel kostenlos downloaden.

To let your representative know how much protecting the ecological integrity of the Tongass and the quality of life for southeast Alaska communities means to you, write your member of Congress [here] mediathek view herunterladen.


UPDATE, 6/12/07:

Looks like the Sierra Club wants in on the action too:

Take Action: Save Wild Alaskan Forests rollercoaster tycoon 4 download for free!

Known as America’s Rainforest, the Tongass National Forest is our nation’s most significant tract of old-growth forest and provide abundant habitat for a diversity of fish and wildlife species, many of which have declined substantially in the lower 48 states herunterladen. Now the Forest Service is planning new logging roads and timber sales in this wild roadless forest, despite the fact that the Forest Service typically loses an average of $40 million each year logging this area kann ich musik von spotify herunterladen. It’s time for Congress to take common sense action to eliminate these destructive practices.

Urge your member of Congress to stop subsidies for logging in the Tongass herunterladen!


Two more enviro alerts, this time in regards to upcoming Congressional votes that concern funding for federal lands and agencies diätpläne kostenlos downloaden.

First, from the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell your representative to protect the Tongass and other national treasures

The House of Representatives will vote this week on two critical appropriations bills that will determine how much to spend on
our most important environmental programs, including those that protect the Tongass National Forest and other public wildlands.

One important amendment would stop the Forest Service from spending our tax dollars to build logging roads through pristine
forestlands in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. For decades American taxpayers have been forced to subsidize nearly a billion dollars worth of clearcut logging in the Tongass — our country’s largest national forest and the world’s largest intact coastal temperate rainforest. Now the Forest Service has proposed increasing logging to five times current levels — and building thousands of miles of new roads at a cost of tens of millions of dollars every year. The Andrews-Chabot amendment to the Interior appropriations bill would end these harmful subsidies and protect the Tongass.

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Biofuels this and emissions standards that…

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

UPDATE, 6/12/07:

…and the Sierra Club weighs in….

Take Action: Support Energy Efficiency Standards adobe flash player für ipad kostenlos!

Incandescent Light BulbIn order to achieve energy independence and curb global warming we must increase energy efficiency. We need an energy efficiency standard that will move America toward the 80% reductions in greenhouse gases that scientists say are necessary to avoid the worst consequences of global warming dailymotion kostenlosen. By making better use of the electricity we already produce, we can not only save 300 million metric tons of global warming causing carbon dioxide by 2020, but consumers can also save a total of $26 billion rettungskarte adac herunterladen.

Urge your Senators to support Energy Efficiency Standards!


I’m running late, so I though I might take a shortcut and consolidate all of today’s climate change/fuel efficiency/general enviro alerts into one big link farm post die sims hot date download kostenlos.

(In fact, climate change is such a “hot” topic* right now that I may even do a link roundup post every day or two.)

So, yeehaw world pat kostenlosen.

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Environmental Defense: Support Cleaner Ships and Trains

Monday, June 11th, 2007

UPDATE, 6/29/07:

Another alert, this one from the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell the EPA to reduce pollution from dirty trains and ships now

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a series of new standards that would help reduce the dangerous air pollution created by diesel ships auto games downloaden. The EPA is accepting comments on its proposal through July 2nd, so send a message right away urging the agency to implement these improvements.


Via Environmental Defense:

Support Cleaner Ships and Trains

Trains and ships are major sources of air pollution herunterladen. Nationwide commercial ships and trains emit about 20% of the smog-forming nitrogen oxide pollution and about 25% of diesel soot pollution from the transportation sector warzone auf pc herunterladen.

That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed rules to clean up the pollution from trains and ships. And you have the chance to comment on their plan Hill climb racing free!

Take action! Voice your support for cleaner trains and ships – and ultimately healthier air itunes store herunterladen. Comments are due by July 2nd so take action today!



NRDC: Save Tahuamanu Rainforest

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Via the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Save Tahuamanu Rainforest

In a major advance in our campaign to halt Peru’s export of endangered mahogany, Congress and the Bush administration have agreed to include key protections against illegal logging in the U.S.-Peru trade agreement schlumpf videos kostenlos herunterladen. Each year, loggers cut down thousands of majestic mahogany trees, laying waste to the lush habitat of the squirrel monkey and threatening the survival of indigenous peoples herunterladen. More than 80 percent of this tropical timber — much of it illegally harvested — is bound for the United States. Congressional negotiators also insisted on measures that would prevent illegal mahogany from passing through U.S gratis cryptogrammen downloaden. Customs. Now, we must keep the pressure on the Peruvian government to ensure that all export mahogany is logged legally and sustainably.

» Tell the Peruvian government to do its part to curtail illegal mahogany exports kostenlose klingeltöne für android herunterladen.



NRDC: 3 New National Action Alerts

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
pc daten downloaden

From the Natural Resources Defense Council, three new national action alerts:

Tell the Bush administration to let us bring cleaner cars to America’s roads

The EPA is accepting comments through June 15th on its long-overdue decision to allow California to limit global warming pollution from passenger vehicles musik von unheilig kostenlosen. Send a message right away urging the EPA to allow California to implement this landmark law.

Tell Congress to say No to huge subsidies for the liquid coal industry

The coal industry is pushing Congress for huge subsidies and mandates for liquid coal production, even though it is inefficient, expensive and produces large amounts of global warming pollution driver's license for free. Urge your senators and representative to oppose any legislation that promotes liquid coal fuels.

Urge your representative to co-sponsor an important ocean protection bill

Decades of overfishing, pollution, aggressive invasive species and severe habitat loss are threatening our oceans, yet we have no comprehensive national law to address these problems iphone suche herunterladen. Tell your representative to support a bill that would protect and restore our oceans and the economies that rely on them.



NRDC: 4 Action Alerts 4 Californians

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Via the Natural Resources Defense Council, four new alerts for Californians:

Californians: Help protect the state’s environment and wildlife

Speak out to protect California’s delta smelt, urge state legislators to support important global warming and water conservation bills in the Assembly and clean air legislation in the Senate, and tell officials to create a state budget that protects California’s environment word 2016 kostenloser.



mp3 download youtube for free german

NRDC: 2 Federal & 3 California action alerts

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Via the Natural Resources Defense Council, two federal action alerts:

Tell the EPA to protect children from rat poisons

The EPA has proposed important safety measures to protect children from rat poisons, but the chemical industry is fighting these safety precautions herunterladen. Comments are due May 18th, so send a message urging the EPA to adopt these measures now.

Urge Congress to help bring clean drinking water to the world’s neediest children

More than one billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water, even though cost-effective solutions to the problem are available now herunterladen deaktivieren windows 7. Urge Congress to include funding in upcoming appropriations bills to help ensure safe drinking water throughout the world.

and three California alerts:

Speak out to protect California’s environment and wildlife

Urge your assemblymember to safeguard Allensworth State Park from polluting mega-dairies, tell Gov kostenlos keyboard notenen. Schwarzenegger to veto a dirty offshore gas project, and speak out to protect Morro Bay’s coastal ecosystem zeichentrickfilme kostenlos herunterladen.



NRDC: Tell Congress not to let polluters weaken the Clean Water Act

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

UPDATE, 5/15/07:

See also: Support the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act, from the National Wildlife Federation application for basic security.

null Tiny Violin alert: If you do use the NWF’s sample letter, there’s one reference to fishing that you’ll want to edit out fortnite kostenlos herunterladen laptop.


Via the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell Congress not to let polluters weaken the Clean Water Act

Since the Clean Water Act was enacted in 1972, we have made great progress in cleaning up our nation’s waters online radio herunterladen. But polluters have tried repeatedly to use the courts to cut back on the law’s protections, and last year their efforts paid off when a Supreme Court decision left significant doubt about what kinds of water bodies remain protected by the Clean Water Act excel kostenlos herunterladen.

Now a number of small streams and other waters are in legal limbo. This uncertainty is enormously dangerous — 20 million acres of wetlands and nearly two million miles of streams are at risk of pollution or destruction if they lose their Clean Water Act protections herunterladen. In response, concerned members of the House and Senate will soon introduce the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act to thwart polluters’ attacks by specifying the kinds of waters that the law must cover herunterladen.

Americans need these water bodies to be protected — the small and seasonal creeks, brooks and streams that make up over half the river miles outside of Alaska contribute to the drinking water of roughly 111 million people herunterladen. In addition, wetlands purify water, reduce the risk of flooding and provide important wildlife habitat.

Send a message urging your senators and representative to co-sponsor the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act world atlas.