PCRM: Help Stop the March of Dimes’ Animal Cruelty

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Via the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Help Stop the March of Dimes’ Animal Cruelty

Each year between March and June, hundreds of WalkAmerica events take place across the country to raise money for the March of Dimes. Unfortunately, most walkers are not aware that their money helps fund gruesome and ineffective animal experiments, and PCRM needs your help to inform them.

The March of Dimes is the country’s largest charity devoted to the health of babies, but it continues to waste as much as $30 million a year on useless and cruel animal experiments that do not help mothers or babies. The March of Dimes has funded many controversial experiments, including freezing newborn ferrets, tethering pregnant monkeys to cages by cables running through the mothers’ uteruses and into their fetuses’ bodies, and sewing shut the eyelids of newborn kittens.

Experiments like these are not only cruel but they also have failed to lead to improvements in children’s health. The rate of premature births in the United States has increased 30 percent since 1983 to more than 500,000 per year, and 23 out of 26 birth defects monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over a two-decade period have increased or remained the same. While the United States has the second-highest infant mortality rate in the industrialized world (ahead of only Latvia), other nations—including some third-world countries—have improved the health of their mothers and babies by relying on proven measures such as preventive health services, social services, and maternal education. […]

What You Can Do

* PCRM needs volunteers to attend WalkAmerica events and let March of Dimes supporters in on the truth about where their money goes. Order your leaflets today. Free lawn signs and posters are also available.

* Contact March of Dimes sponsors, both local and national, and tell them why you aren’t supporting the charity—and how they can help babies humanely. Order a sponsor pack.

Additional talking points, resources, and a guide to cruelty-free charities can be found at PETA’s http://marchofcrimes.org.



PCRM: Help End the Dog Lab at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

UPDATE, 3/7/07, via PCRM:

Dear PCRM supporter,

I am sorry to announce that, despite everyone’s determined efforts, the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) went forward with its live dog lab on Feb. 26, 27, and 28. Sadly, about 60 dogs were killed—but these animals did not die in vain. With your help, we were able to raise public awareness about the dog lab and urge the school to implement humane alternatives. MCW has felt enormous pressure to change, and our efforts will continue.

On Jan. 25, more than 100 people peacefully demonstrated in front of MCW. I was gratified to see such a huge turnout. We asked MCW to cancel the lab, and we encouraged students not to participate. We held another demonstration on Feb. 26, the day the lab began, and more than 60 people joined me in front of the school. Two smaller demonstrations, both well attended, were held on Feb. 27 and 28. For every day the dog lab took place, we were present at MCW to encourage the school to end its use of live animals. And that’s just the beginning of the many successes we have had with this campaign so far:

(More below the fold…)

PCRM: PCRM, Humane Society Denounce Dog Labs at Medical College of Wisconsin

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Via the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

PCRM, Humane Society Denounce Dog Labs at Medical College of Wisconsin

Four Wisconsin doctors and the Wisconsin Humane Society joined PCRM to hold a news conference November 13 in Milwaukee to denounce the use of live dogs as teaching tools at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). The school plans to use and kill approximately 60 dogs in a physiology course for first-year medical students. […]

PCRM recently filed a complaint with the federal government asking for an investigation of the use of live dogs at MCW. An inspector for the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that alternatives to using animals for medical education exist and that a “written narrative must justify why the alternatives were not used.” PCRM contends that MCW has not and cannot provide meaningful justification for using dogs instead of one of the many educationally superior non-animal alternatives. […]

Please write or call the president of the Medical College of Wisconsin and express your concerns about its inhumane and educationally inferior use of live animals in the first-year physiology course.



PCRM Event: Food for Life Diabetes Online Classes

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: PCRM Nutrition and Research Assistant Tara Nicotra – info [at] pcrm.org
Date: Dec 1, 2006 2:20 PM
Subject: PCRM Event: Food for Life Diabetes Online Classes

You are invited to participate in the Food for Life Diabetes online series. This exciting new series offers education on diet and diabetes, along with group support. The classes feature lectures by PCRM president Dr. Neal Barnard and cooking demonstrations by PCRM nutritionist Dulcie Ward, R.D.

The next class is Dec. 6 at 3 p.m. EST. Two more classes follow on Dec. 13 and Dec. 20. Each session will last about 1 hour. You will need a high-speed Internet connection to participate. Additional computer requirements can be found here.

Click here to register for the remaining classes in the Food for Life Diabetes online series. Registration for the Dec. 6 class ends on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Please forward this e-mail to friends, family members, listservs, or associations who might be interested. If you forward this e-mail to 10 or more people or groups, you will be eligible for a free copy of Dr. Barnard’s new book on diet and diabetes.

We look forward to having you join us!

Best Regards,

Tara Nicotra
PCRM Nutrition and Research Assistant

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
5100 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Ste. 400
Washington, DC 20016 Phone: 202-686-2210
E-mail: info [at] pcrm.org



PCRM: PCRM Online, November 2006

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

The November ’06 issue of PCRM Online is now available online; click here to read the entire newsletter.

Current action alerts include the following:

Covance Eyes New Chandler Location for Animal-Testing Facility

Faced with immense citizen opposition, Covance Laboratories may be changing its strategy in building a new animal-testing facility in Chandler, Ariz., to avoid the possibility of a referendum and public vote. PCRM is urging Chandler residents to continue letting their mayor and City Council members know that they don’t want Covance in their town.

What you can do –>

University of Rochester Drops Live Animal Labs From Medical School Curriculum

Another medical school has embraced humane alternatives to live animal labs. A third-year surgery clerkship’s live pig lab was replaced with modern medical simulators and other non-animal teaching methods, and the school joined the vast majority of U.S. medical schools that have completely eliminated live animals from their undergraduate medical education curricula.

What you can do –>



PCRM: Urge Your U.S. Representative to Oppose the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Via the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Urge Your U.S. Representative to Oppose the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Please contact your representative today and urge her or him to oppose H.R. 4239, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). This act would criminalize peaceful forms of advocacy undertaken by citizens and organizations seeking change. This type of legislation would be damaging to PCRM’s important advocacy work. Learn more about the AETA.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Call your representative today.

2) Send a follow-up e-mail.

3) Forward this e-mail to your family and friends.

The AETA has already passed in the Senate. Unless members of the House of Representatives hear from enough people, the AETA could fly through the House as an “uncontroversial bill” after Congress reconvenes on Nov. 13.