This Week in Pictures: Birthday Blowout Bonanza!

Sunday, September 6th, 2015


2015-08-30 - Misty Morning - Birthday Poo - 0012 [flickr]

It’s Peedee’s birthday! My baby is a teenager now!
Would it have been too much to stick a candle in that pile of birthday poop
he’s guarding this fine, foggy morning?

2015-08-30 - Morning Routine - 0001 [flickr]

Still not too old to sit on mom’s lap while she plows through the morning rountine.

2015-08-30 - Rennie in the Molasses Bow - 0006 [flickr]

Time to get started on Peedee’s birthday cake!
But first let’s put the bow from the gift jar of molasses
on Rennie and see what happens, mkay?

2015-08-30 - The Cake is Baked - 0008 [flickr]

The cake is baked and frosted and I am entirely too proud of how it came out. The recipe is from Emma’s K-9 Kitchen, with a peanut butter-flavored cake and carob frosting. Humans, it’s totally edible, if you’d like to partake with the dogs; just a little on the bland side (no sugar!), rather like a very granola-y muffin. The frosting, on the other hand, rocked my socks off, and I am seriously considering incorporating it into an ice cream. Vanilla Carob Swirl, anyone?

2015-08-30 - The Cake is Baked - 0010 [flickr]

Aaaaaand what we have from this angle is a penis. Okay then.

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This Week in Pictures: The Dog from O.P.

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0043 [flickr]

We spent a little time driving around the largest park/trail system at Smithville Lake
(which I’ve previously just referred to as “Smithville Lake,” but it actually has a name, which is either “Little Platte Bauman Park” – according to the signage – or either “Camp Branch Bauman Park” or “Little Platte Park,” if you believe the various .gov websites. CONFUSING! Life sure was easier before I started trying to keep track.)
and were surprised to find a section of trails that we haven’t walked yet (!).

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0022 [flickr]

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0012 [flickr]

This trail loops around a second public swimming beach that also prohibits dogs (I am beginning to detect a very offensive pattern here). Luckily, there’s a boat launch right next door, so the dogs were able to get their bellies wet. I think they prefer the concrete ramp over both rocky shorelines (duh!) and sandy beaches (WTF!). It’s just down and in.

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0010 [flickr]

Shake Face, Part 2,192

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0044 [flickr]

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0052 [flickr]

2015-08-23 - Smithville Lake - 0053 [flickr]

The trail circles the lake, and we were able to find an access point near one of the frisbee golf stops. Score!
(Notice how Mags is always conspicuously absent from these aquatic-themed photos.)

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Thirteen Little Peedee Things

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0056 [flickr]

Peedee, Peedee, Peedee.

Last April we feared that you might not live to see your twelfth birthday…and when it finally rolled around, we were fairly optimistic that you’d make it to fourteen, if not fifteen. Today you turn thirteen, and to say that I’m ambivalent about this milestone is an understatement. I’m so indescribably happy that you’re still here to celebrate it with us, and yet I know that you’ll soon have to leave. And I’m not ready to say goodbye. (Is anyone, ever?)

I hope the last few months have been special and filled with joy. I hope you feel pampered and spoiled and stuffed to the gills with happiness and excitement and NEW THINGS. I hope you have not an inkling of what’s to come. If I can, I’d like to shoulder that baggage for the both of us. One last gift for my best boy.

2015-06-23 - Walking Peedee, Rennie & Mags - 0015 [flickr]

2015-06-27 - Morning Walk at Smithville Lake - 0032 [flickr]

As I write this, I’ve imagining big plans for your big day. Dad and I are gonna set up the tent, so we can spend the whole night outside, chasing bugs (you) and watching the stars (me). We’ll play games and ply you with treats, and I’ll bake a cake all for you. (Though Rennie and Mags and Jayne and Finnick sure would love it if you shared.) Maybe you can even model some birthday finery for your old mom? Playing dress-up with you is my favorite. I’m gonna miss that. No one wears a pink sundress quite like you.

But enough of that! There will be enough time for tears later. You’re right here, right now, and I plan on adoring the crap out of you while I can. When it really matters.

Love you so much, my handsome man. My Peedee Monster. My big guy and little boy. You’re so many things to me. I hope you know that, now and forever.

2015-06-27 - Morning Walk at Smithville Lake - 0084 [flickr]

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This Week in Pictures: Peanut Butter Milestones

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015


2015-08-16 - Playing While Shane Vacuums - 0004 [flickr]

Other than it being my mom’s birthday, not a whole lot going on today. After a week off, Rennie and Mags resumed swimming; the light exercise helped to loosed up Mag’s joints. I think maybe we overdid the confinement by a day or two. Post-swim, we hung out in the bedroom while Shane vacuumed. Next best thing to leaving the house entirely. That sucker is loud, yo!


2015-08-17 - Good Morning! - 0007 [flickr]

Rise and shine, lazybones!

2015-08-17 - Experimenting With My Cell - 0003 [flickr]

2015-08-17 - Experimenting With My Cell - 0011 [flickr]

2015-08-17 - Experimenting With My Cell - 0005 [flickr]

Experimenting with the special effects on my cell phone camera, which I have only just now discovered after three months or so. These are cartoon-mood-cartoon, I believe.

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This Week in Pictures: Typical YA Heroine

Sunday, August 16th, 2015


2015-08-09 - Making Treats, Dodging Dogs - 0004 [flickr]

Making a batch of dog cookies while Peedee supervises oh so closely.

2015-08-10 - PB Oatmeal Carob Cookies - 0001 [flickr]

This time it was the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies from Emma’s K9 Kitchen. I added a handful of carob chips, so rolling the dough out so I could make cute lil’ bone-shaped biscuits was out of the question. The cookies were really easy to shape, though, and if you overbake them just a tad they have the same texture as biscuits, so it’s all good. This might be the dogs’ favorite flavor yet. Bonus points: they smell freaking amazing. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to try a nibble.

2015-08-10 - Beggars - 0003 [flickr]

Naturally I attracted quite an audience while getting my gourmet food photography on.


2015-08-10 - Bonebender-Camp Branch - 0009 [flickr]

Back to the Bonebender-Camp Branch trails, this time with Rennie in place of Jayne.

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This Week in Pictures: Camp Branch

Sunday, August 9th, 2015


Mags’s preferred method of drying off after a swim. I always offer to towel dry her, but apparently that’s just not dramatic enough.


2015-08-03 - Walking Peedee & Rennie - 0006 [flickr]

2015-08-03 - Walking Peedee & Rennie - 0007 [flickr]

A quick late-morning walk in the park with Peedee and Rennie.

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0004 [flickr]

Holy shit you guys, I got all six animals in one shot! THAT’S THE MAGIC OF THE MOVIES. (We were popping corn and packing the van for a trip to the drive-in at the time.)

2015-08-03 - Going to the Drive-in - 0009 [flickr]

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This Week in Pictures: The Bee’s Knees

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015


2015-07-26 - Rennie, Mags & a Gecko - 0014 [flickr]

Mags, helping me test out a parasheet blanket I received for review.
She either really loves it or is rilly rilly hot. Or most likely both.

2015-07-26 - Dogs Outside - 0010 [flickr]

Mags, Finnick, and Rennie take turns rolling in … something.
It’s not poop, which is all I need to know.


2015-07-27 - Hand-Feeding Mags - 0009 [flickr]

Mags makes me feed her all her meals by hand, preferably while lying on her blanket in the office. I’m just a step or two away from chewing up her kibble and regurgitating it into her mouth, mama bird styley.

2015-07-27 - Hand-Feeding Mags - 0004 [flickr]

Aaaaand she’s such a slow eater that we tend to draw a crowd.

2015-07-27 - Hand-Feeding Mags - 0005 [flickr]

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Who Wore It Better?: Mom’s Bikini Top

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Earlier this week we played an impromptu round of dress-up, and Peedee ended up in my old blue and white Wal-Mart bikini top (which, incidentally, has been stored in the dogs’ costume box for the last decade or two). This is the same top Ralphie sported in the infamous “sexy beast” birthday card.

So who wore it better?


2004-08-06 - RalphieBikini-006 (original)

2004-08-06 - RalphieBikini-003

or Peedee?

2015-07-29 - Playing Dressup - 0024 [flickr]

2015-07-29 - Playing Dressup - 0028 [flickr]

My vote goes to Ralphie. While Peedee is indeed a fine specimen, he lacks Ralphie’s wide chest and ample bosom (singular). See how the extra fabric gathers and flaps around his midsection? SO unattractive. His stylist really should have pinned that back with safety pins or something.

This Week in Pictures: Cabin Fever

Sunday, July 26th, 2015


2015-07-19 - Peedee Wants Popcorn - 0001 [flickr]

Chore day! As a reward we finished it off with salt & vinegar popcorn and an episode of Orange is the New Black. Peedee is captivated.


2015-07-20 - Walking at Cabin Fever Trails - 0002 [flickr]

We had a brief reprieve from the sweltering weather this week, so we crammed in as many walks as we could. First up: one end of the Cabin Fever Trailhead, which shares a parking area with the Anita B. Gorman Trailhead. If you remember, we walked it in two parts a few weeks ago. We could do that, on accounta it’s just two miles long; but seeing as this one’s six, we’ll probably never explore the middle section. At least not with these old squirts, anyway. Unless…Radio Flyer Wagon, anyone?

2015-07-20 - Walking at Cabin Fever Trails - 0004 [flickr]

“Don’t worry, mom. WE GOT THIS.”
(The flood must’ve been nearer the mid-way point, because we never found it.)

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This Week in Pictures: Heat Wave

Sunday, July 19th, 2015


2015-07-11 - Frogs & Dogs - 0010 [flickr]

This little guy has been hanging out on our patio come nightfall, looking for nomy insects to crunch on. Luckily, his presence only arouses mild curiosity in the dogs, much like a strange-smelling towel found in the park. (Yes, I have done that. With t-shirts too. And balls. And kids’ toys. Even a notebook shaped like a purse once. Collect ALL THE THINGS, basically.)



2015-07-12 - Peanut Butter Balls - 0006 [flickr]

2015-07-12 - Peanut Butter Balls - 0016 [flickr]

2015-07-12 - Peanut Butter Balls - 0022 [flickr]

Sunday was the second day in a week-long heat wave, so we spent the day indoors, sprawled out under fans and next to heating (well, AC) vents. I let Mags, Peedee, and Rennie work on some stuffed Kongs – IN BED (gasp!) – since the blankets were already yucked up with their gross chicken-smelling toothpaste. (I try to buy plain or vanilla, but Pet Boulevard’s listings aren’t always clear.) Rennie really put her thighs into it.

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♥♥ It’s Ralphie’s Gotcha Day! ♥♥

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

To Ralphie

Fourteen years almost to the minute.

Instead of doing the melancholy, “where did the time go!?!” thing, here are four of my favorite Ralphie stories from the early days. If these anecdotes seem a little crude, just know that one of Ralphie’s nicknames was Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

  • His first few months with us, Ralphie did a brief stint as a panty thief. His penchant for my dirty skivvies was gross enough, but also really frustrating: I’ve always had trouble finding undies that fit properly and are comfortable, and here he was, ruining them all. And the damnedest thing is, to this day I still have no idea how he got his fix. I had a mesh fabric laundry bag at the time, and he could have made quick work of it if he’d wanted. But there wasn’t a single hole or chew mark on it!

    2002-09-27 - RalphieBone-0002

    Incidentally, he liked to stash them under the bed, in the same place he hoarded his half-chewed rawhides. Like I said, gross.

  • During trips home, Ralphie became sexually fixated on my parents’ dog Copper – who he tried repeatedly to hump, despite the comical size disparity. It was like watching a barnacle cling determinedly to the stern of a ship.

    2003-11-28 - Mike&Dogs-018

    Incidentally, Copper often tried to hump (a very horrified) Peedee.

    2006-09-19 - DogTimesFive-0090

  • When he was upset with me – maybe I went on a walk without him, or just had to pop out to run some errands – he’d poop in the house to signal his displeasure. But always in a slightly out-of-the-way spot, like the library or behind the bathroom door. Often I wouldn’t find it until hours later, and omg the cleanup.

    2008-02-23 - Patio Poop - 0001 [modified bathroom - 4x6 300dpi]

    Incidentally, a picture of “patio poop” was the best I could do by way of illustration.

  • He was usually pretty trustworthy around food, except for this one time I foolishly left an Amy’s pizza on the coffee table. Probably I ran into the bathroom for a contact emergency. Anyway, I come out just in time to see Ralphie hightailing it around the corner with a quarter of the pizza stuffed in his mouth.

    2009-12-01 - Ralphie Pizza - 0006

    Incidentally, yes – because I know you all are wondering! – I did finish that pizza. You know I did.

    Sunday Afternoon (original)

    Happy trails, little guy. I still think about you all the time. (*hoof hoof*)

  • This Week in Pictures: Snails and Trails

    Sunday, July 12th, 2015

    — SUNDAY —

    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0018 [flickr]

    First thing after breakfast, Shane and I took Peedee and Rennie out on the rowboat. This was our first time taking two dogs at once, and Shane – who cannot swim – was, let’s say, a little nervous: hence the life jackets. Peedee’s never worn one before – in fact, the large size was still in its original packaging from 2+ years ago – and was both puzzled and annoyed once I got it on. For the first five minutes, I couldn’t even get him to walk in it – or else he didn’t think it possible. He just stood in the office staring at me expectantly. I thought I was going to have to carry him down to the pond. Which I did, eventually, but only a quarter of the way, after he tried wriggling out of the jacket entirely.

    Rennie, on the other hand? An old pro.

    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0043 [flickr]


    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0034 [flickr]

    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0050 [flickr]

    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0075 [flickr]

    Peedee was way more chill this time around; whether he was just getting accustomed to being out on the water, or Rennie acted as a safety blanket of sorts, I can’t say. Probably a little bit of both. And it was a tad cooler outside, which couldn’t have hurt.

    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0066 [flickr]

    It almost doesn’t seem possible that so much tongue could fit in such a lil’ mouth.

    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0055 [flickr]

    2015-07-05 - Peedee & Rennie Out to Sea - 0051 [flickr]

    I found this little guy hiding in the boat. Don’t worry, I stashed him in the stern (?) to keep him safe until we reached shore.

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    The Rat Terrier Review: Fourth of July edition!

    Sunday, July 5th, 2015

    2015-07-03 - Smithville Lake - 0130 [flickr]

    I can’t believe we’re five days into July already! The summer is just flying by. Luckily, we’ve managed to cram plenty of fun/new/memory-making things into it, heat and rain be damned.

    Of course, we got plenty of walks in this week. Sunday morning we even explored a new trail: the Trice-Dedman Memorial Woods, which is so hidden and out-of-the-way that it doesn’t even have a parking lot, just a shoulder alongside the highway to park on.

    2015-06-28 - Trice-Dedman Memorial Woods - 0001 [flickr]

    Your sign says “welcome,” but your chained gate says “GTFO.”

    Needless to say, we had the place all to ourselves. That’s the good part. The bad? Well, the trail’s very narrow and I was on high alert for poison ivy the whole time. That kind of sucked most of the joy out of it. Also, Shane managed to get us lost – after I was already headed the right way back to the car. Yeah.

    2015-06-28 - Trice-Dedman Memorial Woods - 0010 [flickr]

    Peedee was super-anxious the whole time, but Rennie and (especially, weirdly) Mags had a rad time. I think she likes the feel of soft, squishy earth on her tiny little feet.

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    Willie Nelson, a fourteen-year-old best friend, and an old dog’s bucket list?

    Monday, June 29th, 2015

    A sneak preview for all our Facebook friends. Enjoy the story of a Subaru Impreza owner taking his loyal, old dog on one more amazing trip. Also, show us how you #MakeADogsDay.

    Posted by Subaru of America, Inc. on Sunday, June 28, 2015

    Subaru, you have effective destroyed me for the rest of the day.

    (The “old girlfriend” one hits me especially hard, since fourteen years on I still feel like a complete shit for taking Ralphie away from Shadow.)

    The Rat Terrier Review: Waterworld

    Saturday, June 27th, 2015

    2015-06-27 - Morning Walk at Smithville Lake - 0032 [1024x768 2 water paper]

    So remember how last week Peedee had his one-month follow-up x-ray? We finally heard back from the oncologist on Thursday, and her assessment is a little more guarded than our general vet’s. The tumor’s not much larger, which we already knew; but one of the (many) areas of cancerous cells looks a little more advanced. The fluid in his lungs seems to be holding steady, and there’s also a little calcium buildup around the tumor, which suggests that his immune system is trying its best to fight it off. The oncologist is still sticking with her original two- to three-month estimate, although now she’s leaning toward three months. Which means two now, since a month’s already gone by. BUT WHO’S COUNTING? (A: Me, that’s who.)

    It’s not the worst news we could have gotten, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping (against my better judgment, natch) for a slightly more positive outlook. Cancer’s tricky, though; it’s always subject to change. The cancerous cells that haven’t yet amassed into tumors could prove more or less aggressive than the tumor – or each other. The tumor might not grow any larger, but the other cells could eventually pose a problem; there’s only so much room in his lung, you know? There’s just no telling how it might progress. All we can really do is take it week by week, I guess. Next x-ray is three weeks from now. Fingers, crossed. But cynically.

    2015-06-20 - Watchdog Peedee - 0002 [flickr]

    2015-06-25 - Peedee - 0003 [flickr]

    On a brighter note, we started him on a few new supplements this week. In addition to the cannabis oil he’s been getting, Peedee’s now on Beta Glucan and Curcumin, both of which supposedly have cancer-fighting properties. Beta Glucan is also purportedly good for the immune system. Nutritional yeast is a good source; since I use it in the dogs’ food and peanut butter balls, I went with a mushroom-derived version of Beta Glucan when choosing the supplement. idk if there’s any difference, but a little variety can’t hurt.

    Anyway, on to happier things. It’s still raining buckets in Missouri, hence the subtitle of this week’s Rat Terrier Review. We went on tons of walks, many of which necessitated my giant (and hot! like damn are those things suffocating!) rubber muckracking boots.

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    The Rat Terrier Review #5

    Saturday, June 20th, 2015

    2015-06-14 - Napping in the Sunroom - 0014 [flickr]

    I’m running out of clever subtitles for these things, can you tell?

    First things first: Peedee had his one-month (actually four-week, but wev) follow-up x-ray yesterday. According to our regular vet’s admittedly inexpert eye, it looks like the cancer has progressed a little, though possibly not as much as we expected/feared given the time frame. (One month = one half to a third of the predicted life span given us by the oncologist, so.) The primary tumor isn’t much larger, nor has the fluid in his lungs gotten worse. So maybe the semi-secret herbal supplement we’ve been giving him has made a difference? Idk.

    2015-06-19 - Peedee & His Moo Cow - 0011 [flickr]

    Really we won’t know for sure until next week, after the oncologist has had a chance to look over the newest images and compare them to the last round. Like I said, our vet’s good, but he’s not a cancer specialist. I’m trying not to get my hopes up while also not going too far in the other direction and freaking the fuck out. I was dreading yesterday’s appointment all week, and at least now it’s over. So there’s that.

    2015-06-19 - Post-Walk Peedee - 0008 [flickr]

    Otherwise Peedee is acting pretty normal so far: no loss of appetite, no trouble breathing, no weakness or lethargy. He’s his normal, anxious, hyperactive self. Though the warm weather has got them all feeling a little lazier than normal. Today it’s supposed to hit 95F, so we went the proactive route and cranked the AC this morning. I HATE to close up the house during the summer – it may as well be winter, without the warm breezes and wildlife sounds – but sometimes it just has to be done.

    2015-06-19 - Post-Walk Peedee - 0014 [flickr]

    So! This week. It actually hasn’t been overbearingly hot, so we were able to take them walking a ton. Peedee’s already tired of our street, so we decided to take a risk and go traipsing around town. For most of our dogs’ lives – well, the entirety of their lives, save for the first year we had Ralphie – we’ve lived in places with wide, open spaces: acres and acres of private property, or large public parks that mostly go unused. So the dogs are used to long leashes and running pretty much wherever they want. As wild as you can get with a harness. Yielding to traffic? Not so much.

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    The Rat Terrier Review: Top o’ the Muffin to Ya!

    Saturday, June 13th, 2015

    This week was pretty low-key, mostly on account of the sweltering heat. Thus we spent quite a bit of time sprawled out on the bed, under fans, and (in the dogs’ case) on the nice, cool concrete floors.

    2015-06-10 - Sweltering on the Couch - 0014 [flickr]

    2015-06-07 - Late Afternoon Lounging - 0003 [flickr]

    2015-06-10 - Sweltering on the Couch - 0021 [flickr]

    2015-06-08 - Dogs in Bed - 0003 [flickr]

    Wednesday night we saw Avengers: Age of Ultron (MEH. Especially on the woman front.) and Tomorrowland (not bad) at the drive-in; it was so hot that the dogs nearly polished off the bowl of water we brought. They even sat still when I started splashing water from my canteen on them (desperate times, y’all). Peedee was pretty good, though not quite as amazaballs as last time; he barked twice, once at other moviegoers who walked right in front of HIS WINDOW (which was cracked pretty wide, in his defense), and again at the racket from the truck yard next door. Anyway, a good time was had by all, and we weren’t any hotter than we would have been at home, so.

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    The Rat Terrier Review: Furry Road Edition!

    Saturday, June 6th, 2015

    2015-05-31 - Evening Outside - 0008 [flickr]

    This week we’ve managed to tick a few more items off The Peedee-Do List, despite the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve been getting. I really shouldn’t complain, though; the worst that’s happened is our pond overflowed into our yard (just the teeniest bit!), and we’re getting eaten alive due to the influx of mosquitoes. Annoying but hardly the end of the world.

    2015-05-30 - Kelly & Peedee - 0001 [flickr]

    Naturally, there was quite a bit of couch potato-ing and teevee-watching. iZombie, mostly. Binging on GRAAAIIIINS!

    2015-05-31 - Walking Peedee & Rennie - 0003 [flickr]

    2015-05-31 - Walking Jayne & Finnick - 0003 [flickr]

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    The Peedee-Do List

    Saturday, May 30th, 2015

    2014-07-12 - Dogs in Bed - 0006 [flickr]

    This is inspired by Cane’s Bucket List, though “bucket list” seems a little too grand of a title for what we’re doing. Peedee’s a little less adventurous in his old age, so this to-do list is a little scaled back to suit his tastes. You can see that we’ve already tackled some of the items (yay!); and, since it’s a work in progress, there may be updates as I think of them. If you have a super-awesome idea, be cool and leave it in the comments, okay?

    1. Go on lots of walks. Explore some new places. Take a stroll down the street.

    2015-05-26 - Walking Peedee & Rennie - 0003 [flickr]

    Peedee’s gotten super-anxious when it comes to cars and car rides, but hopefully the new supplement we’ve been giving him will have a calming effect. Otherwise, walking right out the house and down the street seems to be doing the trick!

    2. Banish Finnick.

    Peedee and Finnick are nemeses, and Peedee often gets all worked up when Finnick’s in the room all they’re competing over something: bran flakes from my breakfast in the morning, popcorn from by bowl in the evening, or just belly rubs and prime real estate on the couch or bed. I feel bad for Finnick, but for the time being, he’s effectively shut out of group activities that don’t involve Shane.

    3. Break out the puzzle toys and treat balls.

    He’s a master at each.

    4. Let him eat poop.

    Or at least look the other way when I spot it going down. That doesn’t mean I have to make it easy by keeping the yard anything less than immaculate.

    5. Review our old tricks and maybe learn a new one.

    2015-05-23 - Peedee is Pretty in Peonies - 0018 [flickr]

    So far he knows sit, stay, down, roll, shake/paw, and kisses. He sucks balls at heeling. Any other suggestions?

    6. Take him to the drive-in.

    We did, and it was not a disaster!

    7. Take lots of afternoon naps in the sunroom.

    FACT: the sunroom is the single best room in the house to be during the spring, summer, and fall. (Winters, not so much, owing to the lack of heat.)

    2015-05-25 - Sunroom - 0002 [flickr]

    The room is covered in windows, gets the best cross-breeze, and has a giant ceiling fan to boot. You can step right out onto the patio, and it’s got a great view of the back yard and pond. Our old mattresses are pushed under the windows for maximum squirrel-watching potential, and it gets great sun. Unless you don’t want it, then that’s what the shades are for. At night, the wild sounds are so immersive that you can close your eyes and imagine that you’re camping. And during rainstorms, the drops dance on the roof and skylight and make the most beautiful sound.

    Like I said, BEST. No wonder Peedee hearts it.

    8. Take Peedee out on the boat.

    He’ll probably pull a Scooby Doo – water is not his jam – but I’d like to give it a go.

    9. Dress Peedee up in silly outfits and take pictures.

    2011-12-05 - Peedee - 0019

    This is a favorite of his. Pinky swear.

    10. Take some pictures of Peedee & mom (and Peedee & Shane) together.

    For obvious reasons.

    11. Let him lick all the dishes.

    He’s come to expect it anyway.

    12. Make ink/paint pawprints.

    After just two years of planning.

    13. Make clay pawprints.

    2015-05-24 - Making Clay Pawprints - 0001 [flickr]


    The Rat Terrier Review: Paul Blart Edition!

    Thursday, May 28th, 2015

    2015-05-27 - Five for Paul Blart! - 0012 [flickr]

    Last night we ticked another item off Peedee’s to-do list: the drive-in! I’m happy to report that, while it was not an unqualified success – I spent much of the night in a state of hyper-awareness vis-a-vis his big damn mouth – the trip went much better than expected.

    Way back when it was just three dogs, we tried taking Ralphie, Peedee, and O-Ren in various combinations – it’s hard now to remember the exact configurations – but all three were such big barkers that we quickly gave up. (I have vague memories of slinging blankets over their crates to keep them quiet, like birds.)

    And then I fell in love with Kaylee, and she became a regular. She was happy just to be near me; the popcorn was a bonus. Needless to say, Kaylee was not a big barker; she saved her voice strictly for communicating her demands. Kaylee and Rennie grew so close that we eventually decided to give her a second chance and – surprise! – Rennie was much improved. After Kaylee passed, we handed her spot over to Mags, who was equally well-behaved.

    So. Last night I’m loading the van up: blankets, pillows, crate, water, food. Mags and Rennie, both well-versed in the routine, work themselves into the usual excited frenzy: WE’RE GOING OUT! MOVIES AND TREATS AND A WHOLE NIGHT ALONE WITH MOM AND DAD! WALKS AND STRANGE SMELLS AND DISCARDED GREASY FOOD EVERYWHERE!

    I can’t bring myself to look Mags in the eye, because it’s her spot Peedee’s taking.

    Like, I seriously cannot describe how bad I felt: here she is, just two days off crate rest, and Mom and Dad and her BFF O-Ren are ditching her for the evening. Possibly other evenings to come. And she looked so happy, you guys! OVER-FUCKING-JOYED.

    But we didn’t know if we’d be able to handle three dogs, especially when one of them was wild card Peedee.

    Shane offhandedly joked that we should just bring her. And so it was decided.

    2015-05-27 - Five for Paul Blart! - 0009 [flickr]

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