Book Review: The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid, Rebecca Ore (1991)

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Of Mythoconstructs and Men

four out of five stars

* Caution: minor spoilers ahead! Also, trigger warning for discussions of rape. *

Billy the Kid keeps dying.

Night after night, it seems, Sheriff Pat Garrett guns down Henry McCarty in Pete Maxwell’s darkened bedroom – after, of course, an evening romp with Celsa Gutierrez, one of The Kid’s many female admirers. But bleeding through these “real” memories come images of a distant, nightmare world: a trocar jammed in Billy’s neck. A coffin filled with a warm salt bath. Dozens of Celsas: always the same, but different. A man – Pat Garrett, but not really – spying, killing, reviving. “Like a God.”

Henry McCarty has been dead for centuries, but in 2067 his memories – or rather, the history books’ construction of them – live on in a Billy the Kid chimera. Commonly referred to as “nonhumans,” “animals,” and “dog meat,” chimeras are beings made out of “rebuilt” animal cells. Purchased by wealthy civilians as pets and exploited by the government as “meat-robot” spies, many chimera look physically human – though they can be made to a variety of weird specifications (Luna, for example, has fangs like a vampire). While their DNA is indistinguishable from that of “real” humans, by law the DNA of chimeras must be branded with a special DNA marker. The recreation of criminal personalities is outlawed.

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