Smart BLT Love (& a Veganmofo Bonus: "Bacon" Franken-pancakes!)

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Even though I wrote this post several weeks ago, I’m eating yet another Smart BLT right this very moment. Crazy addictive, I’m telling you!

After reviewing The Owl House at veganmofo’s opening – or, more to the point, kvetching about the chef’s choice of vegan meats with which to fill out the vegan BLT – I found myself craving a BLT made with Lightlife’s Smart Bacon. In my 14+ years as a vegetarian/vegan, I’d never made a BLT sandwich. Crazy, right? Bacon – whether vegan or not – has always struck me as more of a breakfast food, certainly not the main filling in a lunch- or dinner-time sandwich. Too thin and wimpy!

(Cue: that annoying “Where’s the beef?” lady from the ’80s. Speaking of, I wonder whether my parents still have that “Where’s the beef?” dinnerware set I remember them trying to unload at a family garage sale waaaay back in the day? Note to self: must ask mom about it the next time you phone home.
/ inexplicable digression)

Or that was my convoluted thinking, anyhow. Well, no more. Enter: the Smart BLT!

2010-10-28 - Smart BLT - 0007

My precious.

We’re looking at:

  • Six to eight slices of Lightlife Smart Bacon (I usually bake ’em in a toaster oven, but they’re even better fried);
  • A variety of lettuce and shredded veggies (from a bag of pre-made salad);
  • My Super Secret Special Sauce (Kidding! It’s mustard mixed with Nayonaise);
  • And – here’s the kicker – a sprinkling of sundried tomatoes (I was all out of fresh tomatoes, and happily so; the sundried tomatoes are much more flavorful, and don’t spray sog-inducing juice onto the bread when you bite into them!)
  • All on an everything Ciabata roll. Can I get a nomnom?

    I am seriously hooked on this sammie, y’all. It’s yummy, it’s filling, it never disappoints. Piggy love, all around.

    (More below the fold…)