Book Review: Empress of the World, Sara Ryan (2003)

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Feels Oddly Incomplete

three out of five stars

Like other “gifted” students her age, fifteen-year-old Nicola “Nic” Lancaster has elected to spend her summer at the Siegel Institute, pursuing her passion: archaeology, in her case – or garbage, as her professor unglamorously describes it. She expects to spend her vacation exploring a career path, rounding out her college resume, maybe even squeezing in a little fun. What she doesn’t anticipate is falling in love. For the first time. With another girl.

The second she spots the improbably named Battle Hall Davies across the auditorium, Nic is infatuated:

“For a while I forget where I am. I’m trying to be like Dad, to look at her the way he looks at things when he draws. He says he breaks objects up into forms: like he doesn’t see a head, he sees an oval.

“But I just keep seeing this girl.”

(Even if it does take her head a few weeks to catch on to what her heart knows almost instantaneously.)

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