Friday Activist Musak: Cursing the two-party system

Friday, May 9th, 2008

This week, I’ve only got one video for y’all, since it’s my birthday and I really shouldn’t be wasting it on the internets. My lone offering is Spoon’s The Underdog, which has always reminded me of Dennis Kucinich activity herunterladen. Whenever it’s on the xm, I just close my eyes and imagine it’s his theme song, blaring in the background while he’s sworn into office on a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World pdfforge herunterladen. Then I snap out of it and curse the two-party system.

Oh, and if you’re feeling generous and looking to shower me with birthday gifts, why don’t you send some cash BETA’s way adobeen gratis? BETA = Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and they could sure use it more than moi:

Hezbollah fighters, their guns blazing, seized control of west Beirut on Friday after three days of deadly street battles with pro-government foes pushed Lebanon dangerously close to all-out civil war kinderlieder zum herunterladen.

Convoys of triumphant Shiite opposition gunmen firing into the air and flashing victory signs took to the streets after routing Sunni militants loyal to the Western-backed government of the divided nation panikhilfe herunterladen.

As the fighting eased, the army and police moved across areas now in the hands of Iranian- and Syrian-backed opposition forces which have been locked in an 18-month power struggle with the ruling coalition rollercoaster 2.

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