Stacking the Shelves #9

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

2015-04-09 - Blood and Salt Giveaway - 0003 [flickr]

2015-04-23 - Ten - 0001 [flickr]

In the three weeks since I last did a Stacking the Shelves post, Kim Liggett mailed the rest of my epic Blood & Salt spoils. I got to choose one title from each author who blurbed the book; so we have:

  • Between the Spark and the Burn (Between #2) by April Genevieve Tucholke
  • Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
  • Fade Out by Nova Ren Suma
  • A Cold Legacy (The Madman’s Daughter #3) by Megan Shepherd
  • Antigoddess (Goddess War #1) by Kendare Blake
  • Ten by Gretchen McNeil
  • 2015-04-14 - City of Savages - 0001 [flickr]

    SAGA Press was kind enough to send me a copy of Lee Kelly’s City of Savages upon request; spoiler alert, I have already read it, and it’s pretty great.

    2015-04-24 - The Gracekeepers - 0001 [flickr]

    MY PRECIOUS. I’ve been trying to snag an ARC of The Gracekeepers for months now, and Library Thing’s Early Reviewers finally came through. I wasn’t even expecting it for at least another month; it’s from the March batch, and < 1 month is super-fast turnaround for Crown Publishing.

    To put this in perspective: I also won The Library at Mount Char in the January batch, and am still waiting on it. The Girl in the Road took like four months to arrive, if I remember correctly. Not that I’m complaining, mind you; a book is a book!

    Last but not least, my latest NetGalley downloads:

  • The Well by Catherine Chanter
  • A Wolf at the Gate by Mark Van Steenwyk
  • Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham
  • 5 to 1 by Holly Bodger
  • When We Were Animals by Joshua Gaylord
  • Look for reviews closer to the release dates!

    Stacking the Shelves: The “Kelly Discovers NetGalley” ed.!

    Saturday, April 4th, 2015

    So it looks like this is becoming a regular feature, which is pretty rad because this means I’m getting enough new books to make it so. Yay books!


    2015-03-21 - The Shark Curtain - 0003 [flickr]

    For review: Chris Scofield’s The Shark Curtain. (You had me at “the ghost of her drowned dog”!) Just this one and then I’m all caught up on Goodreads (phew!).


    2015-03-25 - Last of the Sandwalkers - 0002 [flickr]

    First Second was kind enough to send me a copy of Jay Hosler’s Last of the Sandwalkers upon request. I’ve already read it, and it was pretty awesome.


    2015-03-30 - Today was a good mail day - 0002 [flickr]

    I think three books is the official threshold for a good mail day. In this pile, we have:

  • A copy of Unabrow: Misadventures of a Late Bloomer direct from the author, and featuring the most adorable autograph/inscription/doodling I’ve ever personally received.

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  • Stacking the Shelves: First One of Spring ed.!

    Saturday, March 21st, 2015

    It’s been a few weeks – three, to be exact – so here you go!

    2015-03-20 - Vegetarian Flavor Bible - 0001 [flickr]

    My copy of The Vegetarian Flavor Bible arrived just in time for a little culinary experiment I have planned – yay! I swear this book weighs more than some of the dogs I’ve fostered. Many thanks to Dianne of Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen and publisher Little, Brown and Co. for sponsoring the giveaway!

    2015-03-19 - The Glass Arrow - 0001 [flickr]

    Tor Teen made my Thursday with this copy of The Glass Arrow for review. I’m a sucker for anything marketed as even remotely similar to a Margaret Atwood book, okay.

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    Stacking the Shelves: Wintery Book Mail ed.

    Saturday, February 28th, 2015

    I don’t usually bother with a weekly Stacking the Shelves feature unless I have a pretty epic book haul that I want to show off. But I’ve taken to tweeting my book mail lately – and the past few weeks have been kind to me, book mail-wise – so why not? Plus I took some purty pictures, so.

    2015-02-28 - New Friends - 0001 [flickr]

    New friends, just arrived for the weekend! I bought a copy of Pretty Deadly on Amazon (just $6.50, with a $1 credit back for no-rush shipping) and apparently won a copy of The Wicked Awakening of Anne Merchant through BenBella’s book tour. Gotta love those surprise wins that just show up in your mailbox unannounced.

    2015-02-27 - Bookish Mail - 0001 [flickr]

    Yesterday was also a good book mail day, thanks to Fettle Vegan and (in another unexpected score) Viking Children’s Books: But I Could Never Go Vegan!: 125 Recipes That Prove You Can Live Without Cheese, It’s Not All Rabbit Food, and Your Friends Will Still Come Over for Dinner and Mosquitoland.

    2015-02-25 - Bookish Mail - 0001 [flickr]

    Wednesday’s mail! From top to bottom, there are two titles from (Imager and The Outstretched Shadow); a used copy of Empress of the World, “purchased” on BookMooch, which I’m currently reading; an ARC of The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things, courtesy of Fierce Reads; and a finished copy of The Country of Ice Cream Star, won for review through Goodreads (the hardcover more than makes up for its slow arrival).

    2015-02-05 - Candlewick Prize Pack - 0001 [flickr]

    Aaaaand a few weeks back I received a box o’ Candlewick’s Best Books, according to Time Magazine. Top to bottom, there’s The Tiger Rising; Boy Proof; The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane; Feed; The Knife of Never Letting Go; and A Monster Calls. Thanks, @foreverliterary & @Candlewick!

    2015-01-26 - Dive Into Diversity Giveaway - 0001 [flickr]

    Last but not least is this ARC of My Heart and Other Black Holes, via a Dive Into Diversity giveaway hosted by @gone_pecan! I’m really looking forward to reading it, but not sure my heart can handle all the feels right now. (Peedee, man. THESE DOGS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.)

    Speaking of, my furkids got some new swag this week too!

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    Stacking the Shelves: Oops! There Goes My Book Buying Ban! edition

    Saturday, January 31st, 2015

    2015-01-23 - Book Mail - 0002 [twitter]

    Fun story: Two of my three most recent Book Outlet orders arrived last Friday…and then sat there all weekend, on account of I was nursing a cold and doped up on fun sleepytime medicine. Shane was like, “I can tell that you really aren’t feeling well, because you haven’t even touched your new books.” He knows me so well.

    So I know I said that I was instituting a book buying ban after that epic Book Outlet Boxing Day book haul, but.

    2015-01-26 - Book Outlet Orders (3) - 0005 [flickr]

    Book Outlet got Of Metal & Wishes back in stock, and I just couldn’t resist ordering it, along with a few other much-coveted goodies (some of which I lost in the mad rush to check out on Christmas night. Anya’s Ghost, I’m looking at you.)

    2015-01-26 - Book Outlet Orders (3) - 0011 [flickr]

    And wouldn’t you know it, the Very. Next. Day. Book Outlet announces a $5 promo code good for the weekend. So that explains order #2.

    2015-01-26 - Book Outlet Orders (3) - 0002 [flickr]

    As for order #3? Well, that was the result of yet another $5 code, which I think I got for answering a survey. I priced this last order so that I basically just paid for shipping, so score!

    By the way, did you notice how they slipped a $5 off coupon in with the first order? TEMPTRESSES.

    I didn’t even stand a chance.

    Title list after the jump.

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    Stacking the Shelves: Book Outlet Boxing Day Sale edition!

    Saturday, January 17th, 2015

    Boxing Day was many, many weeks ago (okay, three – but time drags when you’re waiting for book mail!), but as everyone who placed an order with Book Outlet knows, turnaround was painfully slow for their epic Boxing Day sale. The last part of my order just arrived this week; and, if twitter is any indication, a few poor souls are still waiting on their packages. (Thoughts and prayers.)

    So this was my first time shopping at Book Outlet. I was lucky enough to see the 50% off discount code bouncing around twitter the week beforehand. Since I’m pressed for space and trying to buy e-books whenever possible, I was a little skeptical: 50% sounds like a sweet deal, but is it sweet enough to justify buying more “real” books? With a skeptical little huff, I hopped on over to their website to investigate. Within minutes I’d created an account and filled my shopping cart. Yeah. The prices really were that good.

    I spent the week leading up to Christmas going through my Amazon and Goodreads wishlists, purging them of no-longer-wanted items and searching for the more expensive titles on Book Outlet. Between Book Outlet and ruthless culling, I managed to make a sizable dent in each. By the time 10:59PM rolled around on Christmas night (11:59 Eastern), I was ready to go. It’s a good thing, too: the sale proved so popular that would-be customers quickly overloaded Book Outlet’s servers. After much swearing, hand-wringing, and page refreshing, I was lucky enough to get my order in. Before the start of Boxing Day official, even!

    2014-12-25 - Book Outlet Boxing Day Sale

    I’ll be the first to admit it: I went a little overboard. Just a bit. (Even though I managed to “lose” four or five books in the mad rush to submit my order before the stock ran out.) The first time around, I dropped a cool $200.65. But that includes shipping (which I’d mentally factored into the price per book as I shopped), and got me 71 books! That works out to about $2.82 per book, which is still less than the price of a used hardcover book at the twice annual library book sale. So it would have been silly of me not to buy all these books, is what I’m saying!

    2015-01-07 - Boxing Day Book Outlet Order - 0002 [flickr]

    2015-01-07 - Boxing Day Book Outlet Order - 0012 [flickr]

    I noticed some people complaining about the price of shipping, but I thought it was pretty reasonable: $38.49 for nearly 60 pounds of books. Of course this was for domestic shipping; I’m sure that overseas postage all but negates any savings.

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    Stacking the Shelves: Christmas 2014 ed.!

    Saturday, December 27th, 2014

    My Christmas book haul.

    I’m way too lazy to do a weekly Stacking the Shelves post; usually I save ’em for a special occasion (see: library books sales). I think Christmas counts, yes?

    Since I have almost no room with which to store more books, I make an effort to buy ebooks over “real” books whenever I get the chance – the only exceptions being cookbooks and comic books, because those both look better in person, imho. So this year my x-mas list was dominated by comic books, book-wise anyway.

    (Funny story: my mom is forever rolling her eyes at the plethora of reading materials on my wishlist; “Don’t you want anything other than books?” This year I made a real effort to include non-book items, like clothing, artwork, and household decorations. With two exceptions, she sent me all books. Oh well, at least I have some non-book ideas to carry over to my birthday!)

    I was able to round out both my The Dark Tower and Saga collections (yay!). Most of these are Christmas gifts, though a few are pre-orders that happened to arrive around the holidays, with a few gifts to myself (purchased with Amazon’s special 25% code) sprinkled throughout.

    2014-12-25 - X-Mas Book Haul - 0003 [flickr]

    Top to bottom:

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    Stacking the Shelves: JoCo Library BIG Fall Kid’s Book Sale ed.!

    Saturday, November 15th, 2014

    2014-11-13 - JoCo YA Book Haul - 0001 [flickr]

    So I was a little taken aback when the much-anticipated Johnson County Library fall book sale was announced last month. Instead of a book sale-book sale, it was billed as a “BIG Fall Kid’s Book Sale.” Luckily including YA and middle grade titles, but still. Usually the Friends of Johnson County has so many books to unload that they host their sales in the greater part of a mall! In which case, why limit it to just kids’ books? Maybe the donations were a little lax this year? But then many of the titles were library discards, so perhaps they focused their fall cleaning in the kids’ aisles this time around? I DON’T KNOW! But even with the limited selection – and despite what a long drive it is for us (an hour one way, yo!) – I couldn’t resist checking it out.

    As it turned out, the selection was pretty decent for such a narrowly focused sale. There were at least as many YA books as at the regular sale – several tables’ worth – and a fair amount of middle grade books too. I scoured the YA tables but mostly skimmed the kids’ books. Maybe I would have been more diligent if I wasn’t wiped out from jury duty earlier that day. (Spoiler alert: I was not among the chosen twelve. Like you couldn’t see THAT coming!)

    I came away with 13 books – not bad! – including two that were on my wish list: The Chaos and Diverse Energies. I can’t lie, I was super-psyched to find those. I almost wish I’d picked up an extra copy of The Chaos to give to the shelter I volunteer for. Oh well, next time.

  • Alias: Replaced by Emma Harrison (2005)
  • Alias: Strategic Reserve by Christina F. York (2006)
  • Alias: Namesakes by Greg Cox (2006)
  • Aphrodite’s Blessings: Love Stories from the Greek Myths by Clemence McLaren (2002)
  • Come August, Come Freedom: The Bellows, the Gallows, and the Black General Gabriel by Gigi Amateau (2012)
  • Dark Water by Laura McNeal (2010)
  • Diverse Energies edited by Tobias S. Buckell and Joe Monti (2012)
  • Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples (2005)
  • The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson (2012)
  • 11,000 Years Lost (Amulet) by Peni R. Griffin (2006)
  • My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (2005)
  • Shooting Kabul by N. H. Senzai (2010)
  • My Name Is Not Easy by Debby Dahl Edwardson (2011)
  • Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn (2010)

    While we were in the area, we stopped by Whole Foods but struck on out most of our list, including the elusive Silk Pumpkin Spice. But they had Follow Your Heart on sale, so we picked up a bunch of mozzarella and cheddar (suck on that, Daiya!).

    On the way home we drove by another natural foods store, the new-to-us Natural Grocers. They’ve been in the Metcalf storefront since at least May; we tried to pop in after the spring book sale, but they’d already closed for the day.

    We stopped on a whim, and OMG am I so glad we did: they are better than Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Price Chopper combined! Their ratio of vegan-to-non food is pretty good (especially when compared to those other guys! boo!), and we found so many items we’d been hunting for: Silk Pumpkin Spice (yeah, we cleared the shelf). Amy’s Daiya Cheese Pizzas (you got me, Daiya). Quarts of vegan ice cream in several flavors and brands. Those tamales Shane loves. Even vegan raviolis!

    And the prices were so good, you guys! Even if the book sale had been a bust, Natural Grocers alone would have been worth the drive down.

    Open up a branch in the Northland, you guys? please please please!

  • Stacking the Shelves: JoCo Library 2014 Sizzlin’ Summer Book Sale ed.!

    Saturday, June 14th, 2014

    2014-06-11 - JoCo Book Haul - 0001 [flickr]

    So book bloggers have this thing where they post their weekly book hauls, usually on Saturdays, under the heading “Stacking the Shelves.” (See also: Mailbox Monday; Showcase Sunday; Bought, Borrowed & Bagged; and/or Peek Into My Postbox. Book bloggers have memes like whoah!)

    Even though books and bookish things have slowly taken over this blog, I’ve never felt the need to participate. For one, I’m lazy. Two: also lazy. Three: still lazy!

    I also rarely have much to report, unless you count free ebooks, which I’d rather not. Since they cost me nada (not even shelf space!), I’m rather indiscriminate when downloading freebies. I’m an ebook hoarder, basically. So many embarrassing titles!

    But this week the “local” library (scare quotes because we had to drive more than an hour one way to make this sale!) had their bi-annual book sale, so my weekly haul proved more impressive than usual. I even cleared space on my shelves last week in anticipation!

    Given how little room I have left for “real” books, I showed a little more restraint than normal; for around 90 bucks, I came away with exactly 82 books. (Including one duplicate which was bound to happen. Oy!) This sale’s pile was much smaller than last November’s, which was smaller than the June’s before it. With space at a premium, it’s all about quality over quantity. This is also the reason I now attend on the Friend’s preview night, rather than the end-of-sale, dollar-a-bag special: I ended up with way too many books that ultimately spent years just gathering dust. (I used to go crazy at the dollar sale, y’all. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.)

    2014-06-11 - JoCo Book Haul - 0004 [flickr]

    2014-06-11 - JoCo Book Haul - 0005 [flickr]

    As you can (hopefully) see here, I went pretty heavy on the fiction, especially the science fiction and YA. (There was a brief moment of panic when I thought they did away with the YA table, instead sprinkling those books throughout the fiction section like shiny little easter eggs. Turns out the sign just got knocked down. Both of them!)

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