‘Because They Have No Words’ @ Chicago’s Piven Theatre

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

But what of Kansas City? Sigh. It’s all just hay and megachurches.

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Hello Kelly –

I received your information from Lotti Pharriss, one of the playwright’s of BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO WORDS. The play tells the true story of Tim Maddock, who worked in the animal rescue efforts in post-Katrina New Orleans. We’re wondering if there’s any way you could mention the production on your site and to your readers. I’ve included a press release with more information, and if you have questions, just let me know!


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Kinship Circle - 2007-10-05 - 08 - Because They Have No Words



(EVANSTON, ILLINOIS) Piven Theatre proudly announces the Chicago Premiere of Because They Have No Words, written by Tim Maddock and Lotti Louise Pharriss, and directed by Emilie Beck.

• Production opens on Monday, May 12th
• Production runs from May 12th – June 15th
• Tickets: $23-25 / group rates available for groups of 10 or more.
• At the Piven Theatre, 927 Noyes Street in Evanston.
• Ticket and show information at (847) 866-8049 or http://www.piventheatre.org.

This production focuses on the true story of Tim Maddock who, in response to Hurricane Katrina, traveled to New Orleans and threw himself into the chaos of animal rescue efforts in the wake of the storm. In September of 2005, Tim loaded his car with food, water, clothing and rescue gear. He said goodbye to his partner and his dog, and drove straight into the heart of one of the greatest natural disasters in our country’s history.

During his time in New Orleans, Tim witnessed great human tragedy and stupendous bureaucratic blunders. From the stranded animals somehow able to weather the storm, to the frantic, grief-stricken families searching for the pets they were forced to abandon, the flood of emotion was a constant reminder of the failures of a city, a state, and a nation to respond when their citizens needed them most.

The play, written by Tim Maddock and Lotti Louise Pharriss received its world-premiere in L.A. under the direction of Piven Theatre Workshop alum Emilie Beck. Piven Theatre is pleased to reunite the playwrights with their original director, Ms. Beck, for this Midwest Premiere and to announce that the play’s author and inspiration, Tim Maddock, will be starring in the production.

This riveting true story has been called “Raw, moving, and darkly humorous” by the L.A. Weekly and Backstage West proclaims it “Reminds us of what good theatre is capable of achieving.”

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Hurricane Katrina Volunteer’s Play Nominated For Prestigious 2007 Ovation Awards

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

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“BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO WORDS” FINDS STRONG VOICE AT LA OVATION AWARDS; Hurricane Katrina Volunteer’s Play Nominated For Prestigious 2007 Ovation Awards

HOLLYWOOD, October 15, 2007 – Weirdsmobile Productions’ (Lotti Louise Pharriss, Producer) production of Tim Maddock and Lotti Louise Pharriss’ “Because They Have No Words,” has been nominated for two LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards. Maddock and Pharriss as writers, and Pharriss as producer on behalf of Weirdsmobile received nominations for Best World-Premiere Play. The ensemble of actors – including playwright Maddock, Rufus Bonds, Jr. (“The Color Purple,” “The Lion King”), Lanai Chapman (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Judging Amy”), LeShay Tomlinson (R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet,” “A Mighty Wind”), Tisha Terrasini Banker (“Criminal Minds”), Colin Walker, and Samantha Bennett – was collectively nominated for Best Ensemble.

The LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards are the only peer-judged theatre awards in Los Angeles. Called the “…highest-profile contest for local theatre…” by the Los Angeles Times, the Ovation Awards draws national attention to the quality and quantity of professional theatre in Los Angeles. The award ceremony will be held on November 12, 2007 at Los Angeles’ Orpheum Theatre, and will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

“Because They Have No Words” focuses on openly gay Maddock’s personal experiences as a volunteer rescuing animals in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina left thousands of people and animals homeless, a mere one year after his mother passed away. Leaving his long-time partner temporarily behind, Los Angeles-based Maddock headed to New Orleans and there witnessed the plight of the animals that survived the storm, the desperation of people searching for the animals they had been forced to leave behind, and the toxic conditions that both animals and people were forced to endure. In addition to the obvious destruction Katrina caused, he also encountered the bureaucratic problems borne out of an excess of red tape, an overloaded infrastructure, and people taking the system into their own hands. Nearly a year after the hurricane, this new play chronicled Maddock’s experiences as an animal rescue volunteer, the stories of those he encountered and the emotional journey that extended well beyond the time he spent in New Orleans.

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