Book Review: Joyland, Stephen King (2013)

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Stephen King Visits the Carnival

four out of five stars

* Caution: Minor spoilers ahead wie viel kann man auf netflix downloaden! *

“Those are things that happened once upon a time and long ago, in a magical year when oil sold for eleven dollars a barrel. The year I got my damn heart broke tomtom mydriveen. The year I lost my virginity. The year I saved a nice little girl from choking and a fairly nasty old man from dying of a heart attack (the first one, at least) pinterest gratis downloaden. The year a madman almost killed me on a Ferris wheel. The year I wanted to see a ghost and didn’t…although I guess at least one of them saw me firebird 2.5. That was also the year I learned to talk a secret language, and how to dance the Hokey Pokey in a dog costume. The year I discovered that there are worse things than losing the girl spiele für windows 8.1 kostenlosen deutsch.

“The year I was twenty-one, and still a greenie.”

Ghost story, murder mystery, coming of age story, supernatural thriller – Joyland is all of this and then some, spanning a variety of genres stitched together in a way that’s uniquely Stephen King win 1809 herunterladen. While the book’s artwork suggests a dime store pulp novel (and yes, there is a bit of that), Joyland is so much more: spooky and at times unexpectedly touching, with plenty of Scoobie Gang fun thrown in herunterladen.

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Book Review: Stephen King’s N., Marc Guggenheim & Alex Maleev (2011)

Monday, October 21st, 2013

A faithful adaptation with a few new bits for fans evernote app!

four out of five stars

Tucked away off an inconspicuous dirt road Motton, Maine – right on the eastern bank of the Androscoggin River and not far from the town of Chester’s Mill (which also seems to be experiencing more than its fair share of supernatural activity as of late!) – sits an ominous patch of land known by the locals as “Ackerman’s Field.” Named for its earliest recorded owner, Ackerman’s Field is home to a mysterious, Stonehenge-like rock formation consisting of eight – or maybe seven, depending on one’s point of view – giant boulders, in the center of which exists a portal wie kann ich von facebook videos herunterladen. A gate. A rip in the very fabric of the universe. On the other side? Unspeakable evil, straining to break through. Only the keeper of the field – the person who, through the simple (and oftentimes unwitting) act of bearing witness, activates this “thinny” – can keep the monsters at bay herunterladen. In August 2006, this person became Nathan N. Nance.

Based on the short story of the same name (published in the wonderful Just After Sunset), Stephen King’s N lato herunterladen. is a faithful adaptation of Stephen King’s story. (Oh, how I wish screenwriters would take a clue from comic book artists. Who are they to think they can improve upon the work of Stephen King herunterladen? He’s Stephen King, yo! Exhibit A: Under the Dome.) Most of the short story is told in the form of case notes and an only partially finished manuscript; here, these scenes are translated into panels in which “N.” meets with his psychiatrist Johnny Bonsaint and relays the story to him (and us!) in real time cad autocad kostenlos download. From there begins Dr. Bonsaint’s own descent into madness. We’re also treated to an additional backstory about the field’s origins (dating back to Andrew Ackerman), as well as its future in the hands of celebrity doctor (and childhood friend of Dr ich kann keine bilder mehren. Bonsaint and his sister Sheila) Charlie Keen.

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Book Review: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born, Stephen King et al. (2007)

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Wizard and Glass in Pencil and Ink

four out of five stars

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have stumbled upon a copy of The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born at a recent library book sale euro truck simulator 2 free full version. (Mine for just two bucks! Man, how I love library book sales.) I’m a bit of a newbie to comic books – mostly I stick to titles I’ve enjoyed in other mediums, such as Buffy, Dollhouse, and The X-Files – and don’t follow the trade news at all herunterladen. Thus, I had not the slightest clue that Marvel has been producing a number of series based on various Stephen King novels. In addition to The Dark Tower (of which there are currently no fewer than eleven collections), The Stand (six collections), the short story “N.” (one collection), and The Talisman (also one collection to date) have received the Marvel treatment wizzair rechnung herunterladen. I’ve already snatched most of these up – five pages into The Gunslinger Born, and I was hooked.

The artwork by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove is simply stunning herunterladen. Beautiful, but with a dark gothic feel, it perfectly encapsulates the mood of the story. Shades of deep purple, rich gold, and breathtaking orange change and evolve with the plot kostenlos minecraft herunterladen für handy. As a fan of The Dark Tower series, it’s fascinating to see which characters conform to my preconceptions: Roland (who, let’s face it, is a total babe), Depape, Jonas, Mayor Thorin, Coral Thorin, Aunt Cordelia; and which ones look altogether different from how I imagined them: Alain, Cuthbert, Rhea, Susan, Sheemie, Marten (surprisingly, this seducer of women is as ugly as sin) bewerbungsvorlage kostenlos downloaden pdf.

The story follows the events recounted by Roland to Jake, Eddie, Susannah, and Oy in The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass idle miner kostenlosen. It begins with Roland’s childhood – if, that is, Roland can be said to have had a childhood – when he discovers his mother Gabrielle in bed with Marten, advisor to his father wie kann man sendungen aus der mediatheken. Incensed and quite possibly emasculated on behalf of his frequently absent father, 14-year-old Roland prematurely challenges teacher Cort to the contest which will determine whether he becomes a Gunslinger – or an outcast Re-imovie. Though he triumphs (with no small amount of help from David the hawk!) his father sends him away, in hopes of keeping his son safe from Marten’s machinations phase 6 download for free. Accompanied by best friends Alain and Cuthbert, they travel to the Barony of Mejis, ostensibly to compile an inventory of supplies on behalf of the Affiliation for the coming war with the “Good Man” John Farson. While there, Roland falls in love with Susan Delgado, who’s already been promised to Mayor Thorin as his “gilly.” And, well, you know the rest. (And on the off chance you don’t, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.)

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Book Review: Full Dark, No Stars, Stephen King (2010)

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

The Horrors of Misogyny

five out of five stars

* Trigger alert for physical and sexual violence new adobe reader for free. *

“The stories in this book are harsh. You may have found them hard to hear in places. If so, be assured that I found them equally hard to write in places.”

Ostensibly, the novellas contained within these pages – 1922, Big Driver, Fair Extension, and A Good Marriage (the paperback edition contains a fifth title, Under the Weather; but seeing as I “read” the audio version, I’m out of luck there) – revolve around the theme of revenge: a murdered wife haunts her husband/killer from the afterlife; a rape victim left for dead slays her rapist and his accomplices; a man wishes ill on his undeservedly lucky best friend; and, upon discovering that her husband is a serial killer, a woman attempts to find justice for his victims (past and future) without destroying her own family in the process download the game mill. And while retribution is indeed a common thread, it takes a backseat to the more toxic and visceral theme of misogyny.

The men in these stories hate women: those they know, those they don’t know, those they wish they knew capital bra allein herunterladen. Even mild-mannered Harry Streeter, the protagonist of Fair Extension, exhibits the classic trappings of a Nice Guy ™ when reminiscing about his first love Norma, “stolen” from him by his supposed best friend Tom herunterladen. Physical and sexual violence are prevalent, and seen from a variety of perspectives: the perpetrator, the victim, and the perpetrator’s wife. In the strongest of these tales, the women on who war is waged fight back, attaining justice for themselves and others download work programs for free.

1922 – Nebraska, 1922. Wilfred Leland James’s wife Arlette recently inherited 100 acres of farmland from her father upon his passing musescore herunterladen. Whereas Wilf would like to incorporate this into his own 80-acre homestead, Arlette would rather sell all 180 acres and move to the bubbling metropolis of Omaha wie kann man bei netflix etwasen. The most obvious solution to the couples’ acrimonious, months-long standstill is divorce (however unlikely that might have been circa 1922), with the couple doing as they choose with their respective parcels of land uni due word herunterladen. Complicating matters is that the most likely buyer for Arlette’s property – located upstream of Wilf’s – is the Farrington Company, an early factory farmer of pigs, which would pollute the air with the sounds of dying hogs and fill the river with their discarded blood and guts hallelujah sheet music accordion download for free. An unabashed consumer of animal products (including pork), Wilf is the ultimate “not in my backyard” carnist. His consternation is understandable, yet hardly worthy of sympathy herunterladen.

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Book Review: UR, Stephen King (2010)

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

All things serve The Tower (even Amazon!) tv now app serien downloaden.

four out of five stars

A self-described “old schooler,” English professor Wesley Smith has finally decided to make the plunge and buy a Kindle herunterladen. Not because he’s been seduced by its convenience, ease of use, or environmental friendliness; rather, Wesley’s purchase is one driven by spite. Recently dumped by girlfriend Ellen Silverman – a fellow faculty member at Kentucky’s Moore College and coach of the women’s basketball team – Wesley means to show his ex that he’s not nearly as inflexible and resistant to change as she thinks he is movies for tablet. Hence the new “gadget.” But what arrives in the mail – overnight delivery, nonetheless! – isn’t the white Kindle that all the kids are carrying around teamviewer 14 kostenlos. Wesley’s Kindle is pink.

The differences aren’t merely aesthetic. Poking around – “experimenting with new technology,” as it were – Wesley discovers a beta program called “Ur.” Through it, he’s able to access multiple worlds – millions of them – each stocked with its own unique library herunterladen. In one Ur, Edgar Allen Poe lived well past the age of 40 and became a novelist; in another Ur, Wesley finds four “new” Ernest Hemingway novels, penned during the “extra” three years of the writer’s life free. As jarring as Wesley’s weird pink Kindle may be, its expanded library’s main danger lies in its addictiveness, particularly to bibliophiles such as Wesley: in his quest to download and read his favorite authors’ “lost” works, Wesley transforms into an obsessed insomniac overnight how to download minecraft on iphone for free. And who could blame him, really?

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Peedee, Pup of Roderick

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

2010-07-03- Sneaky Peedee - 0001

Spoiler alert (a trigger warning seems like overkill, but idk): this post is gross and includes talk of various bodily fluids, including puss, boogers, and blood kinderlieder kostenlos downloaden. You’ve been warned!


For a moment Pimli thought the Rod still would not comply, and he felt a twinge of active alarm. Then, slowly, the fellow lifted the lid of the wicker basket kostenlos schnittmuster downloaden. It was the sort with handles, known in Finli’s home territory as a bascomb. The Rod held it reluctantly out. At the same time he closed his sore-looking, booger-rimmed eyes and turned his head aside, as if in anticipation of a blow labymod kostenlos downloaden.

Finli looked. For a long time he said nothing, then gave his own bark of laughter and invited Pimli to have a peek. The Master knew what he was seeing at once, but figuring out what it meant took a moment longer dokumentationen herunterladen legal. Then his mind flashed back to popping the pimple and offering Finli the bloody pus, as one would offer a friend left-over hors d’oeuweat the end of a dinnerparty windows 7 pro downloaden nederlands.

In the bottom of the Rod’s basket was a little pile of used tissues. Kleenex, in fact.

“Did Tammy Kelly send you to pick up the swill this morning?” Pimli asked biorhythmus herunterladen.

The Rod nodded fearfully.

“Did she tell you that you could have whatever you found and fancied from the wastecans?”

He thought the Rod would lie downloads images for free. If and when he did, the Master would command Finli to beat the fellow, as an object-lesson in honesty.

But the Rod—Haylis—shook his head, looking sad dji go 4 herunterladen.

“All right,” Pimli said, relieved. It was really too early in the day for beatings and howlings and tears. They spoiled a man’s breakfast herunterladen. “You can go, and with your prize. But next time, cully, ask permission or you’ll leave here a-hurt. Do’ee ken?”

The Rod nodded energetically herunterladen.

“Go on, then, go! Out of my house and out of my sight!”

They watched him leave, him with his basket of snotty tissues that he’d undoubtedly eat like candy nougat, each shaming the other into keeping his face grave and stern until the poor disfigured son of no one was gone. Then they burst into gales of laughter. Finli o’ Tego staggered back against the wall hard enough to knock a picture off its hook, then slid to the floor, howling hysterically. Pimli put his face in his hands and laughed until his considerable gut ached. The laughter erased the tension with which each had begun the day, venting it all at once.

“A dangerous fellow, indeed!” Finli said when he could speak a litde again. He was wiping his streaming eyes with one furry paw-hand.

“The Snot Saboteur!” Pimli agreed. His face was bright red.

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