Four degrees from Kevin Bacon, two degrees from Gene Baur!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Last week, the Mr. interviewed Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary fame for his weekly podcast, The Libertarian Dime. I know, I know; libertarianism might seem a strange pairing for veg*nism, but Shane assures me that veg*nism as it relates to a “policy of non-aggression” has a long history in the school of libertarian thought. Wev. I’m just happy that he’s using his soapbox to introduce fellow white heterosexual nerd-doods to animal lib topics. His co-host even agreed to go vegetarian for 30 days, starting on January 2nd. Yay Jonathan!

Here’s the show description:

In this episode of the Libertarian Dime, Shane and Jonathan interview Gene Baur of the Farm Sanctuary organization. The discussion covered a wide range of topics from factory farming to Silk Nog. Shane tied the goals of Farm Sanctuary to the libertarian philosophy of “non-aggression towards others.” This is an episode covering a topic you’ll not hear on other libertarian podcasts. It’s a must listen.

As an interesting aside, Shane’s work on the Libertarian Dime means I’m two degrees removed from Gene Baur, and a mere four from Kevin Bacon (Shane to Michael Shermer to Stephen Colbert to Kevin Bacon, who helped Stephen decorate his Nixon tree on last night’s show.)

Anyway, you can take a listen here. (And no, I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet; this doesn’t make me an awful wife so much as a busy one. Viva la CriFSMas!)

Note to Shane: when I promise you a shout out, a shout out you get!

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