Listen to your gut, veg*n! (Yet another book review.)

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Theresa Cheung’s THE IBS HEALING PLAN: NATURAL WAYS TO BEAT YOUR SYMPTOMS isn’t explicitly a veg*n book; in fact, the author only discusses the benefits of a vegetarian diet in treating IBS for two short paragraphs (that’s half a page, for you bean counters) top 100 charts download kostenlos legal. Even so, I thought I might post the review here, since I was already writing one for Library Thing and all windows live movie makeren gratis. Besides, animal rights activists are more likely than not to be female, as are IBS sufferers, and a diet plays a key role in each. So I’m sure there’s some crossover there, is what I’m saying herunterladen.

Since I reviewed an advance copy of the book, I haven’t yet been able to post my review to Amazon, so sorry but no permalink. Try checking back on or after April 28, 2008 – or, if you’ve got a Library Thing account, go give me some props there herunterladen something.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my hourly fiber fix. Ahem.

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