Fall Harvest Butternut Squash with Almond-Pecan Parmesan

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

2014-09-25 - OSG Fall Harvest Squash - 0003 [flickr]

You guys, if I hadn’t already given The Oh She Glows Cookbook five stars, I’d do it on the merits of this recipe alone microsoft works gratis downloaden nederlands. SO GOOD! Yet so simple!

It’s basically just butternut squash (duh!), diced and roasted with garlic, parsley, kale (not pictured here; I was all out!), and a chunky parmesan mixture of nutritional yeast, almonds, and pecans videos mit kodi downloaden. Since I omitted the kale and roasted the nuts ahead of time, I was able to skip the second, shorter round of roasting altogether.

Liddon recommends serving this with Field Roast’s Smoked Apple Sage Sausage to upgrade it from a side to a meal, but I found that Tofurky’s Chicken Apple flavor works just as well Age of empire free download. Simple pan-fry it, fold into the finished squash, and enjoy!

Serves two very hungry, very gluttonous adults.

Carbs & Rec: You had me at “Meat Tornado.”

Sunday, September 14th, 2014
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Carbs & Rec - The Meat Tornado (0015)

“You had me at Meat Tornado.” If there’s a single quote that’s come to define Ron Swanson, food-wise (and what else is there really?), it would have to be this adobe acrobat 10 kostenlosen. Second maybe to “Give me ALL the bacon and eggs you have.” Let’s just say the message boards are going nuts bahn app ticket herunterladen.

Just look at all the Meat Tornado merch and fan art available online!

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randomness: dicks, donuts, girls, books, ice creams, pigs and pizzas!

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Fan Junk Shots - Ralphie 01

  • www.schlongs4seals.com is now open and ready for business formel 1 manager kostenlos downloaden!

    Currently, only the blog – where I’ve already logged more posts in August than I managed to write for this here blog in the entire month of July – is fully functional veoh video download for free. I’m still working on the promised interactive photo gallery and discussion features, but hope to have these done soon. (To this end, WP-compatible software recommendations would be most appreciated!)

    That said, the template and static/informational pages are all finished and look, if I might say so myself, kickass herunterladen. I found a template that mimics Facebook almost to a M (for misogyny, natch), so it’s almost like we never left. (And by “left” I mean “were kicked off.”)

    Additionally, I created a temporary set of photo pages to house all the “man meat” I’ve “processed” thus far: VAPETA PSAs, promotional materials, junk shots, celebrity cock shots, South Park avatars, brother campaigns, etc free music waiting loop free download. Browse, bookmark and check back often, because there’s more in the pipes.

    If you’re still out there and, um, excited to participate (excited mails download iphone! get it!?), send me your package at schlongs4seals [at] gmail.com and I’ll be equally excited (tee hee) to feature it on the appropriate page spiderman spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

    Also, if you visit the front page, you’ll see a little Facebook “like” button in the left-hand sidebar (right under the hot white torso wearing the hot red boxer briefs) film download app. Click it, won’t you? We need friends! And sharing! On Facebook!

    Fan Junk Shots - Baby Kelly 02

    I’ve been a connoisseur of men’s briefs since early childhood android 5 downloaden.
    Behold the rapturous glee on my chubby chipmunk cheeks!

    SeaL Shepherd may have succeeded in removing our page from Facebook, but he can hardly prevent us from sharing content in the form of links apple mobile device service.

    Can’t stop the schlong, yo.

    (A note for the newbies and occasional readers: if all this cock talk has you flummoxed, go here for some background.)

  • Tofurky Pizza with Daiya Cheese has finally made its way to Kansas City!:

    2010-08-05 - Tofurky Pizza - 0003

    The Whole Foods in Overland Park, to be more specific automatically media usage rights. And now it’s in my freezer. Nom nom nom.

  • As if this isn’t already more awesomeness than the KC metro area can handle, Kansas City is now home to a brand-spanking-new vegan bakery. Gluten-free, to boot. And, if you live in the KC area, they deliver!

    Shane ordered a box of Golden Girls – the vegan feminist version of “real” Twinkies, if you will – for delivery to his office Monday.

    2010-08-02 - Golden Girls - 0010

    They are super-yummy – a little denser than Twinkies (according to Shane; I’ve never partaken), with a sponge- or angel food cake-like consistency. The creamy filling is the bestest, though methinks the cakes could use more. I say the same of Ronald’s Donuts and Newman’s O’s, so grain of salt.

    Egads. In all my excitement, I almost forgot to name drop. Brody’s Bakery is the name of the biz – hit ’em up on Facebook, and if you’re ever in the KC area, shop team vegan, mkay? Jasmin of Our Hen House also did a nice writeup on Brody’s this week; see Brody’s Bakery Bakes Up Compassion. (Color me jealous, btw.)

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    Thanksliving ’08 Recipe Recap

    Monday, December 1st, 2008

    2008-11-28 - Apple Pie - 0004

    Thanksliving has come and gone, but if I might, a late menu and some food porn – if only to give y’all a few ideas for next year (or, better yet, this FSMas) kostenlose microsoft word programm kostenlos downloaden.

    Since my father’s a vegetarian, I’ve been eating Tofurky for Thanksliving every year since I went veg – which is roughly a dozen Save-a-Turkey Days, give or take herunterladen. Up until last year, I (and my mother before me) always roasted it using the “traditional” OJ and soy sauce baste from Turtle Island Foods download a minor employment contract free of charge. Last year, the Mr. and I decided to mix things up, so we went with a newer Turtle Island recipe, Tofurky with Caramelized Onion and Cherry Relish downloaden media player gratis. It was delish – but, not wanting to fall back into our habit of falling back on familiar recipes, I started searching for another baste recipe a few weeks ago wo kann man hörspieleen. Dissatisfied with the Google results for “Tofurky recipe,” I had that aha! moment: why not search for turkey baste recipes? Surely I’d find a wider variety of bastes and marinades, most of which could be veganized, yeah cmd herunterladen?

    Hells yeah! In particular, I came upon this recipe for Maple Roast Turkey Tofurky that sounded awesome herunterladen. Previously, I’d been eying Turtle Island’s Tofurky Maple-Pecan Roast, but was afraid that the chili paste and 5-spice powder might make the dish too hot for my taste buds antivirus program free full version chip windows 7. The Maple Roast recipe, then, sounded like the perfect compromise.

    And perfect it was! Of the three Tofurky recipes we’ve tried thus far, this was our favorite netflix inhalte auf pcen. And, even though the syrup has to cook and cool longer than the OJ/soy sauce marinade and caramelized onion and cherry relish, it wasn’t especially difficult to make nzb downloaden gratis. Not as mapley as I expected – perhaps I’ll try adding more maple syrup next time around – but yummy nonetheless.

    As for the other dishes, Shane made our standby Vegetarian Stuffing (which is actually vegan), as well as Cranberry Apple Potato Dumplings, while I was in charge of the white dinner rolls and apple pie. My menu isn’t nearly as impressive as those of other veg*n bloggers (you should definitely check out Elaine, River, Isa, and Jane and Lane’s Thanksliving Day offerings), but it was just the two of us, and we’ve got enough leftovers to last the rest of the week.

    2008-11-28 - Tofurky Dinner - 0035


    – Maple Roast Tofurky with potatoes and carrots (recipe below)

    – Vegetarian Stuffing (recipe below)

    – Cranberry Apple Potato Dumplings (from Turtle Island Foods’ Tofurky Feast)

    Rhodes white dinner rolls

    – Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Apple Pie (frozen) with vanilla So Delicious ice cream

    – Beverages: watermelon juice, Silk Pumpkin Spice, Silk Soy Nog, Bigelow’s Earl Grey Green Tea, apple cider

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    Save-a-Turkey Day: T minus 12 days and counting!

    Saturday, November 15th, 2008

    Holy Rover. I glanced at the calendar this morning and realized that Save-a-Turkey Day is less than two weeks away…and I’ve yet to settle upon a Tofurky recipe ballerspiele ab 16 kostenlosen!

    I usually stick with the classic soy sauce and OJ baste recipe, but last year I got all adventurous and tried out the Caramelized Onion and Cherry Relish roast, which was super yummy apps zum musiken kostenlos. Coming off of VeganMoFo, I think I might feel like a bit of a cheat if I don’t try something different magix 17 download kostenlos. But what? Did I mention that I’m a super-annoying-fussy eater?

    The good peoples at Turtle Island Foods have really “beefed” up the selection of Tofurky recipes available on their website sql 2012. In addition to the old standbys, there are recipes for a Maple-Pecan Tofurky Roast, South of the Border Tofurky Bake, Yam Good Cranberry Tofurky, Tofurky Wellington, Ginger-Garlic Tofurky, Deep Fried Tofurky, Pomegranate/Cranberry Tofurky, Crock Pot Tofurky with Cranberry Onion sauce, and Tofurky a la King, as well as recipes for chili, stew, gumbo, pizza and gravy (!) wo kann ich die google play store app downloaden. If you try searching the Google for additional recipes, you’ll find that many of Turtle Island Foods’ concoctions are echoed elsewhere. The Vegetarian Resource Group does have a few original ideas, though, including a Korean Barbecued Tofurky, Glazed Tofurky, Tofurky Stew and Tofurky Aztec häuser downloaden sims 4 ps4.

    Turtle Island’s recipe for a Maple-Pecan Tofurky Roast sounds intriguing, but I’m a wee bit worried about the chili paste – too spicy for my overly sensitive taste buds g power? Maybe I’ll be a goober and stick with Matt Lush’s simple Tofurky baste suggestion: 3 tablespoons olive oil (or other vegetable oil) + 1 tablespoon soy sauce + 1/2 teaspoon ground sage herunterladen. Or dare I try his third option, with apricot jam?

    Any suggestions from the veg*n gallery? What are y’all doing for the holiday? Are you even celebrating the holiday tetris handy kostenlosen ohne anmeldung?

    Whether you are or you aren’t, PETA2 is giving away a few free Tofurkys wie kann ich serien bei netflix downloaden. Just blog about “why you won’t be eating turkeys this Thanksgiving (for all of your friends to see!), then leave a link to your blog as a comment below” – by November 19 – and drop a link to your entry in the comments.

    Why won’t I be eating a dead bird on 11-27, you ask?

    Satya - November 2006

    Because there’s someone behind – inside, actually – that meal. A previously living, breathing, loving, thinking, sentient being, with rights and interests far more important than my wish for a meaty meal.

    2004-01-02 - Turkeys-001

    Turkeys are always welcome at my place, of course, just not in the oven.

    So, why won’t you be eating a turkey – and what will you be eating instead?



    VeganMoFo, Day 14: Five Fave Faux Meats

    Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

    Some veg*ns aren’t very fond of faux meats because they taste too much like the “real” thing; clearly, I’m not one of those veg*ns swr mediathek herunterladen! Perhaps it’s because none of the faux meats I’ve tried come close enough to dismembered animal corpses to actually fool me. The products listed below, for example, are really yummy and have a taste similar to that of meat – but they also all kind of have their own thing going on, too free pc cleaner. There aren’t any chunks of fat, or gristle, or hint of muscle texture. “Meat lite,” I guess you could call it.

    As a heavy meat eater in my omni days (in high school I was known to down a package of lunch meat per day) – and a very un-creative cook, to boot – I welcome faux meat products as an essential part of my veg*n journey adblock plus firefox for free. Would I still be veg if not for Boca Burgers? Mostly likely. It’d be a helluva uphill trek, though.

    I certainly don’t fault anyone who chooses to abstain from fake meats, though adblock plus gratis herunterladen. With test tube meat becoming less of a sci-fi fantasy and more of a reality, I find myself sympathizing with the anti-faux meat crowd. While my husband, also a veg*n, is eager for test-tube meat to hit the market, I don’t think I could stomach it herunterladen. Even if it’s completely free of animal products, I can’t see myself voluntarily eating anything that’s made to resemble animal flesh in taste and texture new font. It’s just too close for comfort.

    Anyhoo, here are my top five fave faux meats, in no particular order. Given that beans make me bloat up (tmi, sorry!), I probably eat more of this stuff than I should, for protein’s sake…and yet, my diet is still a gagillion times healthier than it was in my meat-eating days, when I’m sure my LDL levels were through the roof herunterladen!

    1. Boca Burgers

    2008-10-06 - Boca Burgers - 0003

    Mmmm, Boca Burgers netflix filme herunterladen legal! Boca and I go way back – it’s one of the first fake meats I tried upon going vegetarian. After all these years, it’s still my favorite “hamburger”/”ground beef” substitute herunterladen. You can fry it up to a crisp, or pop it in the microwave or toaster oven for a healthier meal. Sam’s Club sells 16-count boxes of the giant burgers; unlike the smaller boxes (of smaller burgers), the “Big Burgers” actually fill a bun heute.de downloaden. So it makes for a very satisfying alternative to a Big Mac, especially when topped with veg*n condiments and loads of veggies.

    For a yummy pasta dish, fry up some Boca, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and garlic in olive oil and use it to top off a plate of angel hair pasta.

    2006-12-18 - Boca-n-Veggies-0001

    It’s also great in salad!

    Just make sure you buy the Original Vegan flavor; not all of Boca’s products are 100% vegan.

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    DawnWatch last minute tip: Tofurky on ABC’s Nightline — 11/22/06

    Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: DawnWatch – news [at] dawnwatch.com
    Date: Nov 22, 2006 10:11 PM
    Subject: DawnWatch last minute tip: Tofurky on ABC’s Nightline — 11/22/06

    It looks like ABC’s Nightline has a delightful story on Tofurky planned for tonight, Thanksgiving Eve microsoft word 2010 kostenlos downloaden windows 7. I will paste their web version of the story below. You can watch the full report on ‘Nightline’ Wednesday night at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT

    Please take just a moment to send Nightline a quick note of appreciation here apple safari herunterladen.

    And you can participate in the message board that asks “What did you think of the show” here amazon music app musik downloaden.

    Here is Nightline’s webpage on the Tofurky story:

    Tofurky Day flipagram for free?

    Tofu Gains a Following on Thanksgiving as More Americans Skip Turkey for a Vegetarian Holiday

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