Vegan finds at the Dollar Store!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

I plan on doing a Dollar Store post every time Vegan MoFo rolls around, but somehow I never find the time to make the trip. Or the store’s selection is poo that day. Or I lose my photos. Or they just flat out suck. Whatever, you get the idea. So fuck it! Let’s do a mini “vegan finds” post right here, right now!


2012-05-23 - Topsy Turvy - 0001

The Topsy Turvy Hot Pepper Planter! (AS SEEN ON TV!) I was so excited to see this that Shane had to physically restrain me from emptying the display. I don’t really care for hot peppers, but hopefully it’ll work well with tomatoes and strawberries. *crossing fingers*

And THEN I shall empty the display!


2012-05-23 - Soy Milk - 0009

West Soy Low Fat Soy Milk! Usually we drink non-fat West Soy – but at a buck a quart, low fat is good. Hell, I would settle for the full fat at that price! Besides, it’s soy milk; how much fat could there be?

And yes, we pretty much cleared the shelf. Vegan Doomsday Preppers over here!


2012-05-12 - Chocolate Shortbread & Bananas - 0002

Striped Shortbread Cookies! We polished off the cookies before I thought to snap a pic, but our local Dollar Store has a pretty decent selection of vegan junk food, cookies included. The Striped Shortbread Cookies are my favorite, and the Fudge Graham ones are good too. (Pictured above is a banana soft serve dessert I made with my most recent score.)

Always bring your phone for on-the-spot ingredient checks!


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