Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


People! I’m giving away a copy of Jo Stepaniak’s The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook over on tumblr! There are three ways to win, and you don’t need to have a tumblr account to enter. Click on over for the deets. You have until next Monday morning, so get to it.


* Helpful hint: if you use a ton of the stuff like moi, order nutritional yeast online by the pound for extra savings and guaranteed availability. Those dinky bulk bins at Whole Foods only hold a fraction of the nooch I buy in one order!

French Fry Pizza!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

It HAD TO HAPPEN, people! I’m just amazed that it didn’t happen sooner.

2012-02-11 - French Fry Pizza - 0009

2012-02-26 - French Fry Pizza (Both) - 0005

2012-02-26 - Baked French Fry Pizza - 0005

And yes, it’s every bit as tasty and cheesy and carbalicious as it looks!

Anyway, you can check out the recipe here. It’s pretty simple, really: basically just red sauce, vegan cheddar cheese, and french fries on your favorite pizza crust. I experimented with some different prep methods on the french fries – frozen vs. half-baked vs. deep-fried – and am happy to report that they’re all winners.

In other news, I’m giving away five coupons good for free Lightlife products over on fuck yeah vegan pizza. You have until Sunday morning to enter, and need not have a tumblr account, so get to it! Free stuff!

free stuffs!

Sunday, December 4th, 2011


Hey people! I’m giving away a copy of Jo Stepaniak‚Äôs The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook over on fuck yeah vegan pizza. Enter here! The contest closes Thursday night, so get to it!* This is the first of many giveaways I have planned in the next few months, so follow me over there if you aren’t already. (Clearly I’m not above bribery, nosiree.)

* A tumblr account is a bonus, but not necessary – you can enter via email as well. The more you know!

Speciesism-Denying Humans

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

is the name of a new vegan meme / tumblr blog by @VeganMudblood, which you should totes check out. Also: like (favorite? friend? I’m not down with the tumblr speak.*), share, add to, etc., etc., etc.

Here’s my submission. The first of many, no doubt. (Expect a slew to appear the next time I’m feeling particularly lazy, aimless, or in need of a good procrastinating.)


To be fair, the speciesism-denying human pictured above never actually proffered this defense on her own behalf – though at least one commenter on her popular feminist blog did. (No, really!) And yes, it is in point o’ facts a square in the upcoming Speciesist Feminist Bingo II.

* Speaking of which, I tried to create a tumblr account so I could follow Speciesism-Denying Humans, but my both of my blog names are already taken! Looks like I’m gonna have to think on this for a bit. URLs are a weighty decision, you know.

Updated to add: I blame the kyriarchy. IBTK, for short.