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Monday, December 18th, 2017
  • RT @IWriteAllDay_: As promised, I am back to discuss how calling Valkyrie "male-coded" is not only racist, but queerphobic as it erases que… ->
  • RT @Amy_Siskind: Week 57 has 124 not normal items.
    See what you missed in this week’s chaos! ->
  • RT @crampell: "There's no way I could have known that the awful tax bill I now support benefits me because I still haven't read it" is not… ->
  • RT @TheRealSook: Y’all just gotta make the movie live action at this point or you’re wasting the mans whole ass face ->
  • RT @LillianJClark: Passing this lovely along!
    RT + follow by midnight 12/21 for a chance to win my arc of THE CRUEL PRINCE 👑 🖤🗡
    (US & PR on… ->
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Sunday, December 17th, 2017
  • 4 of 5 stars to Elsewhere, Vol. 1 by Jay Faerber ->
  • RT @Alyssa_Milano: I have been a victim of each component of the sexual assault spectrum of which you speak. They all hurt. And they are al… ->
  • RT @cshannonpdx: @IsaLeeWolf @realzwigoff Robert Rodriguez wrote Grindhouse and cast Rose McGowan in the lead to spite Harvey Weinstein. Th… ->
  • RT @MiraSorvino: Just seeing this after I awoke, I burst out crying. There it is, confirmation that Harvey Weinstein derailed my career, so… ->
  • RT @queer_queenie: GamerGate was always a hate group
    GamerGate was always a hate group
    GamerGate was always a hate group
    GamerGate was alwa… ->
  • RT @Alyssa_Milano: Holy. Shit.

    Trump administration is prohibiting officials at nation's top public health agency (CDC) from using these s… ->

  • RT @yashar: Heather Heyer’s Mom: I Have to Hide Her Grave From Neo-Nazis ->
  • Click To Give at The Animal Rescue Site via @po_st ->

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Saturday, December 16th, 2017
  • RT @Skyemachine: 6 yr old girl @ work: Im marrying (name of another girl in her class) when I grow up
    me: nice, do you love her
    girl: yeah… ->
  • RT @rcs_fresno: Nine more women say judge subjected them to inappropriate behavior, including 4 who say he touched or kissed them – https:/… ->
  • RT @terrycrews: What’s ridiculous is people think that just because something bad happened 20, 30 , even 40 years ago— it should be forgott… ->
  • RT @jules_su: Hi guys, it’s 2017 and Mario Batali just apologized for sexual harassment AND gave a recipe for Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls al… ->
  • RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a Chewbacca and Porg Pop! prize pack! #TheLastJedi… ->
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Friday, December 15th, 2017

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Thursday, December 14th, 2017
  • RT @jonrog1: 1/ Okay, you racist hack, apparently I have to do this every time. Like all conspiracy theories, this falls apart as soon as o… ->
  • RT @KateHarding: This right here. These are women who reject feminism because their god (i.e., men speaking on his behalf) tells them they… ->
  • RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for your chance to WIN a @Target exclusive variant #HULK Pop! #ThorRagnarok
    📦 Reminder: Reser… ->
  • RT @iamstephbeatz: Thank you @salmahayek for speaking you very painful truth. It is incredibly brave of you to share and push past your own… ->
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