Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 23: lolz the douche away

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

lol batman - get that dood-elle

lol batman – get that dood-elle!” – Running through the streets of Gotham, a cheesy, live-action, retro ’60s Batman and Robin try desperately to apprehend a certain sexist blogger before he can unleash any further douchebaggery upon the women of Blogville. “HOLY FUCKING PATRONIZING SEXISM,” goes the refrain of this lol batman.
TV still via the internets; quote via Stephanie; and photoshopping via moi.

Though I haven’t been posting much ’round these parts lately

[and have all but abandoned ship over at AR&AO, for which I apologize to Stephanie & Co. profusely, and pledge to do better once things calm down here at Casa del Garbato-Brady, otherwise known as the Garden of Vegan, a title which I swear I will one day have posted at our driveway’s front gate, threats of TP and eggs be damned]

rest assured that I’ve been busy, busy, busy, namely: working on several projects – including developing a website for my fledgling business

[Remember my – by which I mean Shane’s – pizza press idea of last October? We are totally doing it! Slowly but surely, anyway. Our website isn’t quite ready yet, so if you’d like to follow our progress, like us on Facebook, mkay?];

revamping another

[POP! goes The Vegan., whose database of vegan reviews should really be on the front page, with the blog in an ancillary position, seeing as the database is the main f’in attraction. What I was thinking by reversing their positions, I know not.];

and launching yet another brand-spankin’ new website

[Schlong4Seals! OMG, just reflecting on all the man-sausages and dick jokes waiting in the wings is enough to bring a smile to my normally frowny face. (I almost always look annoyed, even when I’m not; it’s must be the humorless feminist in me, I guess.) I was a little incensed when the Fraternal Order of Facebook killed my SCHLONGS4SEALS group, but in retrospect, I think they did me a solid. A solid I shall return by plastering FB with links to all my super-awesome crotch shots and “seven ways to save the seals using only your cock” posts! Oh, I cannot wait. *Channeling the spirit of Will Ferrell*]

– the height of insanity, since clearly I already have more blogs than I can keep track of. Silly, silly rabbit.

Oh, and the zazzle store! A few designs for which I still need to create. Yeah, let’s save that for later, shall we?

Anyhow, on to issue #23 of “Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs.” On accounta me being in a mad hurry tonight, I’ve forgone most of my normal commentary in lieu of excerpts. That’s okay, though; I’ve got a great batch of links to share with y’all, so best to let the individual bloggers speak for themselves.

Browse, share, enjoy – and then blame and smash. Go!

lol-psycat - narcissus

lol-psycat – narcissus” – Apropos of the dood-elle mentioned above, “narcissistic cat is his own screensavr.” (For those who can’t view the image, a black cat lounges atop a computer monitor, which currently displays a photo of…a black cat!) Not super-relevant to the rest of the post, but I felt like I needed a break between my semi-coherent ramblings above and the über-awesome link roundup below. Anal, who me?

INCITE! Blog: Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements

To save our movements, we need to come to terms with the connections between gender violence, male privilege, and the strategies that informants (and people who just act like them) use to destabilize radical movements. Time and again heterosexual men in radical movements have been allowed to assert their privilege and subordinate others. Despite all that we say to the contrary, the fact is that radical social movements and organizations in the United States have refused to seriously address gender violence as a threat to the survival of our struggles. We’ve treated misogyny, homophobia, and heterosexism as lesser evils—secondary issues—that will eventually take care of themselves or fade into the background once the “real” issues—racism, the police, class inequality, U.S. wars of aggression—are resolved.

(Hat tip, Jenna at L.O.V.E.)

Vegan Feminist Agitator: Exploitation + Objectification = Conklin Farms. (In other words, business as usual.)

The process through which we make peace with the inherent injustice of how we treat non-humans occurs because of objectification, the largely unconscious fragmentation system through which sentient beings are turned into objects. It is easier for the mind to integrate the misuse of objects than the abuse of living beings. Through this process, individuation collapses: all cows, all hens become a single entity to be turned into product. Those who are in power have their interests interpreted as a natural right rather a personal desire. When our interests require the subjugation of another, objectification makes the acquiring of what we want that much easier.

Digging Through the Dirt: Promotion of Veal on Columbus Day Adds to Insult

Because we think of ourselves as exceptional, we view “the other” as inferior. Descendents of native peoples and of African slaves are still regarded as inferior in this country, in general. And animals are treated as such, too. They exist for our purposes; they have no value except that which we bestow upon them, usually in the form of dollars. It’s all about what we can get from them — their flesh, their milk, their eggs — just as it was for Columbus. What could he get from the native peoples?

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Raining "Veal" Calves

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Yesterday, Gentle Barn sent out the following plea for donations. Coming on the heels of this post, I couldn’t help but consider the former in the context of the latter.

Read on, and see if you don’t agree.

When It Rains, It Pours


We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that because of the economy a lot of dairies are shutting down, which means a lot less needless suffering for mommy and baby cows. The bad news is that the now unaffordable dairy cows are being sent to slaughter. And, they are being sent to slaughter pregnant. When they get to the auction house to be purchased by the meat companies, some are having their babies in the auction house. The meat buyers take the moms and leave the orphaned newborns on the floor of the auction house to die. In addition, many of the older separated veal calves are also being sent to the stockyard sickly and premature due to lack of funds as well.

The Gentle Barn received a call from the auction house this morning asking us to please come get these babies because they didn’t want them to die on their floor and become a problem for them. We immediately sprang to action and drove the 2 hours to the stockyard where the site was absolutely devastating. Hundreds of cows terrified and screaming, crying for each other, many of them sick, blind, and some downed (an animal that can’t get up on their own due to fatigue and illness). Mommies and babies were being separated, best friends were desperately looking for each other – the pain and the fear was horrific. We loaded up six orphaned babies, one blind from malnutrition and one almost lifeless from having no nourishment since God knows when. The Gentle Barn rescue team had to physically carry these two downed calves into the trailer.


As we write, The Gentle Barn staff quickly heads home to meet the veterinarian. With the vet’s help, dedicated volunteers, and prayers, we hope that we can keep these babies alive. We know that if we can get through the next 48 hours, these cows are promised a peaceful, loved life at The Gentle Barn. As with all that we do, we cannot do this without you. For the next 48 hours, these calves will need round-the-clock care. They will need to be bottle fed, loved, and reassured that it will be OK. Even though the next 48 hours are especially critical, these cows will need the constant attention for at least the next two weeks.

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DawnWatch: NY Times on foie gras — plus veal letters — 4/25/07

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DawnWatch – news [at]
Date: Apr 25, 2007 11:56 PM
Subject: DawnWatch: NY Times on foie gras — plus veal letters — 4/25/07

There is a half-page story about foie gras in the Dining section (Pg F9) of the Wednesday, April 25, New York Times. The article, by Juliet Glass, is headed, “Foie Gras Makers Struggle to Please Critics and Chefs.”

It opens:

“Tom Brock produces foie gras at a Southern California farm, but even he used to feel squeamish when he had to force-feed the geese with an 8- to 10-inch steel tube to fatten their livers.

”’I used the traditional tube, and force-fed the traditional way,’ Mr. Brock said, ‘and it was the single most unpleasant experience of my life.’

“So he bought a feeding machine that a Hungarian goose farmer had recently invented in his garage workshop. It has a soft rubber tube that Mr. Brock says has been much gentler on his animals.

“It may make the birds, and Mr. Brock, feel better. But yet to be seen is whether it will please the animal rights activists who helped California enact a law that will ban foie gras starting in 2012, got Chicago to outlaw the sale of foie gras last year and are threatening similar action in other parts of the country.

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DawnWatch: Washington Post on tasty vegan cuisine and NY Times on uncrated veal. 4/18/07

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DawnWatch – news [at]
Date: Apr 18, 2007 5:07 PM
Subject: DawnWatch: Washington Post on tasty vegan cuisine and NY Times on uncrated veal. 4/18/07

There are two food items of interest to animal protectionists in major papers today, Wednesday, April 18. The Washington Post includes “Can Vegetable Biryani Satisfy Mr. Meat and Potatoes?” and the New York Times has “Veal to Love, Without the Guilt.”

The Washington Post article is today’s “Chef on Call” column by David Hagedorn. He explores a couple’s attempts to spice up their vegan menu.

He opens:

“When Sandra Gaffigan of Columbia read T. Colin Campbell’s ‘The China Study,’ it persuaded her to switch to a vegan diet. Her husband, Jim, was not so sure — especially once she started cooking.

She wrote “Chef on Call” and asked, “Do you know a chef who can seduce his palate with tantalizing vegan meals?”

They set up a session with Chef Nilesh Singhvi of the Bombay Club as “Vegetarianism is, after all, a mainstay of Indian cooking, and veganism, which avoids all animal products, is only one step further.”

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Farm Sanctuary: Victory for Farm Animals in Arizona

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

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From: Farm Sanctuary – info [at]
Date: Nov 8, 2006 9:16 AM
Subject: Victory for Farm Animals in Arizona

Historic Arizona Vote Bans Cruel Crates for Veal Calves and Pregnant Pigs!

The ballot tally of Arizona voters on Election Day, November 7, 2006, proved that most citizens are opposed to the standard agriculture practices in modern factory farms which disallow adequate space and movement for male calves raised for veal and pregnant pigs. An overwhelming 61 percent of voters said Yes to Proposition 204 which will allow these animals enough room to turn around and stretch their limbs.

The passing of this precedent-setting humane proposition makes Arizona the first state in the nation to enact such a measure to ban veal crates and the second state to ban gestation crates for pregnant pigs. The gestation crate for breeding pigs was outlawed through a citizen initiative in Florida in 2002. (See No and Farm Sanctuary News.)

Arizonans for Humane Farms, a coalition of animal advocacy groups including Farm Sanctuary, launched this statewide ballot campaign in September, 2005. The November 7 vote is a triumph for farm animals everywhere and the individuals who advocate on their behalf.

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