Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 26: Milk Thieves, Body Hair, and the Cannibals Within

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012


Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary: A Powerful Statement

This stunning sculpture by Liu Qiang is an accurate depiction of humanity’s use of, and utter dependence on other animals and, in particular, the savage and bizarre habit of consuming the breast milk from mothers of other species-milk that these mothers have produced for their own babies, babies that we forced them to become pregnant with only to kill shortly after birth so that we can take the bereft mother’s milk, milk that we drink as though we were the children that we murdered herunterladen.

Live vegan. There is no excuse not to.

Learn about non-violent living
Learn who is spared when you live vegan…
…and who suffers when you choose not to:
Milk Comes from a Grieving Mother
Dairy is a Death Sentence
The “Humane” Animal Farming Myth

29h59’59 by Liu Qiang is on exhibition at the 798 Art District in Beijing, China
Photo by Ng Han Guan

VegNews: June Twitter Chat, Wednesday, June 20 @ 6pm PT/9pm ET

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, we’ll be talking with prominent gay animal-rights activists about the connection between both movements herunterladen. Never participated in a Twitter Chat before? Don’t worry. We have a handy guide to explain it all amazon prime video im ausland herunterladen. Join us at the hashtag #VegNewsChat. You don’t even need to have a Twitter account to enjoy the discussion Download Christmas sticker for free.

Kaili Joy Gray @ Daily Kos: Safeway’s general counsel tells hilarious sexist joke at annual shareholder meeting

You can listen to the audio at the link above, but here’s a transcript for the a/v averse:

You know, this is the season when companies and other institutions are interested in enhancing their reputation and their image for the general public, and one of the institutions that’s doing this is the Secret Service, particularly after the calamity in Colombia samsung meldung herunterladen momentan nicht möglich. And among the instructions given to the Secret Service agents was to try to agree with the president more and support his decisions. And that led to this exchange that took place last week, when the president flew into the White House lawn and an agent greeted him at the helicopter whatsapp download voor windows phone.

The president was carrying two pigs under his arms and the Secret Service agents said, “Nice pigs, sir.”

And the president said, “These are not ordinary pigs, these are genuine Arkansas razorback hogs youtube hörbuch herunterladen. I got one for former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and one for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

And the Secret Service agent said, “Excellent trade, sir.”

Women as livestock telefon warteschleife musiken. Nonhuman animals as items of trade. Sexism and speciesism, the stuff of high comedy. TAKE MY LAWYER, PLEASE!

Fat Girl Posing: Vegans. adobe reader dc kostenloser download. I need to talk to you..

This is a year-old piece about fat shaming in the vegan community that recently recirculated on Facebook herunterladen. h/t to Emelda (I think).

The whole piece is worth a read, but here’s the excerpt I posted on FB:

So here’s your strategy, right? Animal products are full of fat and calories and, therefore, if you stop eating them you’ll lose weight.. so, market veganism as a diet or “lifestyle change” will bring more people to the movement by preying on their low self esteem and body hatred. While the strategy may work initially what do you intend to do when all the newbie veg’s don’t lose weight? Or when they lose it but then gain it back? As a diet, it fails, just like any other, and you’ve lost your pull. More so, you’ve become part of an industry which is cruel to animals.. specifically the human animal.


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vegan nomz roundup!: ice cream ed. (with a recipe for peach ice cream!)

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Remember the eye-popping vegan pizza nom roundup I posted a few weeks back? (No? LUCKY YOU, HERE IT IS how can I download a series!) Well, now it’s ICE CREAM’S turn!

Mostly I’ve been blogging ice cream recipes as I make them – Vegan Vanilla Buttercream and Vegan Vanilla & Chocolate Buttercream Swirl, holla herunterladen! – but the odd few have slipped through the cracks, mostly because I’ve no recipe to accompany them. And just posting a photo without a recipe seems a wee bit cruel, dontchathink wo kann man kostenlos legal musiken? (Posting them all in one big fat roundup? The ultimate tease!)

What makes this ice cream binge extra-sweet is that I recently received the results of my blood work, and I do not – in point o’ facts – have hypoglycemia or diabetes.* SO BRING OUT THE ICE CREAM AND PIZZA!** Ditto: the pasta, potatoes, bread and chocolate herunterladen! Of course, this begs the question of my actual dysfunction, but I shall worry about that later. Preferably with a pint of ice cream in tow.

Caramel Ice Cream

2011-03-10 - Caramel Ice Cream - 0016

2011-03-10 - Caramel Ice Cream - 0004

Caramel ice cream topped with caramel sauce herunterladen! (Note my super-adorable, dinosaur-themed Welch’s jelly jars. Coming at you straight from the 1980s!)

Upon seeing the caramel extravaganza spread in the December 2010 issue of VegNews, I decided that I had to give the caramel ice cream a try videos bei prime herunterladen. After combing the local grocery stores for brown rice syrup to no avail (what’s up with that, Price Chopper?!), I finally ordered it online and got down to biz herunterladen. I started with a batch of the soft serve caramel, which you mix into a quart of vanilla ice cream to make caramel ice cream. Pretty simple, right? Alas, I never could get the caramel to set properly; it was more like sauce than soft serve candy (as you can see in the photo – the “sauce” is really some leftover “caramels”) gta san andreas gratis downloaden ios. Also, the taste seemed a little off and wacky. Could be I’m just fussy; you won’t get any argument from me passwort geschützte vimeo videosen. Either way, not a big fan.

The good news is that the caramel tasted divine when combined with the vanilla ice cream! The ice cream recipe in VegNews calls for coconut milk – which I didn’t have on hand – so I went with a soy-based recipe from Wheeler del Torro’s The Vegan Scoop instead herunterladen. Delicious and relatively easy to make. (Cleanup, not so much.)

If you don’t have access to either of these recipes, you can use this recipe for caramel sauce from the Spooky Vegan, along with A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise’s vanilla ice cream formula, which is nearly identical to del Torro’s. Or just sub in your own favorite caramel sauce/candy and vanilla ice cream recipes – it’s hard to fuck up caramel ice cream, as I think I’ve demonstrated!
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Ask not "Are Animal Lovers Sexist?," but "Can Animal Lovers Be Sexist?" (Answer: duh.)

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

lol kaylee - just needs a hammer

Don’t fear, Ms tv at netflix mac. Kaylee is here! lol dog sez, “wonder beyatch – be hear 2 smash ur kyriarchy, mkay?” She brought her Wonder Woman undies, but she’ll need to borrow a hammer herunterladen. You got a problem with that, human?

Last November, I penned a brief letter to the editors of VegNews, in which I questioned Rory Freedman’s casual use of the term “fur hag” – “hag” being a sexist, ageist and lookist slur new version from skype. (VegNews subscribers can read the exact quote in context in Freedman’s column, “Prison or Bust,” which appeared in the December 2009 issue.) Fast-forward several months; my letter was published, albeit with several edits, in the March+April 2010 issue birthday free of charge.

Not surprisingly – given the popularity of the term, as well as PETA’s “fur hag” campaigns – some readers disagreed with my comments, including Annie Hartnett of’s newly-rebranded Animals blog xbox 360 spielerbild herunterladen. (Many thanks to Marji of Animal Place for bringing the post to my attention!) In Are Animal Lovers Sexist ndr app herunterladen?, Hartnett argues that, ahem, attacking women for their femaleness is not sexist because most fur-wearers are women.

While I have previously deconstructed the term “fur hag” – as well as the campaigns’ associated imagery – what follows is a line-by-line response to Hartnett’s piece free children's games. Rather than rehash points that I’ve made elsewhere, however, I’ll use this as an opportunity to build upon my previous argument. If you haven’t already, please go read last January’s On “fur hags” and “fucking bitches.” before continuing on; doubly so if you’re surfing on over here from maus cursor downloaden. (Also related, and referenced in passing below: ARA PSAs: Women, Men and Fur and ARA PSAs: Attack of the Killer Cosmetics.) (1)

Before we begin, though, I’d like to reprint my letter, as Hartnett did not/would not do so, even upon request power bi proen.

Here is the original letter, in its entirety:

As a vegan feminist, I’m increasingly disturbed by the number of animal advocates who are willing to engage in sexism (and other “isms”) in the course of their advocacy – “for the animals,” of course (as if women are not sentient beings as well) helvete facelift herunterladen (version 1.4). Take, for example, Rory Freedman’s use of the term “fur hag” to describe those who wear fur (“Prison or Bust,” December 2009 issue). “Hag” – a gendered slur that is synonymous with “witch” – literally means “an ugly old woman.” While fur-wearers may indeed be ugly on the inside, a person’s gender, age and physical appearance say nothing of her character. If Ms. Freedman – or any other animal advocate – feels the need to resort to insults, please keep them “ism”-free. “Jerk,” “loser,” “asshat”: all convey a point – without further marginalizing already-marginalized groups of animals, human or non.

Kelly Garbato
Kearney, MO 64060

kelly.garbato [at]

By the way, I wrote a lengthy piece on the term “fur hag” last year, wherein I expound upon the sexist, ageist and sizeist nature of the phrase in much greater detail than is possible in 250 words or less. Additionally, I employ PETA’s associated “fur hag” campaign imagery to further illustrate my point. You can read the post in its entirety at

Seriously, tho’, enough with the misogyny!

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Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 8: White Blood, Wild Things & District 9

Monday, September 28th, 2009


Yikes bewerbungsvorlage kostenlos downloaden pdf! It’s been way too long since my last intersectionality link roundup and, as a result, I’ve managed to stockpile a ridiculous number of links – all without keeping current, naturally idle miner kostenlosen. Here’s the first batch; look for the second (or ninth, rather) installment later this week.

Making Hay: Animal Rights Is a Universal Issue

Farm Sanctuary’s Jasmin Singer recently traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, in order to attend the South African Law Review Consultation Workshop, organized by Animal Rights Africa (ARA) “for the purpose of initiating a transparent public process of South African animal protection legislation review.” Here, she shares her experiences and offers a little background on ARA wie kann man sendungen aus der mediatheken.

You can find out more about Animal Rights Africa’s work – and what you can do to help – on their website at Re-imovie.

VegNews: Backstage Pass: Erykah Badu

Via BlackVegan, a short-but-sweet interview with vegan singer/songwriter Erykah Badu, my favorite exchange of which is this:

VN: Is vegan food the new soul food phase 6 download for free?

EB: Vegan food is soul food in its truest form. Soul food means to feed the soul. And, to me, your soul is your intent. If your intent is pure, you are pure new adobe reader for free.

Racialicious: An Interview with Bryant Terry on Race, Class, Food, and Culture – Part 1

Speaking of soul food, Racialicious recently featured a lengthy interview with Bryant Terry, author of Vegan Soul Kitchen download the game mill.

A snippet:

One of the biggest things I uncovered in my work, especially working with young people in New York City through the organization I founded called B-healthy, is that a lot of people living in low income areas and urban areas are living in what are known as food deserts capital bra allein herunterladen. They have very little access to fresh food – healthy, local, sustainable, all that – and have an overabundance of the worst foods, the fried things, the packaged fast food that has a negative impact on their overall health herunterladen. Lack of access to healthy food is a huge issue, and it’s only one indicator of material deprivation these people are living with. In these neighborhoods, I visited, it wasn’t as if they just lacked access to healthy food and everything else was great download work programs for free. Usually it would be failing infrastructure, dilapidated schools, high levels of illiteracy, low income. So I think it is one issue that has to be addressed of many among these people living in these historically excluded communities are dealing with.

“Part 1” seems to imply that there’s a “Part 2” in the works – indeed, the interview ends with a promise of more to come – but a Google search has yet to reveal a follow-up.

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Everywhere I look, more books!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Oh yays! The lovely Kara from Lantern Books sent me two ARCs (Advance Reading Copies), and I’m psyched about them both: Strategic Action for Animals by Melanie Joy and Social Creatures: A Human and Animal Studies Reader, edited by Clif Flynn herunterladen.

2008-04-22 - New Books - 0019

Strategic Action looks as first glance as though it will make a nice supplement to Striking at the Roots, and Social Creatures is an anthology of essays on anthrozoology diätpläne kostenlos downloaden. So, yays all around!

Lantern Books has a pretty interesting selection of new releases, not all of which deal with animal advocacy issues. For example, there’s a book on male aggression (Boys Will Be Boys) and another about the Columbine school shootings (No Easy Answers) herunterladen. So, go check ’em out. As of last month, they’re also on Library Thing – so if you’re an Early Reviewer (and, um wtf wouldn’t you be, you silly bird?), maybe you’ll be able to snag a Lantern book via LT ls14 kostenlos downloaden. Last go-round they offered up 15 copies of Aftershock, with 321 members requesting a copy…not too shabby tabellenprogramme kostenlos downloaden!

I also treated myself to a few early birthday presents – a subscription to Veg News (The two-year subscription comes with a free tote, which is friggin massive moorhuhn 2 kostenlos downloaden chip. I should be able to cram an entire Whole Foods trip into it. Well, almost. All that Purely Decadent ice cream might put me over the top.), and three more books: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (I was reading a library copy, but I ran out of renewals!), The Caged Virgin by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary, another anthology of essays herunterladen.

2008-04-22 - New Books - 0005

Oh mans, I love book piles herunterladen. Maybe a little too much.