Roasted Banana Banana Ice Cream

Friday, May 17th, 2013

2013-03-29 - Roasted Banana Ice Cream - 0004

When a dessert sporting roasted bananas crossed my tumblr dash, my mind immediately went to ice cream – banana ice cream, that is google foto downloaden gratis. I wondered if anyone had tried roasting bananas prior to freezing them for ice cream and, if so, what effect this might have on the finished product. Right away I hit the net in search of recipes herunterladen. (An by “right away” I mean several weeks later. Procrastination, it’s my strong suit.)

Turns out there are as many ways to make roasted banana ice cream as there are bananas in a bunch herunterladen. Let’s start with the roasting: you can slice and freeze the bananas and then roast them – or slice and roast them, and then pop ’em in the freezer (which, incidentally, is the method I use here) bittorrent nederlands gratisen. You can roast them in their peels or naked. The bananas can function as the base in true banana ice cream form, or be used as flavoring for a milk base (non-dairy, in our case) nero burning rom kostenlos download. Food processor or ice cream machine, take your pick. Or mix them half and half with unroasted bananas! Is your head spinning yet?

In the end, I went with the slice and roast method, and it worked quite well herunterladen. The brown sugar and margarine congealed into a sticky sweetener which hardened nicely when chilled. As with regular old banana ice cream, you want to use overripe bananas – just not quite as brown and mushy as usual (too hard to slice!) powerpoint countdown kostenlos. The bananas shrink down quite a bit during roasting, so you’ll end up with a little less ice cream than normal; seven bananas yields about three quarters of a quart, whereas five unroasted bananas usually amounts to a full quart of ice cream for me disney plus films downloaden op laptop.

The taste of roasted bananas is difficult to describe. It tastes…roasted? Kind of a bit richer than regular old bananas. The whiskey is optional, but is super-neat in that it prevents the ice cream from freezing solid word download mac for free. Instead, it exists in this perpetual state of soft serve. Definitely a bonus in my book.

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